The Zodiac Age: Best Knight Second Job Combos in FF12

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The Knight is the buffest boy in the FFXII license board gang.

With a very large amount of HP boosts, as well as the ability to use both heavy armor and shields, the knight is all about staying alive while routing a foe.

And the knight routs the heck out an enemy with a big boy set of swords, from the humble broadsword all the way to legendary swords like the Ultima Blade or Ragnarok.

Additional Knight perks include more powerful potions, a few choice white magic spells, and even a way to turn its MP into HP for another party member. It’s hard to imagine making this job better, but it can be done!

By adding another license board with a secondary job, your Knight can be turned up a few decibels and made into a super valuable addition to the adventuring party.


3. Knight + Time Battlemage

One of the big bummers about being a Knight is that you’re innately very slow.

The Knight license board only has one swiftness tile. And for many players, that might not be enough.

The Time Battlemage provides another three swiftness panels (for a combined 40% speed boost), more than covering for that downfall.

Time Battlemage also gives your Knight, yep you guessed it, time magic.

Haste and Bravery are the perfect complement to the Knight role.

And Bubble makes it as beefy as can be.

Plus with the extra magic boosting tiles, your Knight’s otherwise lacking magic stat gets the upgrade it needs to make your limited white magic really stand out as a strong tool for self-sufficiency.

Another smaller benefit of the Time Battlemage job is that you can start using crossbows.

This is very handy against packs of flying foes. And since crossbows are a strength-based weapon, your knight won’t lose out by using them.


2. Knight + Shikari

Much like the Time Battlemage, the Shikari job provides your Knight with an additional three swiftness squares.

But where the Shikari differs is that instead of providing magic, it gives a wider choice of equipment.

Knights who sub Shikari have access to a catalogue of light armors, as well as daggers, ninja swords, and even a few guns.

Many of these new pieces of gear come with bonuses that would be totally unavailable otherwise.

And I know that using light armor may seem silly when you have the heavy stuff. But certain light armor makes up for its lack of defense with other things.

The Rubber Suit, for instance, provides immunity to lightning. And the very good Brave Suit bestows Auto-Bravery on those who wear it, which is a non-dispellable boost to attack.

And the weapons!

Ninja Swords and daggers aren’t as fast as the other big-sword options that your Knight has. But these swifter weapons have a much higher speed, and certain daggers can give your Knight enough of a boost to evasion that it’ll have about the best defense it can get.


1. Knight + Bushi

If there was ever a perfect fit for FFXII’s Knight role, it would be the Bushi.

Soulmates, you might even say.

Giving your Knight a Bushi board boost, it gets access to not only speed, but a ton of magic boosts – along with the ability to use katanas and mystic armor.

The magic alone would make Bushi worth picking as a second job.

But look at all the other stuff you get!

Boosting your Knight’s magic so much makes the few white spells it has, feel very potent. This means you’ve now got a dependable backup healer, as well as somebody who can care for themselves.

With Bushi, you can also equip katanas. Since katanas use both strength and magic to determine damage, the job combination of Knight and Bushi (the ‘Kushi’) turns your character into a very fearsome weapon.

Another fun bonus is that the Bushi can wear the White Robes, a piece of mystic armor that boost holy damage. And the Knight can use the Excalibur, a weapon known for its holy element.

You see where I’m going?

Anything weak to holy will tremble at the mere mention – although those are mostly undead, and they’re probably just trembling anyway, what with their bones decaying.

Long story short, the Bushi is likely the best choice for the Knight in FFXII.

This can turn whatever character you pick for this combo into a hybrid powerhouse that’ll be hard to topple.

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