Epic Seven Skystone Farming Guide

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The best way to farm Skystones would be to upgrade your Heart of Orbis to max level and collect the resources it accumulates every day.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to obtain these precious Skystones — most of which we’re going to discuss in this article.

In total, the methods of farming Skystones are:

  • Upgrade Your Heart of Orbis to Max Level
  • Clear Adventure Stages
  • Collect Star Rewards
  • Collect Quest Rewards
  • Collect Reputation Rewards
  • Do Your Dailies
  • Participate in Events
  • Rank Up in the Arena
  • Keep an Eye Out for Chests
  • Login Everyday

Max Level Your Heart of Orbis (Best Method)

Heart of Orbis (Max Level) / Epic Seven

Prioritizing a max-level Heart of Orbis as soon as you start the game is the best thing you can do for your account if you’re looking to farm Skystones in the long term.

After all, it’s basically just free Gold and Skystones for you to claim daily — not to mention you also have a chance of getting triple the amount of rewards if you have the Heart of Orbis maxed out.

Your Sanctuary has a lot of phenomenal buildings, but this one is by far the most important in terms of resource farming.


Clear Adventure Stages

Adventure Stage (1st Stage Clear Rewards) / Epic Seven

If you want to get the most Skystones you can collect by consuming Stamina, then clearing Adventure Stages for the first time should be the method for you.

Not only will you be able to progress through Epic Seven’s fantastic story by doing this, but you’ll also be able to unlock a ton of features if you manage to get to certain points in the Adventure.

There’s really no reason for you to not clear as many Adventure Stages as you can.

After all, this is where a huge bulk of F2P Skystones are waiting to be claimed.


Collect Star Rewards

Star Rewards (Mining City Aakhen Region) / Epic Seven

Star Rewards can be claimed by going through Adventure and Event Stages and obtaining a set amount of Stars from every Stage in a Region.

You can obtain Stars by meeting the specific requirements listed in each Stage of a Region (e.g. Deploy 1 Fire Hero, Open Gold Chest, etc…).

You’ll be able to get a decent amount of Skystones from doing this — especially on higher-level Regions.

It is advisable for players to 3-Star as many Stages as possible simply because doing so will net you other valuable rewards alongside Skystones — like Molagora Seeds and Penguins, for example.


Collect Quest Rewards

Quest Rewards (North Fortress City Perland Region) / Epic Seven

Quest Rewards can be found in both Adventure and Events.

These Quests Rewards are fairly easy to unlock most of the time as they only require you to clear every Stage required for the Story to progress.

Aside from Skystones, you can also get many valuable resources like Artifacts, Heroes, and Awakening Materials from here, so make sure to grab them whenever you can.


Collect Reputation Rewards

Reputation Rewards (Memory Chain) / Epic Seven

Reputation is Epic Seven’s “Achievement” System.

From here, you can get a variety of rewards (more notably a lot of Skystones) by achieving certain milestones in the game.

There are a lot of Reputation Rewards waiting to be claimed here, so try to check them out from time to time and see what missions you can clear.

Note: you can also get several buffs (a.k.a. Lasting Effects) from clearing enough missions which will boost your Account’s overall strength and resource farming rate.


Do Your Dailies

Daily Reputation Rewards (Complete) / Epic Seven

Clearing your Dailies is important simply because it’s the most consistent way of farming Skystones, alongside claiming them from your Heart of Orbis.

Not only that, but as soon as you run out of Skystones from Adventure Stages, Dailies will be among the few features left in the game that you can lean on to farm Skystones.

So it’s recommended for players to cultivate a habit of clearing them as soon as they can. Doing this is fairly easy and should take no longer than 20-30 minutes a day.


Participate in Events

Event Reputation Rewards (The Will of the Strongest) / Epic Seven

Events bring not just Skystones, but also a lot of other goodies like limited-edition Artifacts and Heroes whenever they come around.

This is exactly why every player who’s looking to farm as many Skystones as they can should — at the very least — complete all of the Event Stages in each Event.

The reason why is because you can also get Star Rewards and First-time Clear Rewards from Event Stages just like in Adventure.

Doing this consistently will undoubtedly increase the amount of Skystones you can farm per month considering how often Events come and go in this game.


Rank Up in the Arena

Arena Rewards (Legend) / Epic Seven

Whether you like the Arena or not, the fact remains that it is one of the best sources of Skystones in the game.

We all know grinding ranks in the Arena can be tough, but the rewards far outweigh or at least match the effort you’ve put in every season.

Depending on your expertise, effort, and not to mention luck in Hero, Artifact, and Gear-rolling — you can get thousands upon thousands of Skystones and Mystic Medals in the Arena.

Of course, you’ll need to be consistent with it which is highly recommended even for players who are just starting out.


Keep an Eye Out for Chests

Golden Chest Reward (50 Skystones) / Epic Seven

Chests — especially golden ones — are pretty hard to come by no matter what stage you are in the game.

Although these precious little boxes of loot can give you decent (and even fantastic) rewards once they’re opened!

You can see these chests in Adventure Stages, Event Stages, and even Labyrinth Stages. So make sure to not miss them whenever you’re out of combat.


Login Everyday

Login Rewards (March 2022) / Epic Seven

For our tenth and final method, you can claim Check-in rewards every day in Epic Seven – which requires no effort at all for you to do.

Simply logging in everyday will give you lots of great materials and resources completely hassle-free.

You can even just open the game, claim these rewards, then exit back out if you’re really busy.

Also, do note that the devs often give players separate log-in rewards for just playing the game as part of promotional campaigns or just purely out of generosity, so be sure not to miss those as well.

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