Where To Farm Twisted Fangs in Epic Seven

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The best source of Twisted Fangs is Stage 25. Prison of Mirrors, which is located in the Unrecorded History Side Story missions. You’ll get the fangs as drops and you can also purchase them from the Unrecorded History AP Shop.

Stages That Drop Twisted Fangs Map Zone Chapter/Episode Availability of Twisted Fangs in the Exchange Shop
  • 25. Prison Mirrors (Best Source)
Side Story
  • Epilogue (Unrecorded History)
  • Crack In The World
5S. Sun Desert World
  • Episode 1 (Heir of the Covenant)
Not Available
  • 8-4
  • 8-5
  • 8-6
  • 8-8
  • 8-9
  • 8-10
  • 8-S2
  • 8-S3
8. Duselnorc World
  • Episode 1 (Heir of the Covenant)
  • Crack In The World
8S. Breezy Plain World
  • Episode 1 (Heir of the Covenant)
Not Available

Events are another great source of Twisted Fangs, as Rare Catalysts can often be exchanged for event currencies or obtained as clear rewards.

The Guild Member Shop and the Guild Aid system also allow you to farm lots of Rare Catalysts in general via Donation requests or Catalyst Chest purchases.


Source #1: Unrecorded History Stage 25. Prison Of Mirrors (Best Source)

Stage 25. Prison of Mirrors (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Stage 25. Prison of Mirrors (Stage Details)

Farming Stage 25. Prison of Mirrors of the Epilogue (Unrecorded History) chapter in the Side Story missions will be your best bet if you want to farm Twisted Fangs.

This is the only stage in the Unrecorded History Side Story that’ll allow you to farm Twisted Fangs as drops.

I suggest bringing Pets that allow you to gain more Adventure Points per stage cleared, which you can then spend in the Side Story AP Exchange Shop for more Twisted Fangs.

Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (AP Exchange Shop)

You can purchase up to 20 Twisted Fangs per week for 120 AP each in the Unrecorded History Side Story AP Exchange Shop.

The Unrecorded History Side Story AP Exchange Shop sells every type of Catalysts in the game (even Epic Catalysts). Buy only what you need and save up your AP for other Catalysts!


Source #2: Side Story Events

Sweet Nightmare Event (Catalyst Options) / Epic Seven
Sweet Nightmare Event (Catalyst Options)

Events are another great way to earn Twisted Fangs easily — provided, of course, that they’re available as either Exchange items or Event Rewards.

The Catalysts that can be obtained by players do vary from Event to Event, but Twisted Fangs are pretty commonly featured as Event Stage drops or as items in the Event Exchange Shop.

It’s advisable to bring along pets who can increase your event currency drops before clearing any Event Stage.

Doing this will allow you to purchase Twisted Fangs much quicker, along with any other item you’d like to purchase in the Event Exchange Shop.

Note: As of Patch 01/26/23, you can now play any Side Story Event you want as long as you’ve already unlocked them.

To unlock Side Story Event Missions, all you need to do is clear Adventure Mode stages. You can only play one Side Story Event at a time.

Replace Side Story (Dear Mentor > Unspoken Truth) / Epic Seven”><figcaption class=Replace Side Story (Dear Mentor > Unspoken Truth)

Choosing or replacing a Side Story requires an item called “Change Ticket”. You are given a Change Ticket once every two weeks.


Source #3: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Twister Fang) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Twister Fang)

Being a Guild member comes with a variety of perks, but being able to request Catalysts through the Aid function is by far one of the best perks there are.

Upon entering a Guild, you will be able to request any kind of Rare Catalyst from your Guildmates. You can only change this request once per day.

You should only consider asking for Catalysts occasionally and instead ask for less rare resources, like Lesser Runes.

If you need to ask for Catalysts more than a few times per week, be sure to give back as many of your excess Catalysts as you can to your guildmates. Sharing is caring!


Source #4: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests)

Another function that’s unlocked upon joining a Guild is the Guild Member Shop.

The Guild Member Shop allows you to purchase a variety of precious items such as Element Connections, Charms, and yes, even Catalyst Chests!

You’ll be able to collect the currencies required to buy items from the Guild Member Shop simply by doing your Daily Missions for the Guild.

You can also farm guild currencies by clearing Urgent Missions in Adventure maps.

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