How To Form Sardinia-Piedmont in EU4

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Sardinia-Piedmont can be formed by:

  • Savoy
  • Sardinia (can be released by Aragon)
  • Any nation with Piedmontese or Sardinian as its primary culture

Savoy is the best choice for this.

You’ll have two decisions for forming Sardinia-Piedmont:

  1. The regular one where you conquer the target provinces
  2. The diplomatic one which requires forming a personal union (PU) between Savoy and Sardinia

Forming a PU requires a lot of effort, luck, and patience. It takes a long time to prepare. Even then, its result is heavily reliant on RNG.

The regular decision is easier and can be done within a couple of decades. This guide will focus on this method.


Decision Details

Decision Requirements
Form Sardinia-Piedmont
  • Must be a monarchy
  • Has at least Admin Tech 10
  • Owns these core provinces:
    • Torino
    • Cagliari (a.k.a. Càller)
  • Owns at least 3 core provinces in the Western Mediterranean Islands area
  • Owns at least 6 core provinces in any of these areas:
    • Piedmont
    • Savoy
    • Liguria
Immediate Effects of Forming Sardinia-Piedmont / EU4
Immediate Effects of Forming Sardinia-Piedmont


As Savoy, you already have most of the requirements.

You have 5 of the 6 required cores in Northern Italy. You can get the 6th by either annexing Montferrat (your vassal) or conquering Saluzzo.

You’ll still want to do both to complete one of your initial missions.

The real challenge lies with the provinces in the Western Mediterranean Islands.

There are 4 provinces in that area. Genoa owns 1; Aragon controls the other 3, including Càller. You can get permanent claims on them from your “Conquer Genoa” mission.

Your Mission Tree Can Help You Form Sardinia-Piedmont / EU4
Your Mission Tree Can Help You Form Sardinia-Piedmont

To defeat Aragon, you’ll need help. You’ll want to ally with France. They’re more powerful than Aragon, and they share a border with them.

Curry favors with France as you need 10 favors to get them to join your war.

If they have a claim on Aragon, you can bypass this by promising them land.

You’ll want to do this quickly as Aragon can fall under a PU with Castile. You’ll have to fight them too if that happens.

Once you have control over the required provinces, you only need to wait for Admin Tech 10 in around 1531.

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