10 Best Armor Mods For Fallout 3 (All Free)

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Armors might be just as essential as weapons for an adventurer in the Wastelands.

It’ll keep you safe from all sorts of dangerous creatures, and trust me – there are many of them lurking around and ready to strike you down.

Now hopefully with these mods you’ll be able to overcome many of the evils that stand in FO3. Not to say the default armors aren’t great, but… well come on, who doesn’t love modding?

Also I wrote an article about some cool weapon mods for the game so you might want to check that out too!

A word of warning before we dive in: some of these mods are replacers for other armors in the game.

Most will simply add new equipment to Fallout 3 but read each mod description thoroughly to make sure that nothing will replace any of your favorite sets.

10. Military Equipment

Military Equipment FO3 mod

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Sure, some items in Fallout 3 will allow you to feel like a true wanderer of the wasteland dressed as a military man.

But only this mod will allow you to truly feel like you truly belong to the military.

Dress up and fight with one of the best military armor mods that you’ll come across in your life.

9. COL Enclave Replacer

COL Enclave Replacer FO3

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On the lookout for an Enclave Armor replacer?

Are you not happy with the basic sets that come with the game?

Well if so, please check this mod out. I think you’ll be quite pleased.

The creator of the mod built a new armor for the Enclave from scratch, which includes new armor types for officials as well as for regular armor-wearers.

Bear in mind that this isn’t a new type of armor but an entire replacer – the old Enclave armors will be dismissed if you install this mod.

8. Wasteland Soldier Armor

Wasteland Soldier Armor FO3

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Let’s talk about lore-friendly armors for a minute and dive into the world of the Wasteland Soldier Armor.

This one adds an armor that seems to be made out of leather, and looks absolutely stunning to me.

It’s one of those mods that you take a quick glance at and you just know that it feels like it belongs to the Fallout world.

I’m loving every second of wearing this set!

7. Scavenger Armors

Scavenger Armors FO3

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I think it’s hard to describe how stunning the Scavenger Armors look, so I’m just going to tell you one thing: if you like dressing like an absolute badass, you’ll want to check this mod out right now. Like yesterday.

The armors have a great level of detail and most of them include headgear as well as full item sets, and they all look fantastic while being worn by a wanderer of the Wastelands.

6. Coyote Reflex Power Armor

Coyote Reflex Power Armor FO3

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Well this mod is extremely overpowered.

But I’m still adding it to the list because, in fairness, it’s one of the best power armors that I’ve seen in the game.

Even though it’s not really “in the game” but you know what I mean.

It adds a complete set that comes with togglable functionalities that include super-speed and vision enhancements.

This is the kinda stuff that can turn your character into the ultimate warrior of the Wastelands.

5. Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack FO3 mod

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A backpack and a bed you can carry might not exactly be pieces of armor, but they form part of the inventory of a Wasteland wanderer.

And you shouldn’t underestimate them.

With this mod you’ll be able to carry your own backpack that holds a small functional bed, which you’ll be able to place down whenever you want to rest for a bit.

Gone are the days of waiting around like an idiot. Especially now that you have a trusty and uncomfortable bed whenever you need it!

4. Advanced Recon Stealth Armor

Advanced Recon Stealth Armor FO3

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This fantastic mod might give you an armor with stealth capabilities. But it still managed to do so in a unique way that isn’t overpowered at all.

I mean, the armor itself is solid as all hell.

And you won’t take too much damage, but the stealth capabilities only get activated whenever you have no weapon drawn and you’re standing still. So it doesn’t exactly break the gameplay.

You can’t simply sneak in the middle of a fight to use it, as some other mods allow you to.

In terms of balanced mods that incorporate modern and futuristic tech into the game, this keeps the balance as fair as possible.

3. Dragonskin Tactical Outfit

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit mod

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I have already written about the Dragonskin Tactical outfit in another one of my mod roundups for Fallout 3, but man, I won’t ever get tired of mentioning it.

This amazing mod adds plenty of new camo clothing and armors to the game, which will make you feel as if you were truly part of the military before the Great War began.

With this you get balaclavas, bulletproof vests, and many other tactical pieces of equipment that the military wears in the modern-day.

2. Advanced Recon Thermal Vision

Advanced Recon Thermal Vision mod

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Made by the same creator as #4 above, this mod gives you pieces of headgear that serve different functions. And gives you the ability to act as a true modern warrior in the Wasteland.

You will be able to access thermal vision, night vision sight, and even the ability to breathe underwater. Cool!

Yes, you will be able to see through walls.

Yes, this one is a bit OP when compared to the guy’s other mod.

In any case, if you want to add some spiciness to the game, this is a great mod for achieving it.

1. Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit

Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit mod

Check Out This Mod

After seeing so many unbalanced Stealth Suits in my years playing Fallout 3 and adding mods to it, it was only a matter of time befor I came across one that truly should’ve been installed from the get-go.

Made by the award-winning Mars Ashton, an indie game developer from the US, this fantastic suit will make you feel safe in your travels no matter where you go.

And it’ll give you the ability to see better at night and even use a stealth field to hide yourself from enemies. It’s truly got to be one of the coolest protective mods you can have.

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