Why Upgrade The Vault Door in Fallout Shelter?

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In Fallout Shelter, the vault door is the first defense against wasteland attacks.

It’s what helps protect your dwellers from raiders, dealthclaws, and ghouls. So it’s worth upgrading to keep enemies out for longer, which buys you more time to strategize.


Upgrading The Door

Upgrading the vault door does cost caps, like upgrading everything else.

The first upgrade is fairly inexpensive at 500 caps.

The second upgrade, however, costs 2000 caps – which can be a little hefty, especially if you’re just starting your vault.

After this second upgrade though, your vault door is fully upgraded and at its strongest.

It’s worth mentioning that upgrade the vault door doesn’t prevent attacks.

That said, there’s a nice perk to upgrading – it’ll take longer for enemies to break through the door.


Why Upgrade The Vault Door?

How long it takes for an enemy to get inside your vault ultimately depends on how strong they are.

Stronger enemies, like deathclaws, will take less time to get inside. Weaker enemies, like ghouls, will need more time before they’ll get inside.

Upgrading your vault door will increase the time it takes for all enemies to get inside your vault.

This increased time will give you a chance to staff your vault door with two dwellers to be your first line of defense during the attack.

And this means upgrading your vault door is one of the best things you can do to help manage attacks better.

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