10 Best Waifus From The Fallout Franchise, Ranked

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Finding love would be the least of your troubles in the irradiated Wasteland of the Fallout series.

Still, looking back at history, you’ll find that no amount of suffering or hardship ever stopped people from falling in love.

What keeps you alive in the Wasteland is finding meaning to your struggle. And having a loving waifu to dedicate your life to can make the difference between failing to thrive and making the Wasteland bow before you.

After a half-dozen main games and several spin-offs, there’s a fair number of attractive ladies in Fallout.

From spies to artificial intelligence, let’s meet the loveliest waifus in the Fallout franchise.


10. Laura (Fallout)

Laura (Fallout) game screenshot

First up, we’re looking back at the franchise’s ancient times – back when people were badly-animated faces with questionable voice acting and Bethesda wasn’t even in the picture.

At first, Laura presents herself as a member of the Children of the Cathedral – a religious organization with ties to the Master (the main antagonist of the first Fallout game).

While definitely charming as a bright and pious cultist, Laura becomes true waifu material once you learn that she’s actually a spy working for the Followers of the Apocalypse.

She’s not only one of the best-looking women in the Wasteland, but also intelligent and resourceful enough to be a spy.

Talk about someone you’d want to put a ring on!


9. Sarah Weintraub (Fallout: New Vegas)

Sarah Weintraub (Fallout: New Vegas) gameplay

There are two ways to survive in the Wasteland.

You’re either good with guns, or you’re good at talking.

Sarah is the latter.

This resourceful vault-dwelling lady runs a gift shop and a hotel from the comfort of Vault 21. That’s partially due to her agoraphobia and because it works, especially with someone like the Courier fetching merchandise for her gift shop.

Fortunately, you can actually romance Sarah in-game once you’ve given her enough vault suits for the shop.

After that, she’s always up for Holotapes & Chill.


8. Tandi (Fallout)

Tandi (Fallout) game screenshot

Tandi is one of the most essential characters in the history of the New California Republic.

In the first game, she’s a youthful and attractive member of the Shady Sands community that would later grow into the NCR.

Her adventurous personality and bright demeanor, along with her looks, already made her wife material at the time – but she only got better with time.

She would return in Fallout 2, becoming the NCR’s president and serving for 52 years.

Her commitment to the community and rebuilding civilization make her an inspiring figure anyone would fall in love with.


7. Sunny Smiles (Fallout: New Vegas)

Sunny Smiles (Fallout: New Vegas) gameplay

If you had to live in Fallout’s irradiated Wasteland, what would you do for a living?

I imagine myself leading a self-sufficient existence as a hunter-gatherer or a wanderer surviving out in the wilds.

If you’re like me, you’ll find a lot to love in Sunny Smiles, a survivalist living in Goodsprings in 2281.

Her experience hunting geckos and gunning down coyotes would be invaluable out in the wilds, and her loyal dog Cheyenne would surely come in handy.

Plus, she looks stunning in her leather trousers.


6. Piper Wright (Fallout 4)

Piper Wright (Fallout 4) game screenshot

If you can’t get enough of the urban hustle, you’d be better off courting Piper Wright.

Piper is a significant part of Diamond City’s community.

She keeps her fellow citizens informed about recent events through her own newspaper, Publick Occurrences, and she’s willing to put it all on the line for a story.

Many of you would put this spunky journalist way farther up in the ranking, but something about her truth-seeking fervor is simply not conducive to a happy married life.

You’d never be half as important to Piper as getting to the bottom of a conspiracy.


5. Odessa Valdez (Fallout 76)

Odessa Valdez (Fallout 76) gameplay

Fallout 76 is a controversial game.

Some love it, some hate it. And for some of us, it’s complicated.

Still, there’s one thing we can all agree on:

Odessa Valdez is the cutest scribe the Brotherhood of Steel has ever seen.

Watching her tinker away in Fort Atlas was refreshing. And it gave me something to look forward to whenever I made my way to the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel.

She’s one of the few sensible and rational people in the post-nuclear world, making her prime waifu material.


4. Cait (Fallout 4)

Cait (Fallout 4) game screenshot

A post-nuclear Wasteland is an intimidating place even for seasoned survivors.

If you’re not exactly a fighter, you’ll need to find someone like Cait to give you a hand.

Cait is the hottest cage fighter in 2287’s Boston – not only because of her looks, but also because of her hand-to-hand combat skill.

Having survived an abusive household, slavery, and extensive Psycho use, Cait has developed the charming personality of a bad-ass. She’s flirtatious, even with other NPCs, and she’ll give you the closest thing to unconditional love you’ll find in the Wasteland.

The one drawback is her substance abuse, but that might even be a feature if you’re into Jet and Psycho yourself.

Alternatively, you can help her fight her base impulses through the Benign Intervention quest.


3. Curie (Fallout 4)

Curie (Fallout 4) gameplay

One of the most unique romantic interests you could have in Fallout 4 is the supercharged Miss Nanny robot Curie, found deep inside Vault 81.

Originally named CVRIE, or Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, this medical robot was modified to become a full-fledged researcher with a charming personality and an unquenchable desire to learn.

This drive would lead her to leave Vault 81 with the Sole Survivor and eventually ask for their help in getting a Synth body.

Once “perfected,” Curie becomes a beautiful short-haired French scientist with brutal melee skills. If that’s not waifu material, I don’t know what is.


2. Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Fallout: New Vegas)

Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Fallout: New Vegas) game screenshot

Easily the most charming gal in the entire Fallout franchise is Rose of Sharon Cassidy, a cowgirl bad-ass making a living in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.

Cass – also known as Whiskey Rose – is the owner of Cassidy Caravans, and a descendant of fellow bad-ass John Cassidy from Fallout 2’s Vault City.

She’s one of the best-looking women in the desert. But she also has a top-shelf personality, and a wealth of whiskey jokes to throw at you.

Her breath probably smells of whiskey, too.

I’m sure some people find that sexy, right? It can’t be too much worse than any other wasteland breath…


1. Nora (Fallout 4)

Nora (Fallout 4) gameplay

It might be her perfect jawline, her incredible ferocity, or that she’s literally your wife if you start Fallout 4 as a man – but I can’t think of a better Fallout waifu than Nora.

This fierce lady will track her son down to the depths of hell if that’s what it takes, toppling empires and unmasking atrocities far and wide across the Wasteland on her way to Shawn.

That’s the kind of woman you want taking care of your progeny and a companion you can genuinely rely on.

In addition, she can look however you want if you put your mind to it in the character creation section of the game.

Which means she’ll always be your ideal gal if you make an effort.

Intelligent, strong, and beautiful, Nora is the perfect pre-war wifey for a post-nuclear world.

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