What Are Phantasma Used For? (Epic Seven)

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Phantasmas are used to promote heroes. Any type of unit, including other heroes, can be used to promote characters.

But it’s advisable to use Phantasmas wherever possible.


Why Should You Use Phantasmas For Promotion?


Reason #1: EXP Bonus

Giga-Phantasma (Light) / Epic Seven
Giga-Phantasma (Light)

Phantasmas receive bonus experience points when compared to every other unit in the game.

This makes them able for promotion after far fewer mission runs as opposed to regular monsters.

Additionally, Giga-Phantasmas are counted as Light attribute heroes. This means when using penguins to level them up, they’ll receive additional amounts of EXP as well.


Reason #2: Maintaining Transmit Stones

Mega-Phantasma Zero Transmit Stones / Epic Seven
Mega-Phantasma Zero Transmit Stones

It’s possible to use Three-Star and Four-Star heroes to promote other units, so that is viable. But if you do, you’ll be missing out on a plethora of Silver Transmit Stones.

Here’s the ratio of rarity to Transmit Stone acquisition.

Hero Rarity What You Get
3-Star 1 Transmit Stone
4-Star 10 Transmit Stones
5-Star 30 Transmit Stones

Note: Normally, only whales can afford to use other Five-Star Heroes (when not imprinting, at least). However, veterans with lots of Transmit Stones and SSS imprints of every Three and Four-Star unit can get away with using other heroes as promotion fodder.


How To Use Phantasmas For Promotion

Bulk Promotion / Epic Seven
Bulk Promotion

After a Phantasma reaches max level, it can be promoted using either other Phantasmas or fodder units.

Ideally, you will use monster units to promote Mega-Phantasmas. Then you will use Mega-Phantasmas to Promote Giga-Phantasmas until you eventually have five Tera-Phantasmas available to promote a unit to Six-Star.

Tip: You can now use the bulk promotion button located at the bottom of the Hero menu.


How To Acquire Phantasmas

Tera-Phantasma / Epic Seven

There are lots of ways to acquire each tier of Phantasmas.


  • 3x Forest of Souls Spirit Well
  • 1x Weekly Reputation Reward
  • Adventurer’s Path Reward
  • Certain Abyss floors
  • Side Story/Event Shop Exchanges


  • 1x per week from the Transmit Stone shop
  • 1x Weekly Reputation Reward
  • Adventurer’s Path Reward
  • Certain Abyss floors
  • Side Story/Event Shop Exchanges
  • Urgent Missions


  • Certain Abyss floors
  • Automaton Tower
  • Guild Shop (1x monthly)
  • Adventurer’s Path Reward
  • Side Story/Event Shop Exchanges

Note: It’s also possible to obtain Mega/Giga/Tera-Phantasma from the MolaGora/Hunt Expert Challenge Missions.

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