How To Get More Water in Fallout Shelter

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There are two ways to get more water in Fallout Shelter.

The primary way is with rooms, but you can also get water through lunchboxes.

And these are the only two ways to get more water in the game – so let’s look into how these work and what you need to do.


More Water With Rooms

The Water Treatment Room / Fallout Shelter

There are three rooms that provide water to the vault:

  • Water Treatment Room
  • Water Purification Room
  • Nuka-Cola Bottler Room

The Water Treatment room is what you start the game off with. It’s the first room you’ll build that’ll give you water.

The Water Purification room is unlocked once your vault has 80 dwellers. This is the second water room you’d be able to build.

And while the Water Purification room may be more expensive, it will also be able to provide a considerably larger amount of water.

The Nuka-Cola Bottler is unlocked once your vault has 100 dwellers. This is the last room you’d be able to build overall.

The Nuka-Cola Bottler not only gives your vault water, but also gives your vault food. More specifically, it gives you the same amount of food and water the Garden and Water Purification rooms do.

That means the Nuka-Cola Bottler is essentially these two rooms combined.

It also offers double the storage.

So once you have the Nuka-Cola Bottler unlocked, it’ll be the best room to build to maximize the resources you gain.


More Water With Lunchboxes

A Water Card from the Starter Pack (Lunchboxes) / Fallout Shelter

Another way you can get water is through lunchboxes.

These can either be earned or bought.

Completing quests from the overseer’s office is your best bet to earn lunchboxes without spending money. It’ll show in the “Rewards” section of the quest breakdown if there’s a lunchbox to earn during the quest.

But you can also earn lunchboxes from completing objectives within your vault.

These will typically be objectives that take a while to complete, though.

So as a whole, the quickest and most efficient way to get more water is by building rooms and staffing them with dwellers.

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