Top 10 Best Farming Simulator YouTube Channels

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Since it’s release in November 2021, FS22 has been one of the most popular games in the simulation space. At it’s peak, there were close to 100,000 people playing it every day on Steam.

Even as of this writing, the game still regularly attracts up to 25,000 players a day.

So it comes as no surprise that there is an abundance of FS22 content out there. From YouTube guides, to live Twitch streams, and even a thriving e-Sports league, the Farming Simulator community is clearly flourishing.

But with so many voices out there, it’s easy to waste time looking for the golden nuggets.

That’s where this list comes in.

Sure, there are more than just ten FS22 content creators out there. But if they’re on this list, they’re on it for a good reason.


10. Farming Simulator – Official Channel

Farming Simulator – Official YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 551K
Videos: 388
Good For: News & Interviews
Recommended Video: Community Spotlight

It makes sense to start with the official YouTube channel of GIANTS Software.

It’s the best place to go for up-to-date news relating to Farming Simulator.

They also do a great job of shining a spotlight on the amazing content creators from the Farming Simulator community, by doing in-depth interviews with them. Many of those on this list have done such interviews, and they’re well worth checking out.


9. Virtual Farmer

Virtual Farmer YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 32.3K
Videos: 2.5K
Good For: Realism, Survival, and Start From Scratch Videos
Recommended Video: £50 and an Old Truck in No Man’s Land

Virtual Farmer is a channel for those who prefer a more realistic farming experience.

They draw on real-world farming knowledge, which they apply to the virtual worlds within FS22.


8. Sim Farmer

Sim Farmer YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 116K
Videos: 1.3K
Good For: Live Stream, Time Lapse, Let’s Play
Recommended Video: No Man’s Land #1 – Starting From Scratch

A lively channel that posts really cool daily time lapse videos with text overlay, and music.

Nice to chill out to – also you’ll find some live streams every so often too.


7. Farmer Klein

Farmer Klein YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 38.5K
Videos: 3.6K
Good For: Let’s Play, Map Walkthroughs, Tips & Tricks
Recommended Video: What You Need to Know About Fieldwork in FS22

Interesting, informative content.

This channel has some great “let’s play” videos, and very insightful first looks at maps.


6. Scroft

Scroft YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 14.4K
Videos: 372
Good For: Tutorials, Let’s Play, Roleplay.
Recommended Video: How To Use Courseplay: Introduction & The Basics

Scroft is the smallest channel on this list, but also one of the newest.

Either way, it’s definitely one that deserves a lot more attention. This channel’s content features some excellent tutorial videos, particularly on Autodrive and Courseplay.


5. The Farm Sim Guy

The Farm Sim Guy YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 49.9K
Videos: 517
Good For: Best Mods, Let’s Play, Hints & Tips
Recommended Video: 20 Mods I Can’t Live Without in FS22

Again, a relatively new Farming Simulator YT channel here– but one that has certainly done well over the past two years.

The Farm Sim Guy is a wonderful content creator who’s able to combine their personal experience of farming with their love of gaming.

You’ll find “Let’s play” videos and tutorials, along with behind-the-scenes videos, and the occasional visit to real-life farm shows.


4. DjGoHam

DjGoHam YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 219K
Videos: 3.7K
Good For: Mods, Let’s Play, News
Recommended Video: 12 Biggest Changes From FS19 to FS22

Overall, this channel is just really entertaining with some very insightful content.

His Let’s Play videos are awesome, and he likes to be inclusive of all platforms for the game – which is great to see.


3. Daggerwin

Daggerwin YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 817K
Videos: 3.4K
Good For: Let’s Play, Survival, realism
Recommended Video: The Adventure Begins: Calmsden Farm

Daggerwin is a personal favourite of mine. His Let’s Play and Survival videos are some of the best out there.

His comments are always lively and full of praise as well.


2. MrSealyP

MrSealyP YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 91.2K
Videos: 2.6K
Good For: Let’s Play, Guides, Tutorials
Recommended Video: A Guide to Grapes & Olives

MrSealyP is a firm favorite among Farming Simulator fans, especially on Reddit.

He also happens to be a Farming Simulator League commentator, and it’s easy to see why – he’s very easy to listen to, and clearly knows his stuff.


1. Farmer Cop

Farmer Cop YouTube channel page screenshot

Subscribers: 80.2K
Videos: 1.1K
Good For: Guides, Tutorials, Map Tours, Let’s Play
Recommended Video: Top 10 Tips for Beginners

Our top spot goes to another relatively new content creator, and seemingly current favourite among the Farming Simulator community on the subreddit.

Also, he happens to be a serving police officer, which brings an interesting dynamic to his channel.

Like MrSealyP, Farmer Cop is a console gamer who tries to cater for all platforms – which is what makes both of them so appealing to such a wide audience.

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