Where To Farm Twisted Fangs in Epic Seven

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Twisted Fangs can be farmed through several different methods, but the most effective method would be farming them from Adventure Stages (specifically Unrecorded History 8-S2).

Of course, if you want to farm a lot of them, you might want to consider obtaining them from other sources as well!

To help you with that, here are the best sources of Twisted Fangs in the game:

  • Adventure Stages (best is 8-S2)
  • AP Exchange Shops (Farche Frontier or Duselnorc)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Aid
  • Guild Member Shop

Adventure Stages (Best Method)

Unrecorded History 8-S2 (Support Selection & Drops) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History 8-S2 (Support Selection & Drops)

If you need Twisted Fangs pronto and you don’t have any Catalyst Chests left in your inventory, then farming certain Adventure Stages will be your best bet.

Fortunately enough, Twisted Fang is a fairly common drop in Adventure stages.

To know if a stage features Twisted Fang as drop rewards, all you need to do is check on the Drop Table as shown on the lower right side of the image above.

TIP: It’s recommended to bring along Pets that can double your AP gain while farming any Adventure Stage.

In general, it might be better to farm Twisted Fang in the Unrecorded History (Prologue) Chapter than in any other chapters, specifically if you’d also like to farm fodder equipment and units.


AP Exchange Shops

Unrecorded History Map 8 (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History Map 8 (AP Exchange Shop)

AP Exchange Shops are present on every map in every chapter in Adventure.

These AP Exchange Shops allow you to purchase Catalysts through the use of AP which you get every time you clear a stage within a given map. Each map has a variety of Catalysts available and only has limited stock for each of them. The stocks are refreshed every 7 days.

And if you want Twisted Fangs then you want to stack AP for either of these two shop locations:

  • Farche Frontier
  • Duselnorc

TIP: If you’re planning on farming Twisted Fangs (or any Catalyst for that matter) then it’ll be best to farm on a map where the same Catalyst is available in the AP Exchange Shop. For Twisted Fangs that would be in Duselnorc, since Stage 8-S2 is the best to farm for drops there.


Catalyst Chests for Twisted Fangs

Rare Catalyst Chest (Twisted Fang) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Chest (Twisted Fang)

Catalyst Chests can be obtained from several different sources.

You can even get them as Mission Rewards, Login Bonuses, and even as gifts from the Devs which you can claim in your mail!

If you need a Catalyst ASAP, then all you need to do is check if you have any Catalyst Chests in your inventory, and bam — easy Catalysts!

TIP: Keep in mind that there are different kinds of Catalyst Chests. Some kinds may give you only Rare Catalysts while some may give you Epic Catalysts.


Events for Twisted Fangs

Sweet Nightmare Event (Catalyst Options) / Epic Seven
Sweet Nightmare Event (Catalyst Options)

Events are another great way to earn Twisted Fangs easily — provided, of course, that they’re available as either Exchange items or Event Rewards.

The Catalysts that can be obtained by players do vary from Event to Event, but Twisted Fangs are pretty commonly featured as Event Stage drops or as items in the Event Exchange Shop.

TIP: It’s advisable to bring along pets who can increase your event currency drops before clearing any Event Stage.

Doing this will allow you to purchase Twisted Fangs much quicker, along with any other item you’d like to purchase in the Event Exchange Shop.


Guild Aid Farming

Guild Aid (Twister Fang) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Twister Fang)

Being a Guild member comes with a variety of perks, but being able to request Catalysts through the Aid function is by far one of the best perks there are.

Upon entering a Guild, you will be able to request any kind of Catalyst from your Guildmates. You can only change this request once per day.

TIP: You should only consider asking for Catalysts on rare occasions and instead ask for less rare resources.

If you feel the need to ask for Catalysts, though, be sure to give back as many of your excess Catalysts as you can to your guildmates.

Nobody likes a leech, after all.

Plus you’ll be able to earn some guild currencies as rewards for your generosity as well!


Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests)

Another function that’s unlocked upon joining a Guild is the Guild Member Shop.

The Guild Member Shop allows you to purchase a variety of precious items such as Element Connections, Charms, and yes, even Catalyst Chests!

TIP: You’ll be able to collect the currencies required to buy items from the Guild Member Shop simply by doing your Daily Missions for the Guild.

You can also farm guild currencies by clearing Urgent Missions in Adventure maps.

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