Best Fallout 76 Mods Ever Made: The Ultimate List

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Fallout 76 has been one of the most controversial releases in Bethesda’s history. We’d seen buggy launches in the past with both Skyrim and Fallout 4, but nothing quite as half-baked as this online action RPG on launch day.

Still, they’ve kept fixing bugs and releasing updates to make the game the best it can be.

While not perfect, it’s definitely more enjoyable – but it could still use some mods for even more stuff.

So let’s check out some excellent Fallout 76 mods that only a feral ghoul would overlook.


30. So Many Balloons

So Many Balloons Fallout 76 Mod

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Wouldn’t you like to make Appalachia a bit more festive?

I mean, you’re supposed to be reclaiming the land. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Creator TTMighty found the perfect way to do just that, while also making life easier for collectible hunters.

This mod replaces stuff like magazines and bobbleheads for helium-filled balloons that really stand out among the rubble, in a way no booklet or old-timey decoration ever could.

Finding still-inflated helium balloons 25 years after the last balloon factory was obliterated by nuclear weapons is a bit bizarre. Still, so is becoming smarter or stronger by finding a Vault Boy collectible.


29. Withered Ghouls

Withered Ghouls Mod for Fallout 76

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Charred feral ghouls are some of the most dangerous enemies in the Appalachian Wasteland.

These creatures have received so much radiation, tumors have piled up one on top of another, making them almost comically bloated.

Creator CatsWithMachineGuns thought this bulbous look made them look less menacing than they actually are, so they decided to replace this large model for that of a Withered ghoul.

There’s just something eerie about these old feral ghouls.

They look like something is profoundly wrong with them, and the sight of ‘em is sure to send a chill down your spine.


28. Quizzless Appalachia

Quizzless Appalachia Fallout 76 Mod screenshot

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The Pioneer Scouts of America are a respected organization even in the post-apocalypse. And it’s understandable they want to test any new aspiring members before handing out badges.

That said, after going through high school, college, and writing countless gaming articles, I really don’t have that much space left on my limited human brain for the often obscure survival information needed to advance in the Pioneer Scout ranks.

This mod by Ulithium_Dragon doesn’t remove the quizzes.

But it does mark all the answers with an X, so you can just click through them and get your badges.

Isn’t finding unusual solutions also a survival skill?


27. Glowing Caps Stash Tin

Glowing Caps Stash Tin Fallout 76 Mod

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Life often feels like an eternal pursuit of wealth. And things haven’t changed much 25 years after the bombs dropped – except for the fact that people use bottle caps rather than coins or dollar bills.

If you want to make your journey toward riches a bit easier, the Glowing Caps Stash Tin mod by RatMonkey is the perfect tool.

Now these little pockets of currency will stand out among the washed-out dirty surfaces of the post-apocalypse.

Since more customization is never a bad thing, you get to choose whether these tins will glow green, blue, red, orange, or purple.

Time to put that Cap Collector perk to good use!


26. Icon Sorting Tags

Icon Sorting Tags Mod for Fallout 76

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We all have different ways of keeping our inventory sorted. And some people prefer visual cues rather than text-based tags.

Here’s a great mod by McGuffin that adds cute little icons next to your items, which look professional and appealing, and still match the game’s aesthetic.

It’s like adding emoji to your game, in a way.

And it’s very appealing, even if it isn’t all that useful.


25. Ultracite Scorchbeast Queen

Ultracite Scorchbeast Queen Fallout 76 Mod

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The Scorchbeast Queen is one hell of a bad-ass boss, except for the fact that the textures on it are only barely better than those on regular Scorchbeasts.

They’re blurry, and unbecoming of irradiated bat royalty.

Creator Vivec-God brings us this Ultracite Scorchbeast Queen texture replacement to give this apex predator more of a visual punch.

Not only does this provide a high-quality 4K texture, but it adds several glowing highlights that make the SB Queen even more menacing.

The color of Ultracite is pretty inconsistent in Fallout 76. So it’s only fair you get to choose what color emanates from your Ultracite-infused SBQ. The options include several shades of blue and green.


24. Auto Axe

Auto Axe Mod for Fallout 76

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The Auto Axe is an insane piece of equipment, standing somewhere between a chainsaw and a wood-cutting axe.

It’s badass, even if it makes no sense from a technical perspective.

Data for this impressive weapon can be found deep within Fallout 76’s files, suggesting it was a planned addition that just didn’t make the cut.

And with this mod from Z0MGH4X, you can replace your Chainsaw, Minigun, or Mr. Handy Buzz Blade for the Auto Axe.

Great for breaking and entering – or just to grind up some ghouls.


23. Power Armor Clean HUD

Power Armor Clean HUD Fallout 76 Mod

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Power Armor is the Fallout equivalent of a tank – they offer protection and access to heavy weaponry at the cost of visibility.

Keeping my glasses clean for more than 15 minutes is already a pretty challenging task.

Imagine keeping your visor clean when you’re constantly mutilating ghouls and Deathclaws!

Well, you can. Or rather, you can have Erfet’s Power Armor Clean HUD mod do it for you.

It simply replaces the original HUD for a transparent version, not unlike your regular non-armored one.


22. Lynx Suit

Lynx Suit Mod for Fallout 76

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There are plenty of cool-looking outfits in Fallout 76.

But nothing quite like Isador009’s Lynx Suit.

This sleek-looking skin-tight outfit replaces the Chinese Stealth Armor for a more feline look.

Sure, the glowing neon highlights aren’t exactly stealthy.

But there comes a time in every survivor’s life where they must choose between being a boring soldier, or a flashy anime character.


21. Invent-O-Matic Pipboy

Invent-O-Matic Pipboy Fallout 76 Mod

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Hotkeys are an MMO junkie’s best friend.

They’re one of the most basic and valuable quality-of-life features.

And now, they’re available in Fallout 76.

With this fantastic mod by Manson_Ew2, you can assign a great range of useful actions to your favorite keys.

Among other things, you can drop listed items that you don’t need, change your loadout, or consume healing items by pressing a single button.

It’s fantastic for MMO veterans who live and die by the hotkey. It does take a bit of effort to set up, but it’s 100% worth it.


20. Quick Configuration (INI Editor and Mod Manager)

Quick Configuration Manager / Fallout 76 Mod

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If you’re serious about modding and customizing your Fallout 76 for the best experience, you’re going to need a tool to tweak your INI files.

Even better if it doubles as a mod manager.

Quick Configuration by DataSnake does just that.

It’s a single simple tool that’ll let you change your Field of View, the color of your Pip-Boy, your mouse sensitivity, and even disable V-Sync, among other tweaks.

It’ll also keep your mods organized and updated automatically so you can focus on reclaiming the Appalachia.


19. Save Everything

Save Everything Save Everything

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One of the most common mistakes we all can make when playing Bethesda games (and all sorts of RPGs) is selling essential items and materials accidentally.

It’s hard to keep track of whether you need all that aluminum or not!

Save Everything by Keretus is a Quality-of-Life mod that helps you keep the important things in your bag, rather than having to repurchase them at a premium or re-load a save from God knows how far behind in your play-through.

It also allows you to type in quantities and prices in container transfer menus, which is always more efficient than the alternative.


18. Quick Draw 76

Quick Draw 76 Mod screenshot

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If there’s one thing I’ve always resented in shooters, it’s weapons with over-the-top first draw animations.

I mean sure, flicking the switches on a laser rifle or spinning the chamber of your revolver may look cool – but it’s strategically unwise to do it in the middle of a shootout.

Not only does it take longer, but in the case of Fallout 76, it changes where your character is aiming by moving the camera around.

This mod by LolzMan1325 simply removes these flashy animations on several weapons.

It’s less appealing, but it might save you some bullets and a lot of time.


17. Optimum ReShade

Optimum ReShade Mod for Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 doesn’t look half-bad on its own.

But there’s always room for improvement.

A fantastic visual enhancement comes in the form of the Optimum ReShade by Yaddok, aiming to make the game much more apocalyptic.

You’ll notice less saturated colors, more light, and less blur.

I’m always a fan of mods that make colors more vivid, but this isn’t The Elder Scrolls! It’s not supposed to be vivid and colorful but washed-out and gritty.


16. Event Notification

Event Notification Fallout 76 Mod

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Events are some of the most important aspects of gameplay in an open-world online game.

And Fallout 76 is no exception.

I have a tendency to miss world events unless I’m reminded explicitly by some kind of visual cue, and I’m not the only one.

The Event Notification mod by Keretus will display a new world event pop-up right in the middle of your HUD when one becomes available, making them near-impossible to miss as long as you’re looking at the screen.


15. Glowing Items

Glowing Items Mod for Fallout 76

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The former Eastern United States has taken a turn for the rusty and dusty in the 25 years since the bombs dropped.

Some areas seem uniformly covered in dust, mud, and soot – and finding anything in these dirty places can feel like a herculean task.

This mod by Bwins95 takes the most logical step toward solving the issue:

It makes every damn item glow in one of eight colors, including green, purple, orange, teal, and white.

It’s not realistic. But sometimes having to try too hard to find acid, aluminum, or paper bags can break your immersion too.


14. Ultimate Audio Overhaul

Ultimate Audio Overhaul Fallout 76 Mod

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There’s a lot to criticize about Bethesda Studios’ first online title.

But if I had to pick just one thing, it would be the terrible sound effects.

This mod by ImperiousMarxist2 is a solid attempt at improving the situation by progressively replacing more and more of the vanilla sound effects.

So far, it substitutes most of the biggest offenders – including gunshots, your character’s steps, the rain, and much more.

Crossbows now have a more realistic sound too, and the flare gun is a pleasure to fire. So satisfying.

Considering you’ll be hearing most of these sounds every couple of seconds on your Appalachian adventures, this mod is basically a must-have.


13. Nuka-Girl Spacesuit Revamp

Nuka-Girl Spacesuit Revamp Mod for Fallout 76

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The Nuka-Cola Girl is one of the most prominent symbols in the Wasteland.

And the Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit is a treat for the eyes.

That said, I’ve always found the basic red/white color palette a bit boring for my taste.

Modder Rigell will help you get the most out of this interstellar outfit by introducing a wealth of different color combinations. These include the black/red Nuka Cherry, the black/gold Royal Black, the pink/red Hot Cranberry, and many more.

It also works exceptionally well in conjunction with the Collarless Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit mod.


12. Improved Health Bars

Improved Health Bars Fallout 76 Mod

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I’ve always found it pretty challenging to use perks that work with health percentages, such as Dead Man Sprinting or Nerd Rage – both of which become active under a certain health threshold.

Creator Keretus decided to give people like me a hand with Improved Health Bar, which simply adds 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% markers to your survivor’s health bar.

This makes it remarkably easy to keep track of when certain boons will go into effect, allowing you to plan accordingly.

In addition to giving you more control over health-dependent mutations, perks, and armor effects, this segmentation of the health bar also looks pretty damn cool.


11. Lowered Weapons 76

Lowered Weapons 76 Mod for Fallout 76

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One thing that’s always bothered me in (almost) every first-person shooter I’ve ever played is how your character never stops pointing their gun forward.

It’s absurd!

Even if you had biceps of steel, why would you walk miles with your weapon raised at all times?

Modder Lesma666 helps us protect our precious immersion with Lowered Weapons 76, which makes your character carry their gun more comfortably whenever you’re not shooting or aiming down sights.


10. Easy Sorting and Tagging

Easy Sorting and Tagging Fallout 76 Mod

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Here’s another fantastic way to keep your inventory tidy:

WIth RatMonkey’s Easy Sorting and Tagging add-on.

This simple mod adds over 20 unique tags to your items – from [Junk] to [Chems] to [Food].

It also allows you to sort them for easy use.

If you’re hungry, look for [Food]. And if you get hurt, you can find [Aid] in your inventory.

It even contains component tags that tell you what you’ll get from breaking down an item in advance.

One of my favorite features is how it divides food into sub-groups depending on whether they can rot or carry disease when spoiled. Of course, there’s a [Spoiled] tag as well.


9. High Detailed Map PLUS

High Detailed Map PLUS Mod for Fallout 76

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Don’t you just hate it when you have a gorgeous map like the one in Fallout 76, but it becomes a blurry mess of pixels if you zoom in just a little?

Modder Ultimist probably hated it quite a bit, so they created the High Detailed Map PLUS – an improvement on the base game’s map that changes its 4K texture for an 8K one that you can actually zoom into without losing fidelity.

They also re-made all of the markers and signs found on the original and added some more.

The new tags include all vendors and all 440 resource deposits – ranging from iron and copper to gold and black titanium.

Just don’t try this if you’re barely running the game.

Even mid-range rigs can take a bit of a performance hit with this map.


8. TZMap

TZMap Fallout 76 Mod screenshot

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Variety is the spice of life.

And you shouldn’t have to settle for a map enhancement you don’t love.

So here’s another great map replacement from creator TZTZT, offering 8K resolution and high detail when zoomed in.

This map is a little bit closer to vanilla in terms of its looks.

But still, it offers several improvements, including marked bodies of water, previously unmarked fissure sites, and slight lightning changes depending on whether it’s morning, afternoon, or nighttime.

Several outstanding features remain optional, so you choose how far away from vanilla you want to venture. These include marking pretty much every vendor, daily quest locations, and random encounters, among others.


7. Better Inventory

Better Inventory Fallout 76 Mod

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I’ve always been a bit maniacal about keeping my inventory tidy in Bethesda games.

For me, that meant going minimal and carrying only the basics – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re the kind of Wastelander who needs to be prepared for any situation, Reg2K’s Better Inventory will help you sort through your dozens of foodstuffs, medical supplies, weapons, and plenty more.

This UI improvement lets you apply filters to your tabs so you can find specific items easily.

For example, you can filter your Apparel tab for Outfits or Armor and be shown only those items.

It also lets you see the combined weight of item stacks and individual inventory weight for each tab, so you can quickly figure out what’s taking up all your space.


6. FPS and Performance Fix

FPS and Performance Fix Mod for Fallout 76

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If you’re one of those brave warriors that try to run the latest games on their prehistoric potato machines, you have my respect.

And now you’ll have some help from the modding community.

Creator SiTheHandsomeGuy has been making FPS fixes for different Fallout games for a while, including Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas.

And his know-how can bring you a 10 to 15 guaranteed FPS gain, going up to 25 in some places.

This is achieved by reducing render distance and adjusting some other parameters to make the game easier on low-spec rigs.


5. Ultra HD Textures

Ultra HD Textures Fallout 76 Mod

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One of the unwritten rules of modding is that, if it exists, someone will make more high-resolution textures for it.

Creator Swamptiks took it upon themselves to upscale every texture in the game to double their original resolution.

If you have nearly unlimited VRAM, you may want to try the 4X upscale variant.

It’s a work in progress as of this writing, so stuff like trees and monsters are still in the making.

But the effects should be evident on ranged weapons, melee weapons, clothing, and armor.


4. Appalachia Warfare

Appalachia Warfare Mod for Fallout 76

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One of Fallout 4’s most downloaded and beloved mods is Commonwealth Warfare, which replaced the vanilla sound effects of weapons and explosives for more realistic ones.

Modder Quazzimodo619 brings the same glorious sounds of armed combat to Fallout 76 with Appalachia Warfare, featuring more lifelike gun sounds, bullet cracks, detonations, and more.

And another great sound replacement mod compatible with Appalachia Warfare is the Intense Realistic Gun Sounds Overhaul. Be sure to give it a try – or rather – a listen.


3. Perk Loadout Manager

Perk Loadout Manager Fallout 76 Mod

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The Wasteland of Appalachia is a rapidly changing environment full of diverse challenges you’d need a whole team of specialists to overcome.

If you’re used to staying by your lonesome as if you were the Lone Survivor, then the Perk Loadout Manager by Keretus is the way to go.

It lets you create up to 12 different Perk Card loadouts for those times when a different skill set can make the difference between life and death – or just so you can hack into high-level terminals without looking like a nerd on the way there.

Now you can always be the smartest, strongest, or fastest in the room – as long as your SPECIAL allows it.


2. F76VA Synth

F76VA Synth Mod for Fallout 76

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This is more of a tool than a mod per-se, but worth checking out.

F76VA Synth is an excellent example of cutting-edge technology applied to improving our favorite games.

This app by DanRuta allows users to record voice lines in the voice of characters from several Bethesda games and other properties, and run them in-game.

You want Geralt of Rivia’s voice for your custom follower? Sure!

Todd Howard as an NPC in your latest custom adventure? You got it!

It works by feeding a machine learning algorithm enough voice lines to create a model, then applying neural speech synthesis to create new ones.

It’s confusing for the uninitiated, but you don’t really need to know the details to use this fantastic tool on your next project.


1. Text Chat

Text Chat Mod for Fallout 76

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One of the single most extraordinary achievements in Fallout 76 modding is the addition of a Text Chat by Liyalai.

With it, you can talk with other players through Global Chat, Trade Chat, Party Chat, and so on.

It’s just like the text chat you’d find in any regular MMO!

And the custom chat window is highly customizable, plus it’s easy to see if other players are using the mod. You’ll see their names in blue.

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