How To Farm Aluminum in Fallout 4

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The best way to farm aluminum in Fallout 4 is to head to Vault 95 and look for aluminum cans, TV dinner trays, and surgical trays.

You will obtain over 100 aluminum after looting all junk items in the vault. The only downside to Vault 95, is that its items don’t respawn.

Alternatively, you can also buy shipments of aluminum from an NPC.

Farming Aluminum In Vault 95 / Fallout 4
Farming Aluminum In Vault 95.

Method 1: Looting Junk Items That Contain Aluminum

Vault 95 is a great place to start, but there are many other great locations to farm this abundant resource:

Location Items Where To Look Total Aluminum
Vault 95 TV dinner trays, surgical trays, aluminum cans. All-around 115
Fort Hagen Command Center Aluminum cans, surgical trays, TV dinner trays. The exit tunnel on the west side. 108
Corvega Assembly Plant Coolant cap, aluminum can, TV dinner trays, hubcap, aluminum canister. Inside and outside the assembly plant. 104
Mahkra Fishpacking Aluminum trays Lower levels 80
Mass Pike Tunnel Aluminum cans All-around 50
Vault 81 Surgical trays In the Secret area of the vault 40
Federal Ration Stockpile Aluminum cans Shelves 20+
Four Leaf Fishpacking Aluminum trays West side of the factory 24
Medford Memorial Hospital Surgical trays All-around 20+

Note: Most items take around 7 days to respawn in Fallout 4.

Here’s all the previous locations on the map of the Commonwealth:

The location, on the map, of the best spots to farm aluminum / Fallout 4
The location, on the map, of the best spots to farm aluminum

This is a list of all the items that can be scrapped into aluminum:

Item Yield
Cake pan 3
Surgical tray 3
Sweeper 3
TV dinner tray 3
Alarm clock 2
Aluminum can 2
Aluminum canister 2
Carlisle typewriter 2
Coolant cap 2
Hubcap 2
Inactive distress pulser 2
Industrial oil canister 2
Ring stand 2
Wakemaster alarm clock 2
Applicator 1
Cauterizer 1
Ear examiner 1
Sensor 1
Spanner 1
Toy rocketship 1
Tray 1
Tri tool 1
Tweezers 1

Note: Without level 1 of the Scrapper perk, nothing will be gained from scrapping junk items.


Extra Tip #1: How to Know If The Items You Find Contain Aluminum

The “Tag For Search” option allows you to tag certain materials. Once you find an item that contains one of those materials, it will display a small magnifying glass before its name.

Follow these steps to activate Tag For Search:

  1. Open a workshop, from one of your settlements.
  2. Try to craft something that requires aluminum.
  3. The Tag For Search option will be available if you lack the materials to craft the object/structure you have selected.
  4. Activate it, and from now on, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for.
How tag for search works / Fallout 4
How tag for search works.

Extra Tip #2: How To Transform Junk Items Into Aluminum

  1. Pick up an item that contains aluminum.
  2. Store the item in a workshop.
  3. When you start crafting, and lack the raw materials to build, the workshop will automatically scrap the items.
Storing a surgical tray inside the workshop / Fallout 4
Storing a surgical tray inside the workshop.

Tip: Don’t use the Store All Junk option. You might store something valuable that the workshop could scrap, and you will never get it back.


Method 2: Buy Shipments of Aluminum From NPCs

Buying a shipment of 50 aluminum from Arturo Rodriguez, Diamond City Market / Fallout 4
Buying a shipment of 50 aluminum from Arturo Rodriguez, Diamond City Market.

If you don’t mind paying a price for your aluminum, this is the easiest and fastest way to get it.

NPCs sell aluminum in the form of shipments. This way, you don’t have to carry the weight of the aluminum.

To use shipments of aluminum, store them in a workshop, just like any other junk item.

Here’s a list of all NPCs that sell shipments of aluminum:

NPC Location Shipment’s Amount
Arturo Rodriguez Diamond City Market 50
Rufus Rubins Goodneighbor 25

And this is their location on the map:

The location of all NPCs that sell shipments of aluminum / Fallout 4
The location of all NPCs that sell shipments of aluminum
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