20 Best Fallout 2 Mods To Customize A Classic Game

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Fallout 2 might be one of the oldest games that I’ve made a mod list for.

But there’s a reason why I’m doing it. To this day, the game still has a high level of popularity thanks to its absurdly loyal fanbase.

There are just so many mods for this game that you’ll struggle to find any single one that you like most. There are mods that literally change the entire game and only keep the engine, for crying out loud.

I’ve done what I could with this list to please all types of Fallout 2 players, and I hope you find a mod that suits your needs.

I’ve added a whole bunch of different mods that range from basic game updates such as adding different weapons to the database to staggering revolutionary mods that change everything that the base game comes with.

Explore new stories, enjoy new weapons, and revive your interest for this classic title.

20. The Tangut Prophecy

The Tangut Prophecy FO2 mod

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Alright I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t know the Fallout 2 Community was so into mods when I started noticing these fantastic creations.

The Tangut Prophecy caught me completely off guard, as it completely revamps the story of Fallout 2 and turns it into a different game.

I mean, it literally only keeps the base engine.

The game is now set in XII century China and you will have to explore a whole new story with many new characters and even more skills than ever before.

This is a massive revamp of the Fallout 2 you know – if you haven’t played any mods before, you’re in for one of the biggest treats of your gaming life.

And this list is just getting started!


19. Mutants Rising

Mutants Rising FO2 mod

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Ah, you live in a peaceful community in Nevada. That doesn’t sound too much like Fallout, right?

It’s not! You’re now living your days with the utmost level of peace.

Except the community is walled-in because there are zombies everywhere. But hey, that’s just a small detail that we could’ve easily left out.

Mutants Rising makes you take on the role of a mysterious individual who everyone in the community knows.

It’s a complete story revamp for Fallout 2 and by far one of the best story mods that I’ve come across.

These older games left a lot of room for creativity when it comes to stories, and I absolutely love these changes.


18. Survivor

Survivor FO2 mod

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New weapons, bug fixes, new dialogues, and gameplay changes.

Survivor is a Fallout 2 mod that keeps the essence and story of the original game, but provides you with many new small tweaks and additions that are sure to keep you entertained for days to come.

Totally worth checking out if you’re interested in this style of gameplay.


17. FOnline 3

FOnline 3 mod

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Alright, this on is insane. I’m sorry, there are no ways to describe this.

I know that games advanced a lot and modding a game like Fallout 2 is rather easy with today’s computers… but holy hell, it takes some damn dedication to create an entire new Fallout Online game out of an old Fallout title.

If you want to be amazed and play with others, give FOnline 3 a try.

It’s unfair to call this a mod. It’s basically an entire online game that is playable on the Fallout 2 engine.



16. Awakened

Awakened FO2 mod

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This mod has one of the most bizarre descriptions that I’ve ever read, and even though the mod is amazing, the description could use a ton of work.

It sets you up for an adventure in a post-apocalyptic world that has recently undergone a nuclear war.

You awake in the middle of nowhere, hoping to reach a different city once you leave the shelter.

The problem is that you don’t remember who you are, nor what you were doing before the war began and ended. Fun stuff.

This amazing mod takes you on a whole new adventure that is sure to shake the way you look at Fallout 2.


15. Fallout 2: Lands of Mordor

Fallout 2: Lands of Mordor mod

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Lands of Mordor is not a mod for those who like to play stealth.

In fact, it’s one of the most aggressive Fallout 2 overhauls that I came across.

You will be faced with countless dangers that will need to be taken care of by force. Try to play passively and you will fail.

There are just too many power-ups for your enemies, and you’ll need to find a way to get past them. Which is also half the fun.

Just a small side note: this has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. I got disappointed too, friends. It’s still a fantastic mod though!


14. Vintage Firearms

Vintage Firearms Fallout2 mod

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The creator of this mod made sure to replace a bunch of the basic weapons that come with the base game and added a whole lot of fantastic old weaponry to make the game world feel more like our world.

But naturally, moreso in a truly post-apocalyptic shape.

Prepare to face the beasts of the wasteland with the same guns that were used in WW1.


13. Shattered Destiny

Shattered Destiny mod

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This mod changes the story of Fallout 2, but it basically only changes the way the story is played.

I mean, the story itself is new. But everything is still in the world of Fallout.

You will be presented with new dangers and the game has a different approach – you won’t be doing any of that vault-dwelling that you do in the original game.

This time, you’re a regular guy. Deal with the apocalypse.


12. Fallout: Between Good and Evil

Fallout2 Between Good and Evil mod

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This mod is said to be under “heavy development” yet the last update came in 2010.

I feel like someone got bored of modding and left it behind, and it’s truly such a shame. But considering Fallout 2 is almost twenty years old, can we blame him?

Between Good and Evil is a fantastic revamp for Fallout that aims to stay true to the essence of the game whilst also giving you new cities, new parts of the map, new stories, and many new quests.

Even if it claims to be under development I’d still say this bad boy is playable.


11. Rusted SMG

Rusted SMG mod

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This is a super basic mod that I’ve decided to include on the list because it honestly looks really cool.

It’s just a rusted model of the original Fallout SMG, which makes it seem like the weapon has been worn out with time and use.

This is just the way some weapons are actually meant to look in Fallout, and the way this one captures the essence earns it the 11th spot on my list.

I also wanted some variety when it came to story overhauls, so this comes like a breath of fresh air!


10. FO2 Cheat Chest

FO2 Cheat Chest mod

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I have to admit that I found it funny to see this mod among the most downloaded Fallout 2 mods of all time.

People never really change, you darn cheaters!

FO2 Cheat Chest is a mod that basically adds a chest with a whole bunch of overpowered items, which you can pick up early in the game to completely break the game and complete anything with no troubles ahead.

A true cheat chest indeed.

But it earns a high spot on my list because it’s useful for a diversity of reasons (even though cheating is the main one) and especially great for younger players who just want to get into the game without much challenge.


9. Francis Dialogue Edit

Francis Dialogue Edit mod

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This mod basically makes the dialogue that Francis has with the player a bit more justified and a better fit to the story.

It’s a small addition and Fallout 2 veterans know what I’m talking about.

I know players received this mod with a lot of positive feedback, so I’m adding it to the list for veterans of the series.



SCAR Fallout2 mod

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SCAR, otherwise known as the Skilldex Color Aesthetic Redux, is a fantastic graphic mod that changes the monochromatic approach and art of your skilldex to replace it with a whole bunch of amazing new images that are all colored.

The mod doesn’t alter anything related to gameplay.

But it does change the art of the game to give it a reinvigorated look that you will love if you’ve played it for a few years.


7. MIB 88 Megamod

MIB 88 Megamod

Check Out This Mod

Alright, so this mod might as well be the first one on my list but I feel like it wouldn’t have been fair to do that given that it’s just a compilation of other mods.

The thing is, this mod gets you all of the best Fallout 2 mods in once pack, in order to improve the game experience massively with the click of a single button.

If you really like the original Fallout 2 and you want your game to feel anew, there is no better mod for me to recommend to you than this one.

It includes so many features that it will truly feel like a new game. Worth a try for sure. If you don’t like it you can always uninstall.


6. Fallout 1.5 – Resurrection

Fallout 1.5 mod for FO2

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This is another story mod that gives a new meaning to the world overhaul.

It’s a whole new game based in the world of Fallout that simply used the engine and nothing more.

You will wake up in a cave, not knowing you are (as is tradition in the world of Fallout) and your main goal will be to find clues of your past and discover who was the man that you once were.

This is an amazing story mod and I really like the setup, although I admit I haven’t played it until the end.

If you love these sorts of spin-offs then you’ll love this mod.


5. FRM Workshop

FRM Workshop mod

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This mod doesn’t truly affect the game directly.

It does, however, provide you with an amazing tool which can be used to create new Fallout 2 assets.

Since Fallout 2 is based upon sprites, you will be able to create new animals, enemies, creatures, weapons, and much more thanks to this fantastic tool which is surprisingly easy to use.

All you need is the ability to make sprite art or download sprites from elsewhere on the Internet. Easier said than done, but there are some premade assets out there.

Whatever it is you want to do, this mod gives you the chance to do it!


4. Wasteland Merc 2

Wasteland Merc 2 mod

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Wander the wastelands of the Fallout 2 world with a gun in your hands and a knack for trouble.

With this mod you’ll be able to experience a completely new story where you are a merc that has the main goal of making as much money as possible, living life on your own, and forgetting the troubles that came with being a vault dweller.

Use your skills with the gun and put them to good use. But forget about helping anyone other than yourself.

This mod provides the game with a cool twist, and I completely love it.


3. Fallout 2 Gangster Armor

Fallout 2 Gangster Armor

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Have you ever wanted to dress up like a true gangster in Fallout 2?

Well if you have, now is your chance!

This mod adds a very detailed set of armor to the game that simply adds a new vibe to how you look.

And combining it with the mercenary mod that I just mentioned truly gives you a weird vibe that should get you hooked right back into the gameplay.


2. FO2 Starting Inventory

FO2 Starting Inventory mod

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This absolutely fantastic mod gives you items to start the game, but it does so in a smart manner thanks to the included script.

You will get weapons and armor according to the skills you select to start the game, making everything more fitting to your character and playstyle.

It’s a fantastic mod that enhances the game even if you have other story mods installed.


1. Restoration Project

Restoration Project mod

Check Out This Mod

If you want to play vanilla Fallout 2, install this mod first.

It will restore all of the content that the developers decided to leave out as there wasn’t enough time to finish it.

There are many new quests, NPCs, and things to do that were intended to be in the original game but the developers couldn’t finish them in time.

Think of this mod as the “true” Fallout 2 experience.

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