How To Farm Plastic in Fallout 4

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The best place to farm plastic from in Fallout 4 is in the Back Alley Bowling from General Atomics Galleria.

There, you will find an abundance of bowling balls and bowling pins, containing 7 plastic and 2 plastic, respectively. This adds up for a total of over 300 pieces of plastic.

Alternatively, you can also buy plastic from NPCs if you’d prefer to buy your own.


Method 1: Collecting Junk Items From The Wasteland

Farming plastic in General Atomics Galleria, Back Alley Bowling / Fallout 4
Farming plastic in General Atomics Galleria, Back Alley Bowling.

This is a list of all the items that can be scrapped into plastic:

Item Yield
Bowling ball 7
Swan boat fragments 5
Institute pistol 4
Suprathaw antifreeze 3
Anti freeze bottle 2
Antique globe 2
Baby rattle 2
Baseball base 2
Bowling pin 2
Cafeteria tray 2
Cat bowl 2
Cigarette carton 2
Dog bowl 2
Globe 2
Hairbrush 2
Luxobrew coffee pot 2
Plastic plate 2
Plastic pumpkin 2
Toy alien 2
Toy rocketship 2
Two ball 2
Umbrella 2
Broom 1
Charge card 1
Clean broom 1
Clothing iron 1
Coffee Pot 1
Cooking oil 1
Coolant 1
Empty coolant 1
Enhanced targeting card 1
Fancy hairbrush 1
Jangles the Moon Monkey 1
Pack of cigarettes 1
Pen 1
Pepper mill 1
Plastic knife 1
Plastic spoon 1
Salt shaker 1
Scissors 1
Shopping basket 1
Toothpaste 1

Note: Items in Fallout 4 take around 7 days of game time to respawn.

And these are the top locations to find them:

Location Where To Look Items Amount (Plastic)
Back Alley Bowling, General Atomics Galleria All around Bowling Balls, Bowling Pins, Pool Balls. 300+
Suffolk County Charter School All around Coolant, Cafeteria Trays, Plastic Pumpkins, Antique Globes 80+

Tip: The heavy back perk is highly recommended, bowling balls are very heavy, and you might want to fast travel with them, while overencumbered.

This is their location on the map of the Commonwealth:

The top spots to farm plastic from / Fallout 4
The top spots to farm plastic from / Image source

Extra Tip #1: Checking If An Item Contains Plastic

  1. Start crafting in one of your crafting stations.
  2. Choose an object/structure to craft that requires plastic.
  3. If you don’t have enough plastic to craft it, the TAG FOR SEARCH option will be available.
  4. If you activate it, all the items you find that contain plastic will show a small magnifying glass before their names.
How to use tag for search to find plastic / Fallout 4
How to use tag for search to find plastic.

Extra Tip #2: How To Scrap Junk Into Plastic

  1. Find an item that contains plastic and pick it up.
  2. Transfer the item to a crafting station.
  3. When you craft something that requires plastic, the crafting station will break that item down and use it for crafting.
Storing a bowling ball inside the workshop / Fallout 4
Storing a bowling ball inside the workshop.

Tip: Be careful when you select the STORE ALL JUNK option. You might not want to store some precious junk items and get rid of them for crafting.


Method 2: Buy Plastic From NPCs

Buying a shipment of plastic from Myrna in Diamond City / Fallout 4
Buying a shipment of plastic from Myrna in Diamond City.

You can find shipments of 25 plastic from Myrna (dayshift) and Percy (nightshift) at Diamond City Surplus in Diamond City Market.

The location of Myrna and Percy / Fallout 4
The location of Myrna and Percy

Buying plastic from NPCs is easy, fast, and you don’t have to carry the weight of the plastic because you buy it as a shipment.

It’s a great method while you’re waiting for junk items to respawn, but not worth it if you don’t have a few extra bottle caps to spare.

To use the shipment, store it in a workshop just like any other junk item. And once you start crafting it will be converted into single pieces of plastic.

Alternatively, you could buy junk items that contain plastic from an NPC, and scrap them in a crafting station. This method is more time consuming, but you will get more plastic for your bottlecaps.

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