Epic Seven: Is Proof of Valor Worth Using?

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Proof of Valor is a great Artifact with tons of uses in both PVE and PVP. It is highly recommended to pick up enough copies to Limit Break to at least one copy (six total).

You can acquire Proof of Valor from the Guild Member Shop for 750 Commander’s Armband per copy.

Proof of Valor is the only Guild Artifact with 12 copies due to the incredible value it has in-game.


How To Get Commander’s Armbands

Epic Seven Guild Donation / Epic Seven
Epic Seven Guild Donation

Players can get Commander’s Armbands through several different methods.

These methods include:

  • Donating Proof of Courage (3x Proof of Courage = 15 Commander’s Armbands). This can be done daily.
  • Competing in Guild War battles
Proof of Courage Reward / Epic Seven
Proof of Courage Reward

Good Uses for Proof of Valor

Proof of Valor Usage Statistics / Epic Seven
Proof of Valor Usage Statistics

#1: General Purrgis

General Purrgis / Epic Seven
General Purrgis

Proof of Valor is great on General Purrgis, who wants to be hit in order to push his team forward.

General Purrgis is one of few non-Ice Heroes who can reliably tank Wyvern 13 thanks to the Proof of Valor Artifact.


#2: Angelica

Angelica / Epic Seven

Angelica is a staple Wyvern 13 tank, and Proof of Valor makes runs that are much more reliable.

Depending on your Angelica’s stats, it would be recommended to equip her with a more DPS-focused CE such as Idol’s Cheer.

However, if you find your Angelica dying more often than not, Proof of Valor is a great way to keep her alive.


#3: Rimuru

Rimuru / Epic Seven

Rimuru is a great candidate to run Proof of Valor. And according to Usage Statistics, Rimuru is the second likeliest candidate for the CE behind General Purrgis.

Rimuru’s ability to steal buffs and quickly cycle their powerful skill three makes them a great bruiser who excels in extended fights.

Proof of Valor also ensures that you can live a potential Hwayoung skill three and fire back with your own attack.


#4: Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi / Epic Seven
Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi is one of the most powerful Heroes in the entire game.

Where she was once run exclusively on a Counter set, she is now seeing more varied builds.

Apocalypse Ravi on a Speed Set with a Penetration offset can dish out massive amounts of damage. But in order to maximize her damage potential, you may have to forego some defensive stats.

Proof of Valor is a great way to make up for this, as it gives Apocalypse Ravi the extra boost to her defense without having to sacrifice her offensive capabilities.

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