Are FandomSpot Jobs Legit? (Yes, We Hire For Writing & Other Roles!)

Maybe you’re wondering if we actually hire because you saw our ad running on Reddit, or on Facebook, or maybe you saw someone sharing an odd job we’re hiring for…

Wherever you saw us first, rest assured that yes, we are legit with a budget for freelancers & staff writers.

All of our content is written by writers who are paid for their writing. And we hire a lot of writers, because we’re constantly covering new games/shows/fandoms.

At times we’ve even brought on people for other stuff too, like to help with:

– Broad editorial work
– Capturing specific in-game screenshots
– Helping us learn more about certain fandoms

But talk is cheap right?

Well one of our past writers (Veronika Jel) actually wrote about their experience finding our ad on Reddit, and about their experience writing for us. It’s a great read!

Here’s a quick snippet from her article (mirrored here):

If you told me six months ago that I’d be here, writing an article about how I got my dream writing job through some casual Internet browsing, I’d laugh at you.

Then I’d cry because back then, this would seem like a dream that could never come true. I’d think you were mocking me by even suggesting it.

Yet here I am. Thriving in a job I actually enjoy. All thanks to Reddit.

And along with that, here’s a little social proof on Twitter from some of our past & present writers:

I’ve worked with a lot of online companies, but I’ll say that FandomSpot has treated me, as a prospective writer, both fairly and honestly, and even paid me for trial work, if case anyone is googling them. No ‘exposure bucks’ from them.

– @LeonDeclis

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Every #pokemon journey starts with a single decision. But which region gives you the best options? Check out the article I wrote for @FandomSpot to find out!

– @JeremyHanna753

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Oh, and thanks for pulling me into the fandomspot debate on MK64. Since that exchange between you and I, I’ve been paid to rewrite the Mario Kart 64 rankings list using *math* and empirical science. Bowser was literally the provable worst 😛 Cash money son!

– @bratya_nobles

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All that said, if you’re still unsure about anything specific then you can always contact us to get more info.