Best Knight Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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The Knight is by far one of the strongest jobs in The Zodiac Age.

This is thanks to its array of powerful weaponry, heavy armor, shields, white magic, and augments.

If there was one job I’d default to pairing with any other job, I’d hands down choose Knight. They can always dish out some crazy damage, or fill in the gaps of other jobs’ weaknesses.

The only obstacle is figuring out how to best equip your Knight, which means figuring out which weapons are worth your time – and that’s where this ranking comes in.


10. Save the Queen

Save the Queen sword render from Final Fantasy XII

Save the Queen is essentially tied with my number 9 pick, the Defender, because they’re both about equal in power.

Save the Queen favors a slightly more offensive stat array – but the reason I’ve chosen it to be below the Defender is because the Defender’s evasion will give you more staying power in fights, rather than the slightly less consistent Save the Queen.

Still a great choice either way.

How to Get: Buy it at Balfonheim Port, or find it in a treasure chest at the Ridorana Cataract – Colosseum.


9. Defender

Defender weapon render from Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Boasting a 37 evasion rating, the Defender certainly lives up to its name.

It’s such a potent dose of defense that you won’t even notice the lack of shield that comes with wielding a greatsword.

And the best part is that you hardly sacrifice any power, because just like others of its class, this sword hits like a truck.

How to Get: Farm it from chests at the Cerobi Steppe – Old Elanise Road or grab it from a guaranteed chest at the Feywood – Edge of Reason. Alternatively, you get one from the side quest Great Cockatrice Escape which will net you all sorts of good weapons.


8. Blood Sword

Blood Sword same as Karkata render / FFXII HD

Although much weaker statistically than every other entry on the list, the Blood Sword is fairly easy to acquire.

And it gives good stats considering the point when it’s first available, not to mention it provides the useful debuff Sap – which constantly lowers an enemy’s max health.

Even if you move on to bigger and better swords, this one is worth getting and keeping for the debuff alone.

Particularly if your party composition has no other way to apply Sap to enemies.

How to Get: Grab it from a chest in the Tomb of Raithwall – Cloister of Flame or farm it from the bat-type Seekers in the same zone. They’re easy to chain, so either option shouldn’t take much time.


7. Ultima Blade

Ultima Blade render from Final Fantasy XII

This impressive looking sword isn’t actually an ultimate weapon, despite its name.

It is, however, a competent weapon that outperforms any 1-handed weapon in damage.

And it comes with a bit of evasion to help keep you alive.

How to Get: Farm it from a chest in the Cerobi Steppe – Crossfield. It can be acquired even easier if you’re giving your Rare Game trophies to Atak in the Hunt Club side quest. You’ll need 25 trophies for this big boy to show up in the shop.


6. Ragnarok

Ragnarok sword render / FFXII preview

The Ragnarok comes 1 license later than the Ultima Blade, and for good reason.

The stats across the board are better here, and it’s able to apply the Immobilize status to any enemies it hits.

While this might not be the most useful effect, it’ll at least keep enemies off of your magic users – who oftentimes end up as the focus of your enemies otherwise.

How to Get: The Ragnarok can only be acquired through the Hunt for Ixion, Fishy Dreams, which can be picked up late in the game after Pharos. Ixion can be a difficult fight unless you come prepared – but getting Ragnarok is definitely worth it.


5. Simha

Simha sword render from FFXII THe Zodiac Age

The Simha is similar to the Durandal in appearance.

But it is far superior in every way.

Its combo rate is high for a 1-handed weapon at 10%, and it even has 15 evasion – which, when paired with a shield, allows for a very defensive character.

If your sword and board knight doesn’t have access to any other desirable 1-handers from secondary jobs, the Simha will be the most consistently useful weapon to use.

How to Get: You’ll be farming bazaar materials, unless you’re willing to push far into Trial Mode for a chance to steal this from Stage 86’s Rikken. Otherwise, you’ll need to kill Necrofiends for 3 Lifewicks, Shield Wyrms for 4 Ring Wyrm Scales, and Leschach Entites for 1 Leschac Halcyon to make the Well-forged Blade appear in the bazaar.


4. Deathbringer

Deathbringer sword render from FFXII The Zodiac Age

The Deathbringer is the only item on this list that’s available to purchase.

Which is crazy, considering how strong it is.

It’s actually the 2nd most successful insta-kill item in the entire game, instantly slaying foes 12% of the time.

While it’s not the most powerful weapon (granted it has a respectable 83 attack), I’d argue that it’s very much worth swapping to this while grinding enemies vulnerable to insta-kills.

It’ll speed up the monotony considerably.

How to Get: Buy it at Balfonheim Port, find it in a chest at the Feywood – Edge of Reason, or get one through the Great Cockatrice Escape side quest.


3. Karkata

Karkata and Bloodsword same render / FFXII HD

The Karkata, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t rank this highly on the list.

But because Trial Mode exists, I have to mention it.

By the time you’re able to clear Trial Mode Stage 3, you’re able to get this sword.

And no, that’s not a typo.

This 92 attack power sword can essentially be yours as early on as you’re willing to take the time to acquire it.

The drawback is that the license to use it is near the end of the board.

But if you’re willing to farm some license points, then the Karkata can trivialize most of the game.

That’s to say nothing of its ability to inflict Confuse on any non-resistant enemy it hits, either. Which is a great status effect in and of itself.

How to Get: Steal from the Flowering Cactoid on Trial Mode Stage 3. It’s a 3% chance, but the enemies are so weak that it’s not much of a chore.


2. Tournesol

Tournesol sword render / FFXII HD

The Tournesol is an ultimate greatsword, and is truly a monstrous weapon in Final Fantasy XII.

Like all ultimate weapons, this one has the highest attack power for its class.

And it also has a boosted evasion and combo rate, too.

The only thing holding it back from the top position is the fact that it’s ludicrous difficulty to acquire.

How to Get: You’ll be scouring the lands to get your hands on 3 each of Serpentarius, Empyreal Soul, and Gemsteel (three of the hardest to acquire ingredients in the game) to make The Sunflower appear in the bazaar.


1. Excalibur

Excalibur weapon render from FF12

The Arthurian sword of legend also makes its appearance in FFXII.

And it is every bit as epic here as it is elsewhere.

Not to be confused with the Excalipur(yes, that’s really in the game), the Excalibur is only slightly weaker stat-wise than the Tournesol.

What pushes it to the top is its straightforward acquisition, and its ability to deal holy damage, allowing it to be paired with a job that can use White Robes.

And by dishing out holy damage in those robes with Excalibur, you’ll be able to push your damage through the roof.

How to Get: You’ll need to prepare to fight the esper Ultima, and head to the Great Crystal – Crystal Peak. After the battle, you’ll be able to loot this from a chest in the middle of the room.

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