15 Best Fallout 3 Weapons & Gun Mods Worth Installing

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Being a lone soldier in the Wasteland is no easy feat.

Having access to a massive arsenal of weapons, however, does make it much easier to deal with whatever type of trouble comes your way.

If the vanilla options aren’t cutting it then check out these free Fallout 3 weapon mods that you’ll find on another desolate wasteland called “the internet”.

I’ve laid them all out for you to pick whichever one you prefer, as you’ll come across various mods that improve different aspects of your weaponry.

Just bear in mind that some of these replace certain weapons in the game, while others serve as completely new additions and overhauls. It’s up to you to choose whatever you like most!

15. Combat Shotgun Replacer

Combat Shotgun Replacer Fallout 3 Mod

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Let’s start with the Combat Shotgun Replacer, one that replaces textures only.

This amazing mod was made from scratch and the entire texture of the weapon was custom-made by the creator of this gun.

If you’re looking for a completely new Combat Shotgun that suits the art style of Fallout 3 and looks way better than vanilla, you’ve found your match my friend.

14. FPS Grenade Hotkey

FPS Grenade Hotkey Fallout 3 Mod

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Alright, this might not be a special mod that adds a new weapon to the game.

But the functionality that it brings is just too good for me to pass up.

If you’ve played games like COD or Halo in the past (or basically any modern FPS) you probably have an idea of what this mod does.

You’ll have the option to press a single button (which you can assign) and have a grenade thrown out as soon as you press it.

You don’t need to swap anything in the menus or even unequip your weapon – simply press the designated hotkey and you will throw a grenade wherever you’re aiming.

In terms of functionality, this is the best mod that I’ve added to this list.

13. Cross Repair Weapons

Cross Repair Weapons Fallout 3 Mod

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How frustrating it is to have your favorite weapon about to break down, and just when you find another weapon that you think it can be used to fix it, it just doesn’t work?

This mod changes that completely.

And given how much of an annoying feature it is in Fallout 3, it’s already become one of my favorite mods since the game released.

For example, you’ll be able to repair the Plasma Pistol with Plasma Rifles and vice versa.

The Super Sledge will be fully repairable with the Sledgehammer, and so on.

A fantastic little mod that changes the game for the better!

12. FWE – Combat Overhaul

FWE – Combat Overhaul Fallout 3 Mod

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If you’re looking to overhaul the entire shooting system of the game, you’ll want to install this sucker.

It changes the way accuracy works and turns Fallout 3 into more of a modern FPS by adding a whole lot of new functions.

Check this out and rejoice at the new methods of killing your enemies.

11. AK-47 Replacer

AK-47 Replacer Fallout 3 Mod

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The Chinese Assault Rifle is just “meh”, isn’t it?

I think so too, and this mod changes it for a beautiful AK-47 that was completely made from scratch by the creator of the mod.

Don’t worry, I know that the AK-47 is not a Chinese rifle. And so does the creator of the mod!

It doesn’t only change the model of the weapon, but it also changes its name and information to suit the change quite perfectly.

Gone are the days of you firing old weaponry – it’s time to use what the crazy Russians use.

10. HK PSG 1

HK PSG 1 Fallout 3 Mod

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Man, the PSG-1 might not be the most popular sniper rifle in the world.

But for a particular niche of gamers that played titles where this rifle was available, it’s a must-have to install it in Fallout 3.

A cool rifle that fires quite quickly and deals a ton of damage to your foes. Be sure to check it out.

9. Energy Weapons Enhanced

Energy Weapons Enhanced Fallout 3 Mod

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Don’t you feel that the energy weapons in Fallout 3 simply aren’t as useful as they were in the older installments of the game?

I mean, if you played Fallout 1 and 2, you probably know that these weapons used to be far more powerful than they are in the third game.

This mod aims to correct that.

But it doesn’t really break the gameplay at all. They become far more useful, but these don’t become your go-to for every battle.

It’s just a cool addition for those looking to have Fallout 3 feel more like the classic games.

8. Better Arsenal Desert Eagles

Better Arsenal Desert Eagles Fallout 3 Mod

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Everyone’s favorite pistol (or, should I say “hand cannon” instead?) has now made its way to Fallout 3 thanks to the fantastic work of a group of very talented modders.

This adds two version of the Deagle to the game, which will surely destroy the heads and skulls of plenty of baddies.

But one complaint: this weapon is quite challenging to handle. Although you get used to it over time so give it atrysee how it goes!

7. SVD Dragunov

SVD Dragunov Fallout 3 Mod

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If you’ve played Call of Duty before, you probably know all about the Dragunov.

By far one of the most popular sniper rifles in the world.

It was only a matter of time before someone made a mod that incorporated it into the Fallout 3 world.

It’s a semi-auto rifle that shoots very heavy rounds, capable of putting an end to the most annoying of enemies.

The model looks quite fitting to the world of the Wastelands, as most Russian weapons do.

I’m assuming that’s why the AK’s and the Dragunov were made as Fallout mods in the first place.

6. Zeaoletlees ACR

Zeaoletlees ACR Fallout 3 Mod

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This fully customizable weapon is basically a variation of the all-time favorite gun known as the SCAR, which was popularized in the days of Modern Warfare 2.

It has now managed to make its way to Fallout 3, and the Wasteland has never been more ready for this.

The cool thing about this weapon is that it’s fully customizable, provided that you have the FOSE mod installed.

Add a silencer for better stealth or increase its ammo capacity for deadlier firepower – your choice!

5. AKS-74u

AKS-74u Fallout 3 Mod

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This smaller version of the AK-47 has become quite a cult hero in recent years with the addition of this weapon to many first-person shooters.

However it makes a modded appearance in Fallout 3 with a standalone version of the weapon, which means this weapon doesn’t replace any other gun in-game.

The model is super detailed and you will be able to see how it damages over time thanks to the multiple designs that come with it. Definitely give this a go and see what you think.

4. M4 Carabines

M4 Carabines Fallout 3 Mod

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By far the most recognizable name in shooter gaming industry, the M4 is a fantastic assault weapon that is often used by the US military.

And it can now be found in Fallout 3 (with this mod).

The weapon is just as detailed as the AKS-47u, and the mod adds four versions of it to the game.

Each version offers different design attributes, such as a reflex sight or a regular iron sight.

In any case, you’ll be able to feel the firepower of an M4 for the first time in Fallout history with this fantastic addition.

3. Weapons Retexture Project

Weapons Retexture Project Fallout 3 Mod

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Now this mod adds quite a selection of new gun textures, all of which look fantastic and have a great level of detail put into them.

The mod changes the way some of the vanilla weapons look to make them feel more realistic as well.

But it doesn’t focus on improving the vanilla looks per se, but rather change them. A great mod nonetheless.

2. Classic Fallout Weapons

Classic Fallout Weapons Fallout 3 Mod

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This bad boy adds a whole bunch of the best classic Fallout weapons to the Wastelands in Fallout 3.

It’s your job to find them, though, and it’s going to be quite tough to kill enemies that wield them.

Still, the weapons are well balanced and shouldn’t make you feel like the game is broken at all.

They fit quite well to the game and they will offer something totally different compared to vanilla. Worth a try for veteran players.

1. Community Ammunition Library

Community Ammunition Library Fallout 3 Mod

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This is by far the best mod out there if you intend to install various weapon mods at once.

The main objective is to standardize the ammunition used by weapons in various mods, so you don’t end up with hundreds of types of assault rifle ammunition that only fit a particular type of weapon.

As its name suggests, this is basically a library that aims to offer the best Fallout 3 mods in one place.

This way players can use them much more comfortably without clogging up their inventories with different types of ammo.Neat, right?

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