How To Farm Reforge Materials in Epic Seven

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Reforge Materials are a newer yet insanely coveted resource in Epic Seven. The best way to farm Reforge Materials is to continue farming at the same place you always have – Hunts!

Specific Reforge Materials have a chance to drop from each Hunt in smaller and bulk quantities, with a maximum payout of around 50 for one run if you’re lucky.

However, there are a few other ways to farm Reforge Materials that are either less reliable or require real-world money.

Let’s look at all of your options:


Method 1: Expeditions

Expedition Screen / Epic Seven
Expedition Screen

Expeditions are the next best place to farm for Reforge Materials.

Here’s a chart of how many points are required for each reward.

Accumulated Points Reforge Materials
1400 50 Manifestation Stones (x1 per expedition – 3 total)
1600 100 Reforge Essence (x1 per expedition – 3 total)
1700 200 Reforge Essence (x1 per expedition – 3 total)

During each Expedition rotation, these Reforge Materials will refresh, meaning you will be able to acquire each type again.

Note: The 1700 Accumulated Points rewards are only acquired if you purchase the Premium Supply Pass for 1500 Skystones


Method 2: Abyss

Abyss Screen / Epic Seven
Abyss Screen

Several Abyss stages, such as Floor 102, Floor 103, and Floor 106, have Reforge Essence as a completion reward.

These come in bulk packages of 300.

However, as with all other Abyss rewards, these are only available once per account.

For this reason, it is not sustainable to “farm” Abyss in order to acquire bulk amounts of Reforge Materials.


Method 3: Purchasing Packs

Pack Purchase Screen / Epic Seven
Pack Purchase Screen

It’s also possible to purchase Reforge Materials directly from packs using real world money.

Unfortunately, no packs are made readily available in the shop for you to pick up.

You will need to wait for specific rotating packs that may pop up, and these may include Reforging Material selectors.


Method 4: Dagger Sicar

Dagger Sicar Screen / Epic Seven
Dagger Sicar Screen

It is possible to complete certain missions in the Dagger Sicar based on team composition, among other limitations, to acquire up to 200 Reforge Materials.


Method 5: Adventurer’s Path

Adventurer's Path Screen / Epic Seven
Adventurer’s Path Screen

The Adventurer’s Path was designed to streamline the new player leveling experience. As such, there are plenty of Reforge Materials available to pick up here also.

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