Best Gun Ammo To Use in FFXII: The Zodiac Age

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As a Machinist in Ivalice, you’re at a disadvantage without the proper ammunition for your weapon.

And in this list we’ll be ranking all the ammo in the game, which should be invaluable in deciding what to buy (or what to look for) throughout your journey.

Not to mention that whatever gun you choose may combo better with different ammo. So let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of all your options.


8. Onion Shot

Let’s start with the obviously weakest ammunition, the Onion Shot.

In some of the early Final Fantasy games, the “Onion”-type armor & classes were oftentimes the weakest.

This ammo is no different.

With only a small attack power of 1, this ammo is the cheapest, but that’s about it. You can get it anywhere, and Balthier starts with it too.

Try to upgrade to the next entry whenever you can.

How to get:
– Purchased from any shop
– Also found in Barheim Passage


7. Silent Shot

This next shot is more interesting than the Onion Shot, but not more powerful.

The Silent Shot still sits at an attack power of 1 – but it has an interesting ability.

There’s a 25% chance on hit for this shot to inflict Silence on your enemies.

This can be very powerful in the early game, and even in some later areas with magick-using enemies.

How to get:
– Purchased in Necrohol of Nabudis
– Also found in Garamsythe Waterway, Ozmone Plain, Phon Coast, and Tchita Uplands
– Acquired through the bazaar system through Marksman’s Deligh


6. Aqua Shot

The Aqua Shot is the first entry on this list with a much greater attack.

It has triple the power of the previous choices, with this ammo sitting at 3 attack power.

The best feature of the Aqua Shot might be obvious, but it has the Water element as part of the shot too.

Any water-weak enemies will need to keep their distance from your Machinist with this ammo.

How to get:
– Purchased in Necrohol of Nabudis
– Found in the Garden of Life’s Circle area of Tchita Uplands and in the Lifeless Strand area of Nabreus Deadlands
– Also acquired from the bazaar through Rain of Tears


5. Wyrmfire Shot

Similar to the Aqua Shot, the Wyrmfire Shot has 3 attack power + an elemental effect.

The element for this shot is fire and it can be very damaging to most enemies in the game.

Granted it takes a bit longer into the story before you can get this ammo, but the wait is worth it.

Just keep in mind to swap ammo around depending on each boss’ weaknesses as well.

How to get:
– Purchased in Necrohol of Nabudis after Draklor Laboratory in the main story.
– Found in the Site 6 South area of Lhusu Mines, and in the Spire Ravel First Flight area of Pharos-Third Ascent.


4. Mud Shot

This next entry is slightly weaker than some other choices so far… but it makes up for that in other ways.

The attack power for the Mud Shot is 2.

And the elemental effect for this shot is Earth.

The interesting part of this ammo is the 25% chance to inflict Blind on your enemies. This is a powerful effect that offsets the lower attack power very nicely.

How to get:
– Found in the Special Charter Shaft area of Henne Mines.
– Also acquired from the bazaar through Mudslinger.


3. Windslicer Shot

So this shot is definitely powerful, with an attack power of 4.

Actually this is one of the most powerful items for gun ammunition in the entire game.

It also has a Wind elemental effect that can decimate any wind-weak enemies. Plus it combos very nicely with the Antares gun since they’re both located around the same spot.

How to get:
– Found in the Umbra – South area of Pharos – Subterra
– Also acquired from the bazaar through Armor-Piercing Shot


2. Dark Shot

The Dark shot is very similar to the Windslicer shot – but offers a slightly better elemental effect.

It has the same attack power of 4, which makes it the other highest attack ammo in the game.

But the Dark Shot, as evidenced by its name, has the Dark elemental effect with its attacks. This combos really well with the Arcturus gun, or the Fomalhaut, in order to maximize damage output.

How to get:
– Found in the South Liavell Hills area of the Cerobi Steppe and the Abyssal – North area of Pharos – Subterra
– Also acquired through the Piscodaemon hunt


1. Stone Shot

And the ultimate ammunition in the game is the Stone Shot.

Some may argue that due to its slightly lower attack power, it isn’t the most effective ammo…

But I mean, its attack power of 3 is nothing to be sad though.

Because the Stone Shot has a 25% chance to inflict Petrify on your enemies. The amount of time needed for your party to overrun any enemy afflicted with Petrify is enough to push this shot to the top of the list.

This can also maximize damage output for your Machinist by using the Mithuna, which is the strongest gun in the game.

A perfect pair.

How to get:
– Found in the Terraced Bank area of Cerobi Steppe
– Also acquired from the bazaar through Stone Shot

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