Epic Seven: Wyvern Hunt vs Golem Hunt (Which To Farm First)

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Wyvern Hunts and Golem Hunts are the two most popular stages out of all the five Boss Hunt Stages in the game.

Wyvern Hunts provide you with equipment and materials that are aligned with the Speed/Hit/Crit set bonuses.

Golem Hunts, on the other hand, provide you with equipment and materials that are aligned with the Health/Def/Atk set bonuses.

So then which Boss Hunt should you farm first according to your preferences? Let’s compare them and find out.


Why Wyvern Hunts?

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven
Wyvern Hunt Stages

Wyvern Hunts are by far the most popular choice when it comes to what Hunt Stage to build an account around as a beginner.

After all, farming Wyvern Hunts allows you to craft gear pieces that are centered around three of the most important stats for DPS units — namely Speed, Critical Hit Chance, and Effectiveness.

It is for this reason that, in general, it’s highly recommended to build a team around clearing Wyvern Hunts consistently first before moving on to farming other Hunt Stages.

This is especially true for beginner players who’re looking to improve their party’s overall performance in the early game.


Why Golem Hunts?

Golem Hunt Stages / Epic Seven
Golem Hunt Stages

For rebels who’d like to invest in Earth element characters instead of Ice element characters, then farming Golem Hunts is by far the best choice for you.

While Wyvern Hunts are indeed more popular because of the Speed being the “mainstream stat”, the stat bonuses provided by gear pieces crafted from Golem Hunt materials aren’t bad at all!

In fact, they’re actually more versatile since you can also craft gear pieces that increase your Health and Defense alongside gear pieces that increase your Attack.

Basically, if you want to increase your team’s DPS output and survivability, then you should go for Golem Hunts instead!


Overall Benefits (Speed/Crit/Hit Sets vs. Health/Def/Atk Sets)

Focusing on either Wyvern Hunts or Golem Hunts will provide your units with different benefits stat-wise.

This decision will influence what type of team comps that’ll be viable for you.

Speed + Hit Set (Tywin) / Epic Seven
Speed + Hit Set (Tywin)

For example, you will be able to create team comps that require lots of Speed like standard Cleave teams much easier if you decide on focusing on Wyvern Hunts.

The image above shows Tywin equipped with a mix of Speed and Hit gear — allowing him to perform as a decent AoE Defense Breaker in a high-Speed Cleave team.

Full HP Set (Angelica) / Epic Seven
Full HP Set (Angelica)

On the other hand, focusing on Golem Hunts first will allow you to build tankier and more balanced team comps.

The image above shows Angelica who’s equipped with full HP gear, which improves both her healing and tanking capabilities.

This makes her a great choice for tanky and attrition-based teams.

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