How To Farm Glass in Fallout 4

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The best way to farm glass in Fallout 4 is to loot restaurants, bars, bunkers, and factories. If you have enough bottle caps, you can alternatively buy shipments of glass or junk items that can be scrapped for glass.

Glass is a relatively common material in Fallout 4. If you have the habit of collecting all the junk items you find, you will always have enough glass to meet your crafting needs.


Method 1: Glass From Junk Items In The Commonwealth

Glass bottles from Beantown Brewery. / Fallout 4
Glass bottles from Beantown Brewery.

You can find bottles and lamps in most places you go. Restaurants, bars, bunkers and factories are great places to go looking for glass.

Keep an eye out for the following junk items and you will never run out of glass:

Item Yield
Vodka bottle 4
Glass pitcher 3
Baby bottle 2
Beer bottle 2
Blue table lamp 2
Broken Lamp 2
Empty milk bottle 2
Glass bowl 2
Gwinnett bottle (all variations) 2
Lantern 2
Liquor bottle 2
Magnifying glass 2
Microscope 2
Nuka Cola bottle 2
Shadeless lamp 2
Shadeless table lamp 2
Vacuum tube 2
Yellow table lamp 2
Alarm clock 1
Beaker 1
Clean drinking glass 1
Desk Lamp 1
Flask 1
Fuse 1
Lamp 1
Light bulb 1
Research test tube 1
Shot glass 1

Beantown Brewery is by far the best spot to farm glass with dozens of bottles waiting to be collected.

Bunkers, such as Boston Mayoral Shelter, are also great places to find glass, among other materials. And other places worth your time are The Gwinnett Restaurant and The Shamrock Taphouse.

Tip: Most items in Fallout 4 take seven days to respawn. You can check most spots again after a week for the best farming efficiency.

The enemies in these locations will put up a fight, make sure you are ready for heavy combat.

And here’s a map of the top locations to check out:

 / Fallout 4
The location of the best spots to farm glass from / Source

To make it much easier, you’ll need to use the tag for search feature. This will let you know if the items you are picking up contain the materials you are looking for.

Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Open one of your workshops from a settlement
  2. Try to craft something you lack the resources for
  3. Press the ‘Tag For Search’ feature

Now, all the junk items that contain the materials you are looking for, will display a small magnifying glass before their names.

How to use Tag For Search to find glass / Fallout 4
How to use Tag For Search to find glass

Follow these steps to transform the junk items you find into glass:

  1. Pick up a bottle, or any other item that contains glass
  2. Head to one of your settlements and press the Transfer button on the workshop
  3. Choose the items you wish to use and store them inside the workshop
  4. When you build something that requires glass, the workshop items will be converted into their raw components and used for crafting
How to store junk items and convert them into glass / Fallout 4
How to store junk items and convert them into glass

Note: When you press the “Store All Junk” button, make sure to take out any important junk items you want to keep. The workshop might convert an unwanted item for crafting if you are not careful.


Method 2: Getting Glass From NPCs

Buying glass from Whitechapel Charlie, The Third Rail, Goodneighbor / Fallout 4
Buying glass from Whitechapel Charlie, The Third Rail, Goodneighbor

The easiest and fastest way to obtain glass is to buy it from an NPC. The only disadvantage is that it requires a lot of bottle caps.

The big advantage of buying shipments is that you will never become overencumbered because you don’t need to carry the weight of the materials.

To use the shipments, store them in a workshop, and once you start crafting the shipment will be converted into individual pieces of glass, just like any other junk item would.

These are the NPCs that sell shipments of glass:

NPC Location Shipment’s Amount
Kay Bunker Hill 25
Doctor Sun Diamond City 25
Whitechapel Charlie The Third Rail, Goodneighbor 25

And here’s their location on the map of the Commonwealth:

Where to find the NPCs that sell shipments of glass / Fallout 4
Where to find the NPCs that sell shipments of glass

You can also buy junk items, which contain glass, from NPCs and scrap them in your workshop.

This last method is a little bit more time-consuming, but you will end up spending fewer bottle caps than if you bought glass in shipments.

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