Epic Seven: Roana vs. Angelica (Who’s The Better Unit?)

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Roana and Angelica are two of the best team healing and barrier-granting Characters in the game.

Both of them can carry any team with the sheer utility they provide, but Roana is arguably better than Angelica when it comes to keeping your Characters alive.

To show you why this is, I’m going to compare these two Characters head-to-head based on their Skills Sets, and how they perform in the three most important aspects of the game:

  • PVE (Adventure & General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena & World Arena)
  • Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

Roana vs. Angelica (Skill Sets)

While they both improve the Survivability of your entire team, there are still a few key differences between them that should influence which of these two characters you might pick in a specific battle.


Roana’s Skills

Roana (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
  • Soul Purification – Deals damage to one enemy and applies a Barrier to the ally with the lowest health. The Barrier scales off of her total HP and lasts for 2 turns. This skill can also be Soul-burned to apply the Barrier to all allies instead.
  • Vigilant Eye – Procs an HP recovery effect and increases Combat Readiness for all allies if they’re attacked with a Counter, Dual Attack, or Extra Attack. Again, the recovery amount scales off of her total HP.
  • Noble Rekos – Heals all allies and gives them a Revive buff that lasts for 2 turns. The amount of HP they come back with scales off of Roana’s max HP as well.

Angelica’s Skills

Angelica (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
  • Holy Strike – Deals damage to one enemy and has up to 25% chance to Stun them for one turn.
  • Origin of Life – Heals two allies with the lowest health. The amount of HP recovered scales off of Angelica’s total HP. This skill can target an Ally a second time as long as they still have the lowest HP in the team.
  • Guide of the Goddess – Heals all allies and gives them a Barrier and Immunity for 2 turns. The amount of HP recovered and Barrier generated scales off of Angelica’s HP. This skill can also be Soul-burned to extend the duration of the buffs by two turns.

Even though Angelica’s Skill Set already looks fantastic, it’s still quite obvious that Roana has an advantage because of one simple thing — she can Revive her allies.

In terms of pure healing though, I’d say Angelica still competes with Roana, and can even outshine her in some battles because of her Immunity buff.


PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Adventure Stage (Roana & Angelica) / Epic Seven

As far as most PVE stages go, either one of these two will be an excellent companion to your other Characters – as either a speedy healer or tank.

The only thing you need to watch out for, really, is their element-types.

This can influence their overall effectiveness in battle.

While Roana still has a slight edge over her fellow healer, using Angelica (since she’s more accessible) in most Adventure and Event Stages will always be a great choice.


PVP (Arena & World Arena)

PVP (Loading Screen) / Epic Seven

PVP is where things get a little bit more one-sided in the favor of Roana.

Sure, Angelica has her sweet multi-target healing and Immunity Buff. But she doesn’t really do that well against high-speed nukers and cleavers.

Roana, on the other hand, is known as one of the most annoying Characters to fight in the Arena and RTA for a reason — the bane of all Counter and multi-attack teams in PVP.

Unless the enemy has a reliable Buff Stripper or Extinction-user, Roana will basically render your whole team immortal with her Revives.

Perfect for stomping most teams in low to mid-tiers in Arena.


Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven

Roana may have had most of the spotlight so far.

But Wyvern Hunts (the place where you farm the most useful gear pieces in the game) is where Angelica shines brighter.

Just build her with:

  • A full HP set
  • Put her on the frontline
  • Slap a Prophetic Candlestick on her

And voila — you’ve got yourself a F2P Wyvern tank!

Provided you have the appropriate DPS Characters, Angelica can carry your team all the way to Auto-repeating Wyvern Stage 13. She’s that good!

And to get an idea of which DPS characters perform the best alongside her, we have our own Wyvern Hunt hero tier list that’s worth checking out.

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