Epic Seven: Ray vs. Destina (Who’s The Better Unit?)

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When it comes to choosing a top-tier healer, both Ray and Destina are always going to be on the list.

Equipped with their healing and support-intensive kits, these two can easily carry all kinds of team comps through most game modes.

Although if we have to pick which of the two is the better unit, Destina stands out as the slightly more viable choice over Ray.

To show you why this is, we’re comparing their Skill Sets along with their performances in three of the most important aspects of the game:

  • PVE (Adventure and General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena and World Arena)
  • Wyvern Hunts

Skill Sets

Ray and Destina are both fantastic units to have on any team, because of the sheer amount of heals and debuff cleansing their kits can provide.

Although to further compare which of them has the better kit, here are all of their skills and a brief explanation for each of them:


Ray’s Skills

Ray (Skill 3 Animation) / E7
Ray (Skill 3 Animation)
  • Extreme Remedies – Attacks a single enemy and dispels one debuff from an ally.
  • Light of Rebirth – Heals all allies and grants them a Barrier for 2 turns.
  • Invigorate – Dispels all debuffs from the entire team, heals them, and grants them Immunity for 2 turns. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, it will increase the amount recovered by this skill.

Destina’s Skills

Destina (Skill 3 Animation) / E7
Destina (Skill 3 Animation)
  • Key to an Oath – Attacks a single enemy before healing an ally with the lowest Health. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the healing effect will apply to all allies instead.
  • Regen – Dispels 2 debuffs from a single ally, heals them, and increases their Combat Readiness by 30%.
  • Destina’s Grace – Revives all dead allies. Grants healing and removes all debuffs for living allies. At the start of each battle, Spirit’s Blessing is granted to Destina.
  • Spirit’s Blessing (EXTRA SKILL) – Increases Effect Resistance by 60%.

As you can see, both Ray and Destina’s kits are actually quite impressive compared to most healers in the game.

Whether it be cleansing debuffs, granting barriers, or healing — they can do it all.

Although it is quite obvious that if we consider their overall utility as pure healers, Destina has a slight advantage over Ray simply because she’s one of the very few healers who can Revive other units.


Best for PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Ray & Destina (Adventure Stage) / E7
Ray & Destina (Adventure Stage)

In most PVE farming stages where you go against several mobs at a time, both Ray and Destina hold just about the same value in a team since they pretty much fulfill the same role.

Although if we consider harder PVE stages, like high-level Adventure Stages or Abyss Floors, Destina will perform better more often than not compared to Ray.

This doesn’t mean that Ray is outmatched by much.

After all, we need to keep in mind that he can provide Immunity for his allies while Destina cannot.


Best for PVP (Arena & World Arena)

Arena Loading Screen / E7
Arena Loading Screen

In the Arena and World Arena, both Destina and Ray are moderately popular choices for healers to be used in various team comps.

Sure there are other better healers or debuff cleansers out there like Roana or A. Momo, but Destina and Ray can get the job done just fine if they’re built appropriately.

Though once again, Destina takes the cake when it comes to picking the most optimal healer over Ray.

This is because her kit is just slightly better and more flexible than Ray’s — allowing her to fit in almost every PVP team comps out there.


Best for Wyvern Hunts

Wyvern Hunt Stages / E7
Wyvern Hunt Stages

Ray and Destina have been equally solid units to pick in the game modes we’ve discussed so far. But unfortunately, they’re not as viable in this one.

Seeing as they’re both Earth element units, they’ll suffer a significant dip in performance in Wyvern Hunts if we compare them to Ice element units.

However, do keep in mind that using them purely as support units is still possible as long as you keep them well out of aggro.

In this case, picking Destina over Ray will once again be more advisable because of the precious revives her kit allows her to utilize along with her impressive healing.

TIP: If you’d like to know which Units perform much better in Wyvern Hunts, feel free to visit our Wyvern unit tier list.

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