Eroica Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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Eroica is an action and strategy-based ACGN published by 4:33 Incorporated.

This game features a fantastic storyline, several game modes, great quality of life features, and heavy gacha elements.

In this guide, I’m going to list out all the information that all beginner players should know — including some useful tips and things that you should do or avoid as soon as you start playing.


Starting Out (Rerolling)

Selective Summons / Eroica
Selective Summons

Rerolling is fairly easy in this game, as you only need to clear Stage 0-3 to unlock the Selective Summons.

This process only takes about 5-10 minutes depending on whether you’re skipping the story or not.

The Selective Summons banner allows you to reroll up to 40 times, with 1 guaranteed 3★ unit in every pull. Here are the best 3★ units I recommend you to reroll for in the Selective Summons:

  • Orslaha (Excellent all-around DPS with Shock skill)
  • Melavi (Best PVE unit in Selective Summons)
  • Mintz (Very fast and good AOE damage)
  • Wraith (Best PVP unit in Selective Summons)

Since you are given Sei (excellent Tank unit) and Marrion (great healer) right from the start, you only need to worry about rerolling for DPS units — preferably the ones listed above.

Ideally, your starting team comp should look like this:

Positions Units Roles
Position 1 Sei Tank
Position 2 Marrion/Muto (1★ Unit) Healer
Position 3 Orslaha/Melavi/Mintz/ Wraith Primary DPS
Position 4 Orslaha/Melavi/Mintz/ Wraith Secondary DPS

TIP: You can pull an SSR Pre-Core in the Selective Summons along with the guaranteed 3★ unit.

If you want the best possible reroll, I recommend you take the pull with an SSR Pre-Core and your desired 3★ unit.

I also advise bookmarking great pulls (preferably those with one 3★ unit & one SSR Pre-Core) and spending all of your 40 rerolls.

If nothing better comes up in the end, simply take your bookmarked pull or reset your account by going to your Account Settings to begin the rerolling process anew.


Game Modes

Chief Maid's Special (Illustration) / Eroica
Chief Maid’s Special (Illustration)

Below are the three available game modes in Eroica and a brief explanation for each one.



Chapter 3 - Simran / Eroica
Chapter 3 – Simran

Clearing Adventure stages should be your priority as soon as you log in to the game the first time.

You can only unlock the other game modes by playing through the Adventure — not to mention you can also farm an amazing amount of Pellets just by doing so.



Game Modes (Challenge) / Eroica
Game Modes (Challenge)

The Challenge section is where you can farm the vast majority of the resources and materials you need to power up your units.

All but two of the game modes available in this section have daily entry limits, which means you can only farm items from them a specific number of times.

Here are all of the game modes available in the “Challenge” section, how to unlock them, the items you can farm from them, and how many times you’ll be able to enter them per day:

Game Modes Farmable Items Unlock Requirements Entries Per Day
Guild Request – Gold
– EXP Potions
None 3 each for Gold & EXP Potion Stages
Dimensional Rift – T1-T5 Equipment
– T1-T5 Equipment Designs
None Unlimited
Ancient Ruins – Runes
– Greater Runes
– Awakening Runes
Clear Adventure 1-7 10 entries per day
Royal Training Grounds – Skill Books
– Miracle Skill Books
Clear Adventure 1-19 5 entries per day
Nya Dungeon – Golden Cat Paw
– Cat Bell
– Passports
Clear Adventure 2-5 Unlimited
Azoth Tower – Summon Tickets
– Pickup Tickets
Clear Adventure 1-25 for Afternoon Stages and Adventure 2-18 for Night Stages 3 each for Afternoon and Night stages

TIP: The only way to increase the number of daily entries you get is by buying the following packs in the shop:

  • Challenge Daily Pack (Best pack for daily entries)
  • Pellet Daily Pack (Guild Request +1 Daily Entry)
  • Stamina Daily Pack (Guild Request +1 Daily Entry)

Buying these packs will help increase the number of resources you can farm per day. But ultimately, they aren’t necessary for your account to excel.



Game Modes (Compete) / Eroica
Game Modes (Compete)

The Compete section is where you can find all the competitive game modes in Eroica.

You can also get resources and materials here, but the most notable items you can farm from them are Medals of Victory and Medals of Courage, which you can spend in Amil’s Shop for fantastic loot!

Game Modes Farmable Resources Unlock Requirements Entries Per Day
Arena – Medal of Victory
– Pellets
– Unit Shards
Clear Stage 2-1 Up to 6 entries and 1 entry regenerates every 2 hours
Crucible Trial – Medal of Courage
– Pellets
– Handcrafting Stones
– Enhancement Stones
Clear Stage 3-1 3 per day

TIP: For Crucible Trials, make sure to use the “Practice” feature so you can avoid wasting your entry tickets.

Always try to win at least five Arena battles per day, as you can farm Hero Shards there via the Win Mileage system.


Combat Guide

God's Lookout Griffon (Combat) / Eroica
God’s Lookout Griffon (Combat)

Eroica features highly strategic gameplay with several mechanics and controls set in place when it comes to combat.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eroica’s combat system and some tips on how to play the game more effectively.


Turn Order Meter

Turn Order Meter / Eroica
Turn Order Meter

The Turn Order Meter shows the order in which your units and your enemies get to execute their turn.

The lower they are on the meter, the sooner they’ll be able to act.

TIP: The stat that decides how quickly units move on the Turn Order Meter is ATK SPD, so if you want your units to execute their turn faster and more often, simply invest in their ATK SPD.


MP, Basic Attack, & Skills

MP Bar, Basic Attack, & Skills / Eroica
MP Bar, Basic Attack, & Skills

All units have one Basic Attack and two Skills, and each Skill has its own cooldown. This cooldown starts right at the beginning of each battle or Adventure stage.

To bypass cooldowns and execute your Skills right away, you can use MP which is represented by the blue orbs located right above your Skills.

Each MP orb represents 1 turn of cooldown, which means if you want your unit to execute a skill with 3 turns of cooldown left, you need to spend 3 MP orbs to cast that skill right away.

TIP: You can gain 1 MP orb per turn by using your Basic Attack. You get no MP orb even if you execute a Skill with 0 turns of cooldown left.

In harder fights, make sure to conserve your MP orbs. Choosing the best Skill to use your MP orbs on may just win you the battle.


Burst Gauge

Burst Gauge / Eroica
Burst Gauge

Your Burst Gauge is filled up every time your units deal or receive damage.

If you click the Burst Gauge, your Pre-Cores and the Arkham Cannon you have equipped will be displayed:

Pre-Cores & Cannon / Eroica
Pre-Cores & Cannon

Your Pre-Cores and your Arkham Cannon both require a specific amount of Burst Gauge points to activate.

The first Arkham Cannon you get in the game deals massive AOE damage to your enemies for 70 Burst Gauge points.

Your Pre-Core Burst Skill depends on what Pre-Core your current unit has equipped, but typically, Pre-Core Burst Skills require around 80-100 Burst Gauge points to activate.

TIP: All Pre-Cores go into cooldown as soon as you use them. To reactivate them quicker, you need to spend a small amount of Burst Gauge points.

Consider what Burst Gauge Skill you want to activate and reactivate carefully — depending on whether you need more survivability or DPS during battle.


Element System

Elemental Advantages/Disadvantages / Eroica
Elemental Advantages/Disadvantages

Like most RPG games, Eroica also has an Element System set in place that influences the amount of damage in-game units will deal or take:

Element Strong Against Weak Against
Fire Earth Water
Water Fire Earth
Earth Water Fire
Light Dark Dark
Dark Light Light

TIP: Generally, as a beginner, you’d want to invest in units with different elements first.

Save making a mono-element team for when you’ve got the resources and equipment to make it work, just so you’ll struggle less when fighting mono-element enemy teams in Adventure.


Powering Up Units

Ascension 3★ > 4★ (Melavi) / Eroica”><figcaption class=Ascension 3★ > 4★ (Melavi)

Here are the five most effective ways of powering up your units, which will allow you to clear harder stages and explore increasingly dangerous zones on the map.


Method #1: Optimizing Equipment & Pre-Cores

Equipment Page (Melavi) / Eroica
Equipment Page (Melavi)

Required Materials: T1-T5 Equipment, Pre-Cores, Enhancement Stones, & Gold

The best way to strengthen your unit is to equip them with the best possible Equipment and Pre-Core.

Each Equipment piece is divided into Tiers, Rarity, and Star-level. The higher they are, the better the stat boosts you can get from them.

But more importantly, you need to consider an Equipment’s Set Effects so you can properly gear your units:

Equipment Set Set Effects Per Piece
Attack Set
  • 2 Pieces (+8% ATK)
  • 4 Pieces (+20% ATK)
  • 6 Pieces (+28% ATK)
Life Set
  • 2 Pieces (+10% HP)
  • 4 Pieces (+20% HP)
  • 6 Pieces (+30% HP)
Guardian Set
  • 2 Pieces (+20% DEF)
  • 4 Pieces (+40% DEF)
  • 6 Pieces (+60% DEF)
Swift Set
  • 2 Pieces (+6% ATK SPD)
  • 4 Pieces (+14% ATK SPD)
  • 6 Pieces (+20% ATK SPD)
Boost Set
  • 2 Pieces (+15% CRIT DMG)
  • 4 Pieces (+40% CRIT DMG)
  • 6 Pieces (+55% CRIT DMG)
Element Set
  • 2 Pieces (+15% Element ATK)
  • 4 Pieces (+40% Element ATK)
  • 6 Pieces (+55% Element ATK)
Focus Set
  • 2 Pieces (+10% Debuff Hit)
  • 4 Pieces (+25% Debuff Hit)
  • 6 Pieces (+40% Debuff Hit)
Resist Set
  • 2 Pieces (+10% Debuff Dodge)
  • 4 Pieces (+25% Debuff Dodge)
  • 6 Pieces (+40% Debuff Dodge)

TIP: Depending on the unit, you can either use a full 6-piece Equipment Set or a partial 4/2-piece Equipment Set.

I do not recommend going for a 2/2/2-piece Equipment Set, since the effectiveness of each Set Effect will be way too low at that split.

Also, try to invest only in SSR or SR Pre-Cores and Epic Rarity gear to maximize the stat boosts you get from them.


Method #2: Ascending Units

Ascend Page (Melavi) / Eroica
Ascend Page (Melavi)

Required Materials: Hero Shards & Gold

Ascending Units increases their star level and maximum level cap — along with all of their stats.

It also unlocks Ascension Passives slots which adds yet another set of stat boosts to your character, along with improvements for their Basic Attacks and Skills.

Here’s the amount of Ascension Passive Slots your units unlock per star level:

Star Level Of Unit Ascension Passive Slots Unlocked
1★ 1 Slot
2★ 3 Slots
3★ 5 Slots
4★ 7 Slots
5★ 9 Slots

Method #3: Leveling Up Units

Level Up Page (Melavi) / Eroica
Level Up Page (Melavi)

Required Materials: EXP Potions & Gold

Leveling up your units is by far the most straightforward way you can power them up.

To do this, you only need to either give your units EXP Potions or take them to battles often — preferably harder ones for more EXP drops.


Method #4: Leveling Up Skills

Skill Level Up Page (Melavi) / Eroica
Skill Level Up Page (Melavi)

Required Materials: Skill Books, Miracle Skill Books, & Gold

Leveling your unit’s skills doesn’t necessarily increase their Power — or any individual stat for that matter.

What it does is directly increase the effectiveness of their skills by either decreasing their cooldown or increasing their damage, healing, or debuff hit.

TIP: Skill Books are one of the hardest resources to farm in the game, so make sure not to waste them!

Preferably, you’d want to unlock skill upgrades such as cooldown reductions, debuff hit increases, or additional buff/debuff effects. Damage multipliers are optional.


Method #5: Engraving Runes

Engrave Rune Page (Melavi) / Eroica
Engrave Rune Page (Melavi)

Required Materials: Runes, Greater Runes, Awakening Runes, & Gold

Another effective way to increase your unit’s Power is by engraving Runes on them.

Doing this allows you to increase their stats significantly, which is why I recommend that you try to clear as many Ancient Ruins stages as you can on your very first day of playing.


Eroica General Tips

Marrion (In-game Cutscene) / Eroica
Marrion (In-game Cutscene)

Here are ten of the most useful tips that every beginner should know before they start playing Eroica.


Tip #1: Clear Chapter 1 ASAP

Chapter Clear (Chapter 1) / Eroica
Chapter Clear (Chapter 1)

If you want to unlock all of the important game modes that you need to farm to get ahead as a beginner, you need to get to Chapter 2 as fast as you can.

I recommend you do this right on the very first day you play the game — just so you can clear Challenge Stages (most notably Royal Training Grounds & Ancient Ruins) before they reset.


Tip #2: Avoid Using Auto Move

Stage 1-24 Map / Eroica
Stage 1-24 Map

While using Auto Move is convenient, it can also keep you from finding hidden items or chests because the AI just moves too fast.

Exploration is a huge part of this game if you want to maximize the rewards you get from each stage, which you can’t do that well while using Auto Move.

Unless you’re Auto Repeating a stage for farming, I suggest that you turn off Auto Move and explore the map yourself. Who knows what you’ll find?


Tip #3: Always Do Your Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks (Completed) / Eroica
Daily Tasks (Completed)

Compared to other gacha games, farming the premium currency (Pellets) through daily tasks in Eroica is far easier.

This is because you only need to clear 5 Daily Tasks per day out of 10 Daily Tasks if you want to get 10 Pellets.

Although, I still recommend that you finish all 10 Daily Tasks because of all the other materials you can potentially get. You can easily do this within 30 minutes of playing the game each day.


Tip #4: Add Friends For Extra Help

Find Friends Page / Eroica
Find Friends Page

Eroica doesn’t have a friend currency system yet unlike most other gachas. But I highly advise that you add as many active players as you can to your Friend List regardless.

You can do this by simply going over to the “Find Friend” page and sending requests to players listed there.

You can only send up to 10 Friend Requests per day, so make them count!


Tip #5: Always 3★ Every Stage

Objective Rewards (Chapter 0) / Eroica
Objective Rewards (Chapter 0)

While achieving 3★ for every stage might be a bit hard for beginners, I still highly recommend doing it as often as you can.

This is because you get fantastic returns through the Objective Rewards system, which gives you loads of Summon Tickets and Pellets depending on the total amount of stars you got for each chapter.


Tip #6: Visit and Upgrade Your Carriage Facilities Often

Carriage Facilities / Eroica
Carriage Facilities

Your Carriage Facilities allow you to farm:

  • Hero Shards (Hero Quest)
  • Train Coins (Cafeteria)
  • Equipment (Craft)

The main reason why you should visit and upgrade them often is to maximize the Train Coins you farm, which allows you to buy more items from the Train Coin Exchange Shop.

Exchange Shop (Train Coins) / Eroica
Exchange Shop (Train Coins)

The items that I recommend you to buy first from this shop are the ones you can only purchase once per week:

  • Present Tickets x10 (1st Priority)
  • Miracle Skill Book (2nd Priority)
  • Awakening Rune (3rd Priority)

Tip #7: Upgrade Your Adventuring Porrun For Passive Bonuses

Adventuring Porrun / Eroica
Adventuring Porrun

At the start of the game, you’ll be given 5 Porrun Growth Kits, which I suggest you immediately use to upgrade your Adventuring Porrun.

Doing this is very important if you want to make your Adventure runs in the early game much easier.

Currently, there is no other reliable way to earn Porrun Growth Kits other than buying new Porruns from the Legacy Shop, which I don’t recommend doing if you’re F2P.


Tip #8: Watch Out For Time-limited Events

Hero Growth Campaign Events / Eroica
Hero Growth Campaign Events

Like all gacha games, Eroica frequently conducts time-limited Events that allow players to farm a variety of in-game materials and resources.

If you want to stay on top of every Event, feel free to check out any of their socials in your Mailbox — as highlighted in the image below:

Mailbox (Socials) / Eroica
Mailbox (Socials)

The one I recommend you check out right away is their Discord Server, since the admins make announcements more frequently.


Tip #9: Hunt Down Lost Cores

Chapter 1 - Stage L2 (Lost Island B) / Eroica
Chapter 1 – Stage L2 (Lost Island B)

Farming Lost Cores from Lost Land stages in each Adventure chapter allows you to unlock higher-level regions in your Guild Requests.

This means you can farm more Gold and EXP Potions per day.

This is an absolute win — especially for beginners.


Tip #10: When In Doubt, Refer To Your Stamp Tour Missions

Stamp Tour Missions / Eroica
Stamp Tour Missions

Your Stamp Tour Missions give away a lot of useful rewards — most notably Hero Shards of the following units:

  • Florence
  • Chloe
  • Retinya
  • Muto

That’s not all they’re good for though, since you can also use Stamp Missions as a pretty solid guideline for tasks if you’re a beginner.

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know what to do, simply check out the next mission you have in your Stamp Missions and go from there!


Eroica Do’s & Don’ts

Dargon (In-game Cutscene) / Eroica
Dargon (In-game Cutscene)

If you want to have a seamless early game, here’s a brief list of the things you absolutely should and shouldn’t do as a beginner in Eroica.


  • Do your Daily Tasks every day
  • Do clear Chapter 1 ASAP
  • Do visit and upgrade your Carriage often
  • Do clear all Challenge game modes every day
  • Do try to win at least five times per day in the Arena
  • Do save up your Train Coins for Weekly items
  • Do save up your Pellets for pity (200 pulls) in limited banners
  • Do add active players as friends
  • Do choose a Recruitment unit in your Lobby ASAP
  • Do make a balanced, multi-element team in the early game


  • Don’t use Auto Move for first-time clears
  • Don’t use Pellets to pull on the Equipment Summons
  • Don’t miss any limited-time Events
  • Don’t invest too heavily on T1 and T2 gear
  • Don’t forget to assign Ascension Passives for each unit
  • Don’t miss any Gold Chests or Equipment while exploring maps
  • Don’t waste your Passports on units you don’t plan on using long-term
  • Don’t waste your Skill Books on Skill upgrades your units don’t need
  • Don’t waste your daily entry tickets
  • Don’t forget to 3★ every stage in Adventure
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