Best Fallout: New Vegas Clothing Mods (Ranked)

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Wearing cool armor is badass. But isn’t it even cooler to wear regular clothing in a post-apocalyptic world?

I mean, being armored makes things easy. But having people clothes makes you look even more intimidating…. I’m doing my best to avoid any of the mods that add “lighter” clothing to the game, if you know what I mean. To keep my list as SFW as possible.

If you’re interested in the appearance of your characters as me, then the best New Vegas clothing mods are exactly what you need.

Just be sure to install them properly and you’re all set to discover a whole new world of fantastic new looks for you and your character.

Roam the wasteland with style, my friend. These are troubling times, after all, but a sense of fashion is not something to be lost.

10. Neck Seam Concealer

Neck Seam Concealer mod

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One of the worst graphical issues with New Vegas is that weird seam between the neck and the body of your character.

It doesn’t always appear but it makes it look as if the head isn’t really part of the body (which might be the case on a programming level, but it looks awful in terms of realism).

This mod adds a few collars and dog tags that you can put in your characters to make the seams “disappear”, as they will disguise them from showing.

A simple, effective, and rewarding mod.


9. Wasteland Hoods

Wasteland Hoods for New Vegas

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For a post-apocalyptical world, there is a surprising lack of hoodies and masks in the game.

I mean, you often correlate the end of the world with some shady dudes wearing masks or covering their faces, right?

I do. And that’s why Wasteland Hoods seems like such an appropriate mod for Fallout: New Vegas.

It adds four new clothing items to the game: a couple of masks and two hoods.

It’s time to get dressed for the end of the world(or whatever’s going on here).


8. Tactical Clothing

Tactical Clothing mod

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Once you’ve gotten your hands on the Type3 bodies that I mentioned earlier in this list, you should take a look at this set of women tactical clothes.

They look really cool as they seem to fit the apocalyptical theme of the game by providing a set of “regular” clothes that come equipped with things that a survivor would use.

You can find the clothing in Doc Mitchell’s House once you’ve installed the mod.

The clothing has some nice cleavage, so those of you who like that will enjoy this mod quite a bit. I’m sure of it.


7. Clint Eastwood – Man with No Name

Clint Eastwood mod for New Vegas

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Install this and visit the Abandoned Shack next to the Yangtze Memorial to get your hands on the set of clothes worn by The Man with No Name himself.

You would never picture Clint Eastwood in the world of Fallout unless you came across this mod before, but it’s crazy how good the clothing seems to fit.

You would basically walk around dressed like a cowboy gunslinger in the times where it would feel perfectly normal to do so.

This mod comes with the weapon as well, so you’ll be able to truly replicate Clint’s famous look.


6. Gunslinger Outfit

Gunslinger Outfit mod

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Alright, maybe you want to look like a gunslinger from the Wild West.

But you don’t want to look exactly like Clint Eastwood.

I’ve got your back as this Gunslinger Outfit mod adds a set of clothing to the game which can be worn by all types of characters.

Keep that western style flowing and let’s have some fun.


5. Military Backpack

Military Backpack NewVegas mod

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Looking to carry a backpack with you?

Why not use a military backpack like the ones that were being used in the army before the war started?

The Military Backpack mod is an updated version of mod #2 on this list (scroll a bit to find it).

I really like the look of this update, though, and considering that it was made by another modder it deserves its own spot here.


4. Wasters Scarfs

Wasters Scarfs mod

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Masks and hoods look pretty cool on your character.

But you know what looks even better? Scarfs!

Travel the wasteland with some soft materials to cover your neck and protect it from the insufferable sun of the desert.

This will make you look pretty cool as well, so that’s a fantastic bonus here.


3. Dead Money Type 3 Outfits

Dead Money Type 3 mod

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All of the outfits that come with the Dead Money DLC will be converted into Type 3 compatible clothes.

Which means those of you who are running this mod will be able to use all types of clothing without it clipping through your female characters.

This is more of a graphic change than anything else, but it serves the fantastic purpose of allowing all characters to run one of the best body-changing mods in New Vegas.


2. Black Wolf Backpacks New Vegas

Black Wolf Backpacks New Vegas

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These are the backpacks I was writing about before.

The Black Wolf Backpacks are the best ones you can get in the game. Hands down.

They look stunning, both in terms of their design and in terms of their textures.

They’re really easy to install and they serve as one of the best aesthetic additions that you can make to your character.


1. Type3M Clothing

Type3M Clothing New Vegas mod

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Now this mod converts all of the vanilla clothes into Type 3 clothes, making them fully compatible with the popular body mod.

If you want to use that mod in the game, then this one is a must. It basically converts all of the vanilla clothes and makes them compatible with the new bodies that the mod adds to the game.

This only works in female characters, of course, as that’s the main purpose of the Type 3 mod.

But still easily one of the biggest changes you can make clothing-wise for all your adventures in New Vegas.

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