Epic Seven: Sez vs. Vildred (Who’s the Better Unit?)

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Sez and Vildred are both fantastic cleave units that can either be used for PVP or PVE.

Although most of the time in almost every game mode, it’s hardly a question that Vildred simply performs better than Sez.

To elaborate why this is, I’ve organized a brief overview of their Skill Sets here, and their relevance in three of the most important aspects Epic Seven:

  • PVE (Adventure & General Farming)
  • PVP (Arena & World Arena,)
  • Wyvern Hunts (Speed Set Farming)

So let’s take a deeper look and see how they stack up.


Skill Sets

While they might seem similar in that they are both cleave-oriented units, Sez and Vildred have very different skills with their own proc requirements and effects.


Sez’s Skills

Sez (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
  • Dark Shadow – Deals damage to one enemy and applies an Unhealable debuff. The damage scales with the enemy’s missing health.
  • Encroach – Procs an AOE attack when the enemy attacked is under 50% HP. Also has a 50% chance of applying an Unhealable debuff for each enemy.
  • Conviction – A single-target attack that also scales with the enemy’s missing health. If the target dies, an AOE attack that scales on Sez’s Attack will proc. This skill can be Soul-burned to increase its damage output.

Vildred’s Skills

Vildred (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
  • Sweep – Attacks two enemies at once. The damage scales with Vildred’s speed.
  • Dancing Blade – Procs an AOE attack when an enemy is defeated by Vildred himself. Also increases both his Combat Readiness and Attack stat.
  • Blade Ascent – An AOE attack that, once again, scales with Vildred’s speed. This can be Soul-burned to increase its damage output significantly.

Just from their skills, we can see that Vildred has quite a noticeable edge when it comes to pure AOE attacks — making him the more effective one for this specific niche.

However, Sez does deserve some leeway, as his skills actually have a debuff in them – which is something that Vildred doesn’t have. Good for him!


PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

As for PVE and just farming in general, there’s no doubt that Vildred is the clear winner.

Adventure Stage (The Three Edgelords) / Epic Seven

After all, he has one of the most broken Skill 2s in the game, which allows him not only to boost his attack but also grant him a 20% CR Push whenever he kills an enemy.

And while Sez is no slouch either when it comes to farming, he falls off a bit in the later stages of Adventure. This is because of his fairly weak Skill 2 damage, and his Skill 3 mainly being a single-target attack.


PVP (Arena & World Arena)

PVP is where these two are arguably more or less equal in terms of usability.

But Vildred, once again, is the more popular & more effective unit by some margin.

If you plan on building a cleave team and were given a choice between using Sez and Vildred, you might want to choose Vildred eight times out of ten.

PVP (Loading Screen) / Epic Seven


Because Vildred has the higher base speed and base DPS stats out of both of them.

Not only that, but Vildred’s kit is also more suited for high-speed and high-damage cleaving in PVP.

Of course, Sez is still a very viable option for cleave teams in general. Especially if you’re planning on going against fire element teams or teams with annoying healers!


Wyvern Hunts

This is where Sez finally gets to shine.

Simply because of their elements, Sez is without a doubt the better unit to take in Wyvern Hunts.

Wyvern Hunts are in fact the most important Hunt Stage there is.

So it would make sense for newer players to invest in Sez over Vildred first if they aim to farm Speed Sets early (as they should).

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven

But keep in mind that Sez is actually not the best choice for the Main DPS role in Wyvern Hunts.

He’s instead better used as the Secondary DPS on your team.

After all, while Sez might help you a lot in the Mob Wave, his effectiveness is pretty much halved as soon as the Boss Wave starts – simply because his kit is a bit more geared towards AOE farming.

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