The Best Axes in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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While not the hulking berserker weapons of other games, the axes of FFXII fulfill a more humble role as a one-handed choice for those who choose the Foebreaker job.

While these staple weapons sadly don’t fulfill any unique roles here, they’re definitely worth considering over their hammer counterparts.

You see, hammers have slightly higher combo rates, but axes attack faster and boast slightly higher dodge rates.

The choice ultimately boils down to preference, of course.

But if you’re dying to axe me which one’s best, let’s figure that out.


5. Slasher

Slasher Axe render from FF12

I won’t lie to you here:

The affairs of axes in FFXII are very straightforward.

None of them have incredible properties or reasons that I can recommend them over anything else, save for maybe their availability.

With that being said, all axes are worth considering – because they get the job done as well as anything else.

The Slasher, for instance, is available as soon as Jahara. And it’s a very well-placed upgrade if you’re in need of one considering the other goods the Jahara shopkeep has for sale.

How to Get: Either buy it at Jahara or find it in a chest at Giza Plains – Gizas North Bank during the Rain.


4. Hammerhead

Hammerhead Axe render from FF12

The Hammerhead is a great upgrade over the Slasher – and it isn’t too much further into the story by comparison.

Plus more than that, if you’re willing to do a little work, you can get this weapon early enough to trivialize some fights.

How to Get: After the Tomb of Raithwall, you’ll have access to 2 side quests that can open up the area of the Estersand called The Yoma where you can find this in a chest. Otherwise, pick it up from a chest in the Stilshrine of Miriam – Walk of Reason or buy it at Mt. Bur-Omisace after you get back from the Stilshrine.


3. Francisca

Francisca Axe render from FF12

The Francisca is a better axe than the Hammerhead, but not by a lot.

It only earns its spot on the list if you don’t go out of the way to obtain the Hammerhead through those side quests – which is reasonable in my opinion.

Picking up the Francisca will serve you well until you at least make it to the next entry on this list (the fantastic Greataxe).

How to Get: Find at the Phon Coast – Limatra Hills or buy it from the Phon Coast vendor.


2. Greataxe

Greataxe render from FF12 TZA

The Greataxe has a great amount of attack power, and is available to buy.

It’s a very worthwhile purchase too, as it’s one of the strongest purchasable weapons in the entire game.

How to Get: Buy it at Balfonheim Port after the Treaty-Blade, or find it at the Ridorana Cataract – Colosseum.


1. Golden Axe

Golden Axe render from FF12

The Golden Axe might not be an ultimate weapon, and I know this is a disappointing conclusion for an axe lover.

But it is a very good weapon nonetheless.

Its greatest redeeming quality is that it offers multiple ways on how you can acquire it, and it’s also very pretty to look at.

How to Get: Guaranteed chest drop if you find yourself in the Necrohol of Nabudis – Cloister of Reason. It can be acquired in the bazaar too if you gather 2 Electrums, 2 Broken Greataxes, and 1 Mardu Halcyon.

And for those of you who don’t mind the Cerobi Steppe, it’s also available at The Terraced Bank from a chest with a Diamond Armlet equipped.

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