Best Foebreaker Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Foebreaker in The Zodiac Age is a jack of all trades, to say the least.

Many of its features are accessible, or even improved upon, by other jobs.

So the Foebreaker falls into more of a support or secondary role.

With this in mind, Foebreaker does have some unique traits:

It has arguably the best set of technicks, and the hammers, axes, and hand-bombs of Foebreaker are distinctive because they’re like wildcards with their high variance damage formula (which has noticeably high highs and low lows).

Regardless of what it is that draws you to this job, it’s god to know which weapons are worth chasing. So let’s count down some of the best Foebreaker weapons in the game, and where to find them.


10. Hornito

Hornito Hand Bomb from FF12

This cute bomb-shaped weapon is the first hand-bomb available to be acquired.

While not significant in any real way, it is the first time Foebreaker by itself will be able to battle flying creatures – and so this is worth picking up if that’s needed.

How to Get: Find it guaranteed in a chest in the Garamsythe Waterway – No. 10 Channel once you’re able to control the sluice gates.


9. Fumarole

Fumarole Render from FF12

The Fumarole is the rare exception to the other Foebreaker weapons, because it boosts the power of Aqua while it’s wielded.

In particular circumstances, this could be a viable strategy to take down foes weak to water – basically by equipping the Fumarole to pelt said enemy with either spells or items.

Of course, it’s also stronger than the Hornito, so it could be worth it on that alone.

How to Get: After regaining access to Barheim Passage, find the guaranteed chest in the West Annex area.


8. Francisca

Francisca Axe from FF12

The Francisca is readily available in a number of different ways – which makes it an easy to suggest weapon.

I like to think the more you can save on Foebreaker weapons, the more you can spend on harder to find & stronger weapons for your other party members.

Especially when your Foebreaker’s weapon is easy to get like this one.

How to Get: Buy it at the Phon Coast. But depending on how much stuff you killed getting there, you may have the 2 Pointed Horns, 4 Malboro Fruits, and 6 Wind Magicites that you need to buy it from the bazaar as the War Axe at half price. Alternatively, you might find it in a chest on the Phon Coast – Limatra Hills as well.


7. Morning Star

Morning Star Weapon from FF12

The Morning Star is a pretty plain weapon, all things considered.

With that said, the Morning Star does its job adequately with better stats than previous choices.

So if you need an upgrade, this shouldn’t be overlooked.

How to Get: Buy at Balfonheim Port, or grind for it in a chest at the Feywood – The Edge of Reason.


6. Volcano

Volcano and Makara Render from FF12

The Volcano will be a significant upgrade to your arsenal if you’ve been relying on hand-bombs thus far in your adventure.

Its lesser counterpart (the Caldera) is only marginally easier to acquire – and they’re both first available once you’re able to explore the Cerobi Steppe.

So I say just grind for the better one if you’re in the mood to grind at all.

How to Get: Unfortunately, this one does not have a guaranteed chest like the ones before it. So you’ll have to spend the time grinding the chest in the Cerobi Steppe – The Northsward with a Diamond Armlet equipped, or wait ‘til a little later when you’re able to do the Hunt for Catoblepas, as it’s a reward from that.


5. Greataxe

Greataxe from FF12

The Greataxe is a special weapon:

It’s the highest attack power weapon that’s available for regular purchase in the whole game. Nice!

Just be sure to pick this bad boy up as soon as you can, and you’ll be well prepared for whatever you decide to do next.

How to Get: Pick it up at the shop in Balfonheim Port.


4. Scorpion Tail

Scorpion Tail & Vrscika Weapons from FF12

The Scorpion Tail and Golden Axe (which is the next entry on this list) are very similar stat-wise.

But I personally feel the Golden Axe is slightly more worth the effort.

Depending on your circumstances though, or maybe even if you have great luck, the Scorpion Tail is for all intents and purposes just as good.

How to Get: Farm from a chest in the Cerobi Steppe – Crossfield with a Diamond Armlet equipped. If you’re bored of farming then you can head to the Henne Mines – Phase 2 and try to get it off the Rare Game enemy Glaring Eye.


3. Golden Axe

Golden Axe Render from FF12

My reasoning for putting the Golden Axe here boils down to a cheaper license (and its 2 for 1 with the Greataxe), more locations to get it, and a better chance of finding it if doing the Cerobi Steppe grind.

All that, and I think the Golden Axe looks cooler.

The Scorpion Tail shares a weapon model with the ultimate weapon, how lame.

How to Get: Another Cerobi Steppe grind, this time at the Terraced Bank. You could get it at the Necrohol of Nabudis guaranteed – but you’ll be fighting the optional boss Fury if you choose that route.


2. Makara

Volcano and Makara Render from FF12

The Makara certainly isn’t the best weapon in the game.

It’s not even the best ranged weapon.

But it is the best ranged weapon your Foebreaker has access to.

It’s fairly straightforward to get, assuming you’ve fulfilled the criteria to access the chest containing it:

Beat the Mindflayer hunt, collect 10 espers, and survive the powerful monsters. And it’s a guaranteed spawn.

The way I see it, if you’ve come this far with hand-bombs, you might as well go a little farther to reward yourself with the best one in the game.

How to Get: After meeting all the conditions mentioned above, head to Henne Mines – Phase 2 Dig and simply find the chest.


1. Vrscika

Scorpion Tail & Vrscika Weapons from FF12

This weapon’s name means “scorpion”.

So for it to be a more powerful version of the Scorpion Tail makes sense, considering they look identical.

It also explains why the bazaar item is called “The Scorpion”.

Trivia aside, it is the ultimate hammer in FFXII TZA.

And it has stats to match, boasting a much higher combo rate than any other, and a high attack power for a 1-handed weapon.

It’s not too insane for an ultimate weapon though – and there’s not much else to say here, except if you’re lacking an alternative top-tier weapon, this thing still stings.

How to Get: Track down 3 Charged Gizzards, 3 Wyrm Bones, and 4 Scorpio Gems to make The Scorpion appear in the bazaar for 70,000 gil.

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