How To Farm Silver Transmit Stones in Epic Seven

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The best way to acquire Silver Transmit Stones is via Hero Transmission. Three-Star and above Heroes can be transmitted to acquire Silver Transmit Stones.

Hero Rarity What You Get
3* Hero 1 Transmit Stone
4* Hero 10 Transmit Stones
5* Hero 30 Transmit Stones

Veteran players will likely have a surplus of three-star heroes. And while these are also great for promotion fodder, they can be transmitted when necessary.

Five Star Hero Transmit / Epic Seven
Five Star Hero Transmit

There are also several other ways to acquire Silver Transmit Stones, which we will cover below.

Tip: Guider Aither is a 4* Hero that is imprinted with the 3* Hero Aither. If you imprint Guider Aither to SSS-rank you can Transmit him for 70 Silver Transmit Stones


Alternate Method 1: Daily Quests

Daily Quest Memory Chain / Epic Seven
Daily Quest Memory Chain

It is possible to acquire Silver Transmit Stones each week via Daily/Weekly quests.

In fact, it’s possible to acquire approximately 7 Silver Transmit Stones per week by completing all your missions.

Tip: By enhancing Artifacts, you can also acquire Silver Transmit Stones via the Merchant Union Efficiency Quest. A good method for doing this is to enhance 1* Friendship Summon Artifacts to +3 over and over again to sustain resources. This will then reward you with 8 Silver Transmit Stones.


Alternate Method 2: Abyss

Abyss Screen / Epic Seven
Abyss Screen

Several early Abyss rewards will pay out with Silver transmit Stones. These include Floor 39, Floor 59, and Floor 79.

But these rewards are only obtainable once per account.


Alternate Method 3: Huche

Friendly Stage Savara / Epic Seven
Friendly Stage Savara

Huche’s pop-up shop will occasionally appear in the lobby for a short duration and can also be found in certain labyrinth/Friendly Stages. During this time, it is possible to purchase MolaGora from him directly using Skystones.

Note: Huche, along with his list of permanent items, also has a rotating list of time-sensitive items. Make sure to check back daily to see if any new Silver Transmit Stones are in stock.


Alternate Method 4: Adventurer’s Path

Adventurer's Path Screen / Epic Seven
Adventurer’s Path Screen

The Adventurer’s Path was designed to streamline the new player leveling experience.

As such, there are plenty of Silver Transmit Stones available to pick up here also.

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