What Does a Red Health Bar Mean in Fallout Shelter?

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In Fallout Shelter, having red in your health bar means that your dweller is irradiated.

When a dweller is irradiated, it affects their happiness. The way to cure this is with RadAway – which you can craft yourself if you’re able to build a Science Lab.

But let’s look more into radiation damage and see how you could handle it.


Curing Radiation

Curing a dweller’s radiation will help raise said dweller’s happiness. This will help raise your vault’s overall happiness level as well.

In order to cure a dweller’s irradiation, you need RadAway.

If you don’t already have RadAway, you can build a Science Lab to have dwellers craft some.

After building a Science Lab you should staff it with high intelligence dwellers. This is so you can get RadAway quicker.

Once you have RadAway, you just need to select your irradiated dweller and then tap the RadAway button – and that should cure them of their radiation!


How Did My Dweller Get Irradiated?

An irradiated dweller after a ghoul attack / Fallout Shelter

If you recently had a ghoul attack, or if you fought ghouls on a recent quest, this is the most likely way your dweller got irradiated.

But glowing enemies such as glowing radroaches can also irradiate your dwellers.

Due to this, it is important to always have RadAway on hand.

And make sure to always send RadAway on quests with your dwellers too. That way you can take care of radiation as soon as it happens.

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