Where To Get Breath Of Orbis in Epic Seven

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There are only two ways that you can get Breath of Orbis to Upgrade your Sanctuary Buildings:

  • Adventure Stages
  • AP Exchange Shops

They are typically hidden in Chaos Gates in Adventure, which is further soft-locked in Stages that aren’t part of the Main Questline.

They’re fairly easy to find if you know where to look though – which is what this guide is for!


Adventure Stages

Chapter 1 Stage 3 (Savara Map) / Epic Seven

When going through Adventure, you only need to look out for Stages with the Breath of Orbis marker on them (as shown on the image above).

These Stages will have Chaos Gates that you’ll need to clear to obtain the Breath of Orbis hidden within them.

More often than not, these stages are actually optional in each Region, as they don’t need to be cleared to progress in the Story.

This is why you should seek these stages out — especially if you don’t bother completely clearing a Region before moving on to the next one.

TIP: Enemy Units in Chaos Gates are typically Dark Element types, so it might be a good idea to bring along a Light Element Hero (Friend Units work too) if you’re struggling to clear them.


AP Exchange Shops

Farming AP for AP Exchange Shops is the second and last method of acquiring Breath of Orbis.

You can farm AP (Adventure Points) by clearing Stages in specific Regions repeatedly.

Chapter 2 Region 1 (AP Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven

You only see AP Exchange Shops that sell Breath of Orbis starting from Chapter 2, so head there first and see which Regions sell them.

Note that most AP Exchange Shops in Adventure are locked.

They all have unique requirements that must be met in order for them to be accessed.

TIP: Some Pets can boost your AP farming rate by giving you a chance to double the amount of AP farmed per run. Pick them wisely.


How To Know Which AP Exchange Shops Sell Breath of Orbis

Just check their Main Products!

Chapter 2 Region 1 (Locked AP Exchange Shop - Main Products) / Epic Seven

Some requirements can take up quite some time to accomplish, so be sure to check each Region’s Main Products before setting out to accomplish their AP Shop’s requirements.


When in Doubt, Consult the Item Guide

Item Guide (Breath of Orbis) / Epic Seven

The Item Guide is a directory that shows the specific Adventure Stages where you can obtain Breath of Orbis.

If you have already cleared the Main Story maps in Adventure but still haven’t cleared any of the Stages that have Breath of Orbis as drops, then the Item Guide will be very useful to you.

To use this, just tap on any Stage on the list and it will automatically take you there!

You can access this Item Guide simply by trying to upgrade a building without any Breath of Orbis in your Inventory.

Neat, huh?

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