How To Raise Happiness in Fallout Shelter

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The easiest way to raise happiness among your dwellers is assigning your dweller to the correct room; this can be tricky (and we’ll cove more on that below!)

And your level of resources can also affect happiness. So it’s worth building rooms that can directly increase certain resources you might be lacking.

But all of that is a lot easier said than done. So let’s get into more details & even check out a few other ways to increase happiness!


Easiest Method: Assigning Dwellers

A vault born dweller being assigned to the Power Genarator room / Fallout Shelter

When you first get a dweller at your vault door, you should tap or click on them in order to see their stats. These stats will show what room is best for them.

You can also do this once a born dweller has aged up to an adult.

In the chart below you’ll note that there’s no room for dwellers which have a high luck stat.

This is because when they’re assigned to a room, they provide a chance at caps when harvesting the resources from it. Go for their second highest stat if you have a dweller with a high luck stat.

Highest Special Stat What Room(s) Should They Go In?
Strength Power Generator, Nuclear Reactor
Perception Water Treatment, Water Purification
Endurance Nuka-Cola Bottler
Charisma Living Quarters, Radio Studio
Intelligence Medbay, Science Lab
Agility Diner, Garden

If You’re Low On Resources: Build Rooms!

Full resource bars / Fallout Shelter

The level of your resources affects your dweller’s happiness.

Not having enough resources can negatively affect their happiness. Having enough will positively affect their happiness.

If you find that you don’t have enough resources, try building rooms correlating to the resources you need.

And if you’re unsure how to tell if you need resources, there’s a line in your resource bar. If this line is visible and not covered by the solid green bar, then you need to build more rooms.

Resource Needed What Room(s) to Build
Electricity Power Generator, Nuclear Reactor
Food Diner, Garden, Nuka-Cola Bottler
Water Water Treatment, Water Purification, Nuka-Cola Bottler

If They’re Sick: RadAway and Stimpaks

A dweller at medium happiness with low health and radiation poisoning / Fallout Shelter

If you see that any of your unhappy dwellers are sick, giving them some medicine may prove beneficial to their happiness.

If your dwellers have any bit of red in their health bar, give them some RadAway.

If your dwellers have any missing health, give them a stimpak to regain it.


If None of These Work: Rooms!

A dweller training in the Fitness Room / Fallout Shelter

At this point you’re probably tired of hearing rooms make them happy, but it’s true!

Rooms help boost your dweller’s happiness tremendously.

The first room you should try is the Radio Studio.

Assigning high Charisma dwellers to the radio studio will not only attract more dwellers, but it will help increase the overall happiness of every dweller in your vault!

If you try the radio studio and that doesn’t seem to work, put a female and male dweller into the Living Quarters together. You can have up to 6 dwellers in a full 3-room living quarter, so this can be done with multiple pairs of dwellers.

This will not only create a vault born dweller, but it will also raise the happiness of the dwellers there!

If you try both of these and neither work, it may just be that they’re bored.

To increase happiness when your dwellers are bored, put them into a training facility. I personally recommend starting with their highest stat, and training that, as that will help their happiness once they’re assigned back to their room.

SPECIAL Stat Training Room
Strength Weight Room
Perception Armory
Endurance Fitness Room
Charisma Lounge
Intelligence Classroom
Agility Athletics Room
Luck Game Room
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