Epic Seven Wyvern Hunt Unit Tier List

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Epic Seven Wyvern Hunt Units Tier List
Tiers Units
S-Tier (Excellent) Sigret, General Purrgis, Angelica, Seaside Bellona, Furious, Flan, Dizzy
A-Tier (Great) Tywin, Angelic Montmorancy, Crozet, Luna, Chloe, Alexa, Sinful Angelica
B-Tier (Good) Krau, Batisse, Diene, Kise, Rose, Yuna
C-Tier (Decent) Mistychain, Karin, Taranor Guard, Clarissa

S-Tier (Excellent Wyvern Hunt Units)

Sigret – She’s called the “Queen of Wyvern Hunts” for a reason. After all, her single-target damage output is among the highest (if not the highest) when it comes to slaying Wyverns.

General Purrgis – He may not be an Ice Unit, but this burly cat-man can elevate any Wyvern team as a tank. He’s used for his cheesy CR Push passive which basically allows your Units to cycle much faster.

Angelica – She can double-duty as both a healer and a tank. Her Skill 2 and Skill 3 act as a neat safeguard just in case you weren’t able to apply 2 debuffs on the Wyvern 13 boss.

Seaside Bellona – A nutty Unit whose DPS output and Defense Breaks will make a Wyvern run at any stage much easier. Just having her in decent gear will be enough for most teams to clear Wyvern 13 consistently.

Furious – Defense Breaker extraordinaire. He also excels in his job as a secondary DPS and provides Critical Chance buffs to all allies. Oh, and did I mention that you can get him for free?

Flan – Her buffing and debuffing capabilities are extremely useful in the harder stages of Wyvern Hunts. She’s also one of the best choices if you’re planning to build a 1-hit Wyvern 13 Team.

Dizzy – As a support, she leans purely on the debuff side of things. Because of this, she’s quite possibly one of the best characters to pair up with Sigret whose Skill 3 is amplified for every debuff applied on the enemy.


A-Tier (Great Wyvern Hunt Units)

Tywin – An “all-in-one” Unit who can tank hits, Defense Break, and CR Push. He trivializes the mob waves if you give him enough Effectiveness.

Angelic Montmorancy – She’s much like Angelica who can fulfill both the tank and healer roles. She may not grant barriers like Angelica, but she does have Cleanse and CR Push.

Crozet – A great F2P tank who can drastically improve his allies’ survivability. He also has an Attack Break debuff and a Provoke debuff on his kit which makes aggroing a heck of a lot easier.

Luna – She’s a fantastic bruiser who can deal massive amounts of damage when built properly. Her passive allows her to self-buff with Increase Attack and Increase Critical Hit Chance as long as she’s above 50% HP.

Chloe – Another solid option for either the main or secondary DPS role. When enough of her Magic Nail debuffs are stacked, she hits harder than a truck at 80 mph.

Alexa – Everyone’s favorite F2P Unit for the main or secondary DPS role. Her kit allows her to shred the Wyvern with double attacks. Give her a Daydream Joker and she instantly becomes a top-tier Wyvern-slaying Unit.

Sinful Angelica – She isn’t that effective as a tank unlike her Ice-element counterpart, but she shines in her support role in fast-clear Wyvern teams. She can increase her allies’ Speed and Attack — not to mention she can also proc Dual Attacks with her S1!


B-Tier (Good Wyvern Hunt Units)

The following Units are still very much viable for Wyvern Hunts. It’s just that the Units in the higher tiers can perform in their specific roles better, hence they were ranked higher.

For example, General Purrgis (S-Tier) can do what Batisse does (CR Pushes) but much better. The same goes for Yuna whose support kit is pretty much overshadowed by Flan’s.

Be that as it may, these Units should still be considered as possible alternatives if you haven’t got some of the characters in the upper tiers that fulfill the same role.

  • Krau
  • Batisse
  • Diene
  • Kise
  • Rose
  • Yuna

C-Tier (Decent Wyvern Hunt Unit)

While the Units in the higher tiers are markedly better options than the Units in this tier, keep in mind that they’re not at all bad for Wyvern Hunts.

In fact, the following characters can be solid alternatives if you build them correctly and surround them with the appropriate teammates.

For example, you can use Taranor Guard even in Wyvern 13 as your main Defense Breaker if your DPS units are built well enough to finish the fight early.

The same goes with Karin whose DPS output can potentially be more than enough to auto-clear Wyvern 13 if she’s given proper gear.

  • Mistychain
  • Karin
  • Taranor Guard
  • Clarissa
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