Best Epic Seven YouTubers & Streamers Worth Watching

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There’s a wealth of great E7 content creators out there.

But where should you even begin to look?

Well we’ve got you covered with this list of the best-of-the-best.

Whether you like to see RTA battles, comprehensive guides, or summoning sessions, there’s certainly an Epic Seven content creator out there to keep you entertained.


10. EpicSeven (Honorable Mention)

EpicSeven YouTube channel page screenshot


We’ll start this list with a quick honorable mention.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you follow the official Epic Seven YouTube channel and Twitch stream!

There you’ll be able to see live patch notes, RTA viewer battles, and lots of other cool stuff.

Mash and Nue hosted a very entertaining set of Patch Notes back in the day, and it was always entertaining to watch them flounder for filler content while waiting for the official Korean stream to catch up.


9. Mango7Roll

Mango7Roll YouTube channel page screenshot


Mango is a relaxed and mellow E7 content creator that covers patch notes, speculation, and summoning sessions.

Mango will often upload summons of new units to his YouTube channel in multiple parts, as he often fails to snag the character the first time around before succumbing to his desires and relying on wallet-kun to help reach pity.

He landed himself in hot water a year or so ago due to a bit of controversy – but now that the dust has settled, he continues to produce almost daily E7 content.

While his videos do not contain any editing or stylization, they are nice if you’re in need of an E7 content fix for the day. Or if you enjoy predictions of upcoming content.


8. God Doggos

God Doggos YouTube channel page screenshot


God Doggos is an entertaining content creator that shares a lot of similarities with another energetic edit-heavy YouTuber (who we’ll talk about later).

His videos will often consist of summoning sessions, the use of underused units, or the use of meta units on interestingly unique builds.

Either way though, God Doggos vids are always lively and bombastic.

So if you’re a fan of the energetic YouTuber style, he can satisfy your need for loudness quite easily.


7. Grass Angel

Grass Angel YouTube channel page screenshot


Grass Angel is your dedicated informative E7 content creator.

If you’re looking for character breakdowns, comparisons, or game guides, Grass Angel’s channel is a one-stop-shop for all things gameplay.

Note that this channel is primarily text-based, which may turn some people off.

But if you’re looking for information to continue playing the game, it’s much better to be able to quickly scan the necessary content, rather than listening to someone begging for likes and subscribers.


6. Samool

Samool YouTube channel page screenshot


Samool is a great E7 content creator that not only covers patch notes and summons guides, but also goes the extra mile to provide interesting and engaging challenge content as well.

He’s currently completing a 3-Star character-only challenge on his stream – to prove that you can play this game without spending a dime!

He also provides countdown ranking lists of characters, and predictive must-pull rerun guides for banners yet to return.


5. Astranox

Astranox YouTube channel page screenshot


Astranox is a content creator with a vast array of E7 accounts spread across multiple servers.

He has several Global accounts, but also some in EU as well. And he regularly posts his rolls across these accounts using the tons of currency he has accrued (or bought).

He’s great for showcasing new units the second they’re released.

Probably even minutes after a new character is available to summon, he’ll have likely pulled them, triple S imprinted them, and +15’d their skills!

If you were on the fence about whether to summon a character, or if you want to see their full potential before spending your valuable resources, Astranox can provide a detailed look at what any character can look like at max investment.


4. Car_6

Car_6 YouTube channel page screenshot


Car_6 is another content creator covering gameplay guides, character breakdowns, and high-level RTA content.

If Car_6 isn’t explaining the pros and cons of whether you should pull a certain unit, he’s showing off his incredibly unattainable stats for us all to ogle at in jealousy.

Definitely check out this E7 YouTuber if you haven’t heard of them!


3. Panshui

Panshui YouTube channel page screenshot


Panshui is a dedicated E7 Twitch Streamer with a friendly vibe, an active chat, and a crippling gambling addiction.

Joking aside, Panshui’s streams usually consist of pulls or RTA grinding.

Panshui is a high-ranking RTA player meaning that, if you enjoy watching the upper echelons of E7 gameplay, he can provide this in spades.

He’s also very connected with his chat. And despite his reasonable viewer base, he’ll often look over and answer any questions you may have – or even show his character’s stats.


2. DrSquirrel

DrSquirrel YouTube channel page screenshot


When it comes to comprehensive E7 gameplay coverage, none do it quite as well as DrSquirrel.

While other content creators (such as Grass Angel) provide bite-size chunks of information in their videos, DrSquirrel will often take deep dives that last upwards of fifteen to twenty minutes!

Unlike other gacha games that lag behind the original server by a year or two, E7’s global server and Korean server are linked.

This means we have no idea what’s coming in the future, and need to make sure that any unit we summon is worth the potential 605 Covenant bookmarks or 10,000 Mystic Medals needed to pull them.

DrSquirrel’s unit reviews are a godsend when trying to decide whether or not a unit will fit your playstyle, your current gearing options, or your team compatibility.



YDCB YouTube channel page screenshot


Was the number one spot ever really in contention?

YD is widely considered to be unmatched in terms of stellar Epic Seven content creation.

Unlike the other content creators featured on this list, YD’s videos come with excellent editing – making them feel much livelier than a static commentary or uploaded Twitch vod.

The great editing from YD’s Waifu Debuts makes every upload that much more enjoyable (even if his newest unit is almost always doomed to lose their first Guild War).

YD’s Twitch streams are just as enjoyable, as he crafts or enhances gear hoping for large speed rolls, plays RTA while complaining about getting 15%’d every match, or hosts watch parties for upcoming content.

He’s such a popular figure in the community that his patch note watch parties often have a larger viewership than the official Epic Seven Stream itself!

And as a whale, YD will often drop hundreds of dollars onto SSS units, or to acquire rare Moonlight characters.

Plus since he’s the self-appointed leader of the gacha gang, YD also plays other games on his stream, such as Uma Musume, or (when his wallet needs time to recover) Tarkov.

If there could be an embodiment of the laughing Ras emote, YDCB is it!

So definitely be sure to check out his content!

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