Where To Farm Rings of Glory in Epic Seven

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Rings of Glory are a Rare Catalyst that can be farmed from a total of 6 sources:

  • Adventure Stage – Unrecorded History East Taranor World, 10-3 Dalberg Field
  • AP Exchange Shop in East Taranor (Best Source)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid

We’ll cover each method to help you decide what’s the best farm for your account.


Method 1: Farming Stage 10-3 Dalberg Field

Stage 10-3 Dalberg Field Drops (Ring of Glory) / Epic Seven
Stage 10-3 Dalberg Field Drops (Ring of Glory)

Farming Adventure Stages on its own may not be the best source of Rare Catalysts, but it is still quite viable.

You may have to spend lots of time if you’re expecting to obtain a Catalyst here though.

You can farm other stages that feature Rings of Glory as drops, but farming Stage 10-3 Dalberg Field in the Prologue Chapter of Adventure Mode will be the most efficient.

This is because you can only get one other Catalyst — Small Sun Badge — as a drop alongside Ring of Glory, which makes it much more likely for you to get the specific Catalyst you want.

TIP: You’re going to need a lot of Stamina and patience if you want to make Adventure Stages your sole source of Rings of Glory.

This is exactly why you should bring Pets that can increase your AP acquisition rate, as doing so will improve your farming efficiency significantly.


Method 2: AP Exchange Shops (Most Recommended)

East Taranor World AP Exchange Shop (Ring of Glory) / Epic Seven
East Taranor World AP Exchange Shop (Ring of Glory)

AP Exchange Shops are just about the most reliable source of Catalysts in the game.

To buy Catalysts from an AP Exchange Shop in a specific region, you must first farm Adventure Stages located there and accumulate enough Adventure Points.

The best AP Exchange Shop to buy Rings of Glory from is the one in East Taranor World. This is because the best Adventure stage for farming Rings of Glory & Small Sun Badges is also located there.

TIP: Exchange Shops refresh their stocks once every seven days, so make sure you have what you need before the end of every week.

Remember that each region has different AP Exchange Shops and thus have different items for sale. Also, note that your accumulated Adventure Points do not carry over to other regions.


Method 3: Rare Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst Selector Chest (Ring of Glory) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Selector Chest (Ring of Glory)

If you want Rare Catalysts ASAP, then Rare Catalyst Chests and regular Catalyst Chests that can give you either Rate or Epic Catalysts randomly are the best sources for you.

They’re perfect for players who want to forgo all the mind-numbing grinds and RNG hell that Catalyst-farming usually entails.

Simply check your Inventory and head on over to the Consumables section to use these Catalyst Chests!

TIP: Rare Catalyst chests are not that hard to obtain compared to other consumable items, but you should still use them as sparingly as you can.

Also, make sure to tune in for any promotional and seasonal events. These often give away Catalyst Chests as rewards along with other precious and hard-to-obtain resources and materials!


Method 4: Story Events

The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop) / Epic Seven
The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop)

Clearing Story Events is another great method of farming Catalysts and many other highly valuable materials.

In these Story Events, you can even get Catalyst Chests as Reputation Rewards in addition to being able to buy both Rare and Epic Catalysts in the Event Currency Exchange Shop.

All you need to do is farm Event Stages as often as you can for Event Currencies.

Generally, the harder the stage you farm, the faster you’ll be able to buy those Catalysts in the Exchange Shop.

TIP: If you’re looking for Rings of Glory specifically, you may not find them often in the Event Currency Exchange Shop simply because the available items in the shop vary per Event.

On that note, always check if the Catalyst you require is featured in this shop. They’re fairly easy to farm — especially if you also bring along Pets that increase your Event Currency acquisition rate.


Method 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

If you aren’t in a Guild yet, then I highly advise you to join one after reading this guide!

One of the many perks of being a Guild Member is that you get to buy all sorts of valuable items and materials in the Guild Member Shop – like Catalyst Chests in exchange for Guild Currencies.

TIP: The stock of items in the Guild Member Shop also resets once per seven days, so be sure to get as many Catalyst Chests as you can every week.

You can do this by simply clearing Guild Missions, being an active player, and most importantly — donating every single day.

Try not to skip donating even once!


Method 6: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Ring of Glory) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Ring of Glory)

As always, requesting Catalysts in Guild Aid should always be a last resort for any player — especially if they’re still in a developing Guild or in one that explicitly forbids it.

Otherwise you should take advantage of this system as often as you can, while giving back to your other Guildmates as well.

Just note that you can only request up to two Catalysts through the Aid function per day. So you still might have to refer to the other sources above if you need more.

TIP: You can only change the chosen Aid item once a full day has passed so pick what Catalyst/Crafting Material/Runes you want to receive for each day wisely.

Also, if you often find yourself requesting Catalysts via the Aid function, please make sure to donate some of your excess Catalysts to your guildmates as well. Sharing is caring!

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