Best Foebreaker Second Job Combos in FF12: The Zodiac Age

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The Foebreaker could be thought of as the Knight’s younger sibling.

Able to use heavy armor and shields, Foebreaker has a lot of HP and strength, and can easily stand as a tank in most situations.

It gets all three swiftness tiles to make it a speedy job, too. And I mean, the Foebreaker is just that: a job that breaks foes.

It has all the technics that can lower an enemy’s strengths and defenses.

It can wade into battle pretty safely, and with its arsenal of hand bombs and the Shades of Black technic, it can easily handle flying foes.

But as most jobs do, the Foebreaker always yearns for more power. And this can be provided with a secondary job license board.

So let’s feed that desire by looking at some of the best choices to combine with Foebreaker in Final Fantasy XII.


3. Foebreaker + Red Battlemage

The Foebreaker is one of the only jobs in the game that doesn’t have any magic.

The best it can do is the Shades of Black technic, and that can be cold comfort with how low its magical power is.

Red Battlemage comes to the rescue with a big bag of spells, as well as the additional magical power to back it up.

This makes your Foebreaker a good choice for enfeeblement, crippling enemies to prepare them for to get whacked.

And speaking of whacking, the Red Battlemage also gives Foebreaker some great swords and maces.

This variety allows your Foebreaker to do more damage, and in a more reliable way.

The Foebreaker + Red Battlemage combo is just a strong spellcaster that can weaken groups of enemies, and then easily clobber their way through them.


2. Foebreaker + Archer

For as strong as hammers and axes seem (and yes they are strong), their damage formula is more randomized than any of the other melee offerings.

This means their damage isn’t as reliable as, say, a bow.

Unlike hammer and axes that use solely strength in their damage formula (as well as a bit of randomization), bows use both strength and speed to determine damage.

Foebreakers are naturally speedy and strong. So bows are a perfect fit, which makes Archer a perfect secondary job.

It gets even better if you slip on some Germinas Boots, which boost speed by +50.

When you mix the use of bows (with their elemental and status arrows) with the Foebreaker’s defense-lowering technics, you have an attacker that can create and exploit weaknesses in whatever enemies you’re fighting.

But what would you call this mix? A Bowbreaker?

Let’s just move on.


1. Foebreaker + Shikari

In FFXII, Foebreaker has the distinct pleasure of being able to wear all of the legendary Genji Gear (one of three jobs that can).

The Genji Armor, helm, and shield are wonderful.

But the real prize is the gloves.

As mentioned earlier, Foebreaker is a naturally speedy job. And as such, it’s good at hitting multiple times.

Hammers are one the better weapons for doing this.

Shikari, however, has access to ninja swords. These are better for doing high-number combos.

But combined together, the Foebreaker/Shikari is adept at chaining many multiple hits. This means you can make a beast party member that can swim through groups of enemies, and swing away to clear through all of them.

Watching that combo hit number go higher and higher is immensely satisfying. Although it’s bad news for your enemies, but who cares about them.

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