15 Best Fairy Characters In Anime

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Fairies: mystical creatures of old mythological folk tales that, depending on the culture, should either be loved or feared.

They can be harbingers of misfortune, but can also symbolize harmony and good luck.

In anime we have a rather different level of familiarity to fairies. Yes, we still strongly identify them with their tiny size and pair of beautiful butterfly wings and all that.

But the definition has been greatly stretched, in accordance to the actual spiritual origins of their concept. So you may find some of them rather “un-fairlylike”, even if they’re literally straight up described as fairies.

How different?

Well, we have this list to demonstrate. Along with these rules that I’ve set out for my ranking:

  • One character, or (identifiable as a singular) set of characters per series
  • The word “fairy” doesn’t have to be used, so long as the definition technically stands
  • The list is not just pure-blooded fairies only

Now let’s have some fairy fun!


15. Puck

Puck fairy anime character

Anime: Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

With his technical nature that resembles a folkloric sprite, Puck gets an entry for this list.

Instantly cute and adorable at a first glance, Puck’s general laid-back attitude becomes an additional factor that inevitably attracts many viewers of the series.

In fact, we could surmise that a good chunk of them may have already desired to have his plushie from their collective subconscious.

He doesn’t always appear cute, though.

Especially during circumstances that require significantly more serious concern.


14. Hakone

Hakone from Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan

Anime: Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan

Here’s another entry from this list that is more by technical definition, than visual stereotypes.

The self-proclaimed Master of the Hakone Hot Springs, she’s but one of the fragments of the so-called Seven Spirits of Hakone.

She assumes the appearance of a child, however this is actually due to her being asleep for a very, very long time.

When she does turn back to her complete form, her activities often involve the promotion and advertisement… of the Hakone Hot Springs of course.


13. Tiana Silvario XVI

Tiana Silvario XVI from Isekai Shokudō

Anime: Isekai Shokudō

The cautious nature of the queen of the fairies in this series is something that seems to be inherent to all members of her realm.

Only a few of her non-combat abilities were ever really shown in her episode.

But her appreciation for the delectably sweet discovery she made also provided a good idea of her attributes… when she’s not acting too cautious, of course.

I mean, she is most likely the type of guest that openly accepts any offer from a respected host, in the most gracious yet still regally elegant manner. Certainly fairy-like I’d say.


12. The Fairies (Humanity Has Declined)

The Fairies characters from Humanity Has Declined

Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined)

So these are beings with unknown powers and abilities that can cause probably just about any deus ex machina thing you can imagine.

They don’t have any particular identities, and as such are grouped into just one single classification.

It’s very strongly hinted that their powers are actually the result of some highly advanced technology, but are way too unexplainable for us mere mortals to understand.

Actually too complex for us humans in general, not just for the nameless protagonist.


11. Yui, Fairy form

Yui, Fairy form - SAO Anime Screenshot

Anime: Sword Art Online

This is yet another entry that… oh wait, this has absolutely nothing to do with the mythology actually.

Stereotypically though, Yui’s external design as well as the majority of her functions during the entire ALO arc serve to fit the definition of what assistant sprites are in modern video games.

Rayman Nymphs anyone?

Or how about the more iconic Navi from Zelda?

She probably isn’t as capricious as Tinker Bell though, and she definitely was more useful than what others would suggest.


10. Mipple and Mepple

Mipple and Mepple - Futari wa Pretty Cure Anime

Anime: Futari wa Precure (Futari wa Pretty Cure)

These two fairies are essentially inseparable couples, so they’ll be listed together of course.

They don’t exactly have polar personalities, but they are quite different from each other.

With Mipple being the reserved one, and Mepple generally being the more boisterous character, it seems like they go pretty well together.

More than just being the primary medium of their partners’ harmonized power, they’re very good friends too.

They would eventually sync well enough to understand Honoka and Nagisa’s thoughts and feelings later on in the series.


9. Lip

Lip from Rilu Rilu Fairylu Anime

Anime: Rilu Rilu Fairylu

Sumire actually comes in very close for this list, but alas, our heroine still won her place to represent her series.

Lip’s design, her attitude, her affinity, all screams that it’s awesome being a fairy.

She may be soft-hearted, but it’s not a weakness.

In fact, it’s actually the core of her strength. It gives her the resolve to help people unconditionally, to perform as an idol in her human form, and even gain the aptitude to use high-level Fairylu magic when needed.


8. Lilith

Lilith from Rosario + Vampire Anime

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

A spiritual entity akin to Puck’s existence, Lilith is a lot easier to identify as a fairy due to her stereotypical appearance.

But instead of being a benevolent entity, she falls under the category of highly malevolent sprite.

She has a very antagonistic nature, and often likes to extend her negative aura by forcing monsters out of their peaceful human shells.

In the anime, unfortunately, she stays this way.

And would never have the chance to redeem herself as she was eventually able to in the original material (no spoilers though!)


7. Mirmo

Mirmo from Mirmo de Pon! anime

Anime: Mirmo de Pon!

This eponymous, maracas-wielding brat fairy is probably the best poster child for the random, capricious nature of his odd group of spiritual entities.

First off, he definitely isn’t a slouch, ability-wise.

It’s how oddly he uses his skills that causes some doubts about his… behavior.

I mean come on, this dude usually just goes couch potato mode for a good portion of his entire appearance. And he’s the main protagonist for the fairy group!


6. Mary Bell

Mary Bell anime fairy

Anime: Hana no Mahoutsukai Mary Bell (Floral Magician Mary Bell)

Mary Bell is officially designated as a magician.

But her identity is more closely associated to a fairy. This is even more pronounced when you point out the speciality of her abilities.

Magic that’s sprinkled to provide an instant positive effect.

Oh , and magic related to flowers too.

We’d certainly like to mention her age as a characterizing factor. But you have to remember that the rest of the other fairies in this list do not seem to mind the passage of time at all. So maybe it’s the same here, yeah?


5. Titania

Titania anime fairy character

Anime: Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

The British Isles has a different view of fairies and sprites in general, which is mostly represented in Mahoutsukai no Yome due to its setting.

They’re referred at as the Fae, and their queen is none other than Titania. Yes, that Titania.

Well not exactly, but she is highly inspired from the original.

If you ever need to locate someone within the British Isles, she’s the top entity to consult. Just remember not to force her hand too much.


4. Sugar

Sugar - Little Snow Fairy Sugar Anime Fairy

Anime: Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar (A Little Snow Fairy Sugar)

Probably the most innocent fairy on this list, her actions and general attitude suggests the mentality of a very young child.

This is not her complete mind profile, however. As she can also show a mature level of empathy when necessary.

Her abilities are well within the level of novice, as she’s a fairy-in-training. Still a fairy though!

Somewhat careless, but not absolutely useless. It’s a weird middle ground for her character and aptitude, actually, despite only wanting to always perform at her very best.


3. Nico

Nico Character - The Earl and the Fairy Anime

Anime: Hakushaku to Yousei (The Earl and the Fairy)

Continuing with the strange trend of other types of mammalian creatures being designated as fairies, we head on over to Nico the cowardly gentleman cat.

There’s just something naturally hilarious about a cat that strongly insists on walking upright on two legs. You know, like a human being. Not a damn cat.

But that’s just the beginning.

If Shami can deliver thought-provoking philosophical arguments, then Nico can go on a tirade just to get his “middle-aged man essentials” that he endlessly nags Lydia for.


2. Moffle

Moffle Character - Amagi Brilliant Park Anime

Anime: Amagi Brilliant Park

Yes, he is a fairy.

The rest of the other mascot characters in this series are also fairies. Please don’t ask us, no clue what to say. Go straight to the author of the light novel if you have any doubts here.

This strangely very familiar character is a diligent worker of the amusement park, and will do everything in his power to improve the sorry state of its business.

But… that doesn’t mean he’s just about to let their new manager get along well with his niece.


1. King

King - Seven Deadly Sins Anime Screenshot

Anime: Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The one and only grand representative of Sloth in the series, King is perhaps one of the most popular fairies in anime.

But not because he stereotypically looks like one.

Far from it, since you might not even notice if you don’t know who he really is.

His designation as a fairy doesn’t just end with his race, but he is at the very top. He represents his clan as its greatest leader and protector.

Needless to say, his combat abilities are next to peerless.

Well, assuming we don’t compare him to his comrades and fiancée of course.

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