Where To Farm Ultra Fangs in Epic Seven

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Ultra Fang is a Rare Catalyst used for skill enhancements. In total, there are six sources of Ultra Fangs worth talking about:

  • Adventure Stages (2S-8)
  • AP Exchange Shops (Best Source)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Events
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid

If you want to accumulate tons of Ultra Fang, all you need to do is visit these six sources and visit them as often as you can. Happy farming!


Option 1: Adventure Stages

Stage 2S-8. Assembly Forest Drops (Ultra Fang) / Epic Seven
Stage 2S-8. Assembly Forest Drops (Ultra Fang)

Clearing Adventure Stages as shown in the image above may give you a decent amount of Ultra Fangs if you’re willing to grind a long time for them.

This is because unlike most drops in the game, Catalysts in general have annoyingly low drop rates.

You’re going to need a lot of Stamina and patience if you want to make Adventure Stages your sole source of Ultra Fangs.

TIP: Only farm Adventure Stages that both drop Ultra Fangs and feature them as buyable items in the AP exchange Shop.

Also, be sure to bring pets that increase AP gain with you. This will improve your farming efficiency significantly.


Option 2: AP Exchange Shops (Best Choice)

Stage 2S. Scorned Lands AP Shop (Ultra Fang) / Epic Seven
Stage 2S. Scorned Lands AP Shop (Ultra Fang)

AP Exchange Shops will be your best bet if you want a reliable and consistent way of farming not just Ultra Fangs, but also all kinds of Catalysts in general.

You can buy catalysts like Ultra Fangs from AP Exchange Shops once you’ve accumulated enough Adventure Points (AP), which you get after clearing stages within specific regions.

TIP: Exchange Shops refresh their stocks once every seven days, so make sure you have what you need before the end of every week.

Remember that each region has different AP Exchange Shops and thus have different items for sale.

This also means that your accumulated AP does not carry over between regions!


Option 3: Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst (Ultra Fang) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst (Ultra Fang)

Need a Catalyst as soon as possible?

Just head on over to your Inventory and check if you have any Catalyst Chests stored in there!

They’re by far the best source of Ultra Fangs for players who don’t want to grind Adventure Stages for hours upon hours just to upgrade a Skill.

TIP: Unfortunately, Catalyst Chests — especially Epic-rarity ones — are very hard to come by so use them as sparingly as you can!


Option 4: Events

The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop) / Epic Seven
The Rise of the Great Mortelix (Event Shop)

Events are not only fun and packed with free Skystones, Molas, and Gold.

They also provide you with a steady influx of Catalysts!

In fact, you can even get Catalyst Chests as Reputation Rewards in addition to pure Catalysts as buyable items in the Event Currency Exchange Shop!

TIP: If you’re looking for Ultra Fangs specifically, you may not find them often in the Event Currency Exchange Shop simply because the available items in the shop vary per Event.

On that note, always check if the Catalyst you require is featured in this shop. They’re fairly easy to farm — especially if you have pets that increase your Event Currency accumulation rate.


Option 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

Even for solo players, joining a Guild is highly advisable simply because of the numerous perks you get just from being a part of one.

Among such perks is the ability to buy all sorts of valuable items and materials in the Guild Member Shop — Catalyst Chests, more importantly — for Guild Currencies.

TIP: The stock of items in this shop also resets once per seven days, so be sure to get as many Catalyst Chests as you can per week.

You can do this by simply clearing Guild Missions and just being an active player in general!


Option 6: Guild Aid

Guild Aid screen / Epic Seven
Guild Aid screen

If you’re in a Guild that explicitly forbids requesting Catalysts as donations, Guild Aid should be your last resort if you want some Ultra Fangs.

Of course, feel free to request Catalysts all you want if your Guild doesn’t adhere to this unwritten rule of not requesting hard-to-get materials in Aid!

But you can only request a limited amount of materials through the Aid function per day – plus you can only change the chosen Aid material once a full day has passed.

TIP: If you often find yourself requesting Catalysts via the Aid function, remember to give back to your guildmates and donate some Catalysts as well.

After all, sharing is caring. And what better way to cultivate a great community within your guild than a healthy process of giving and taking?

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