Best Monk Second Job Combos in FF12: The Zodiac Age

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Final Fantasy XII’s iteration of the Monk job already feels like a mix of two jobs.

It has a tremendous amount of hit points, lots of strength, and access to White Magic. Plus it can use polearms, as well as the brawler augment to make fighting unarmed an actual threat.

Honestly, Monk typically isn’t one that players look towards for any kind of diversity. But the Ivalice edition of this job really knows how to do more than expected.

So when you add another license board into the mix, you get a job that feels like a wonderful bonus, like finding an Excalibur for ten gil in a pawn shop. How could you resist?

There’s a lot of good options to buddy up with Monk, but a few are better than the rest.


3. Monk + Black Mage

While your Monk character is a beast when it comes to hit points and strength, the Monk job also has a strange affinity towards magic.

Not only can it use a few beneficial white magic spells, but it can also utilize Holy, which is typically only reserved for true blood mages.

This dip into the mystical arts can be capitalized by adding in the Black Mage license board.

By taking Black Mage as a second job, your Monk can suddenly wear mystical armor – which includes the White Robes that boost holy damage, and by extension, the power of the Staff of the Magi.

That’s a weapon that’s not great for Black Mages, but great when used by a holy-powered Monk.

Adding Black Mage also gives your Monk all, and I mean all, the black magic.

Using them to exploit weaknesses is pretty great. Plus Black Mage also gives Monk a bit more needed speed, as well as natural boosts to magic.

So yes, it sounds odd to pair the typical background spell casting Black Mage with the in-your-face physical clasher that is the Monk. But it’s actually a wonderful mix that provides plenty of benefits.


2. Monk + Time Battlemage

As well as being able to put on heavy armor, the Time Battlemage gives license to use crossbows.

Crossbows are a strength-based weapon that, like spears, allows you to hit flying enemies as well as take advantage of all the ammunition that can cause status ailments.

You’ll be making Malboros jealous with how many layers of status affects you can inflict onto enemies, flying or otherwise.

And of course, there’s the magic too. Time Battlemage has, as you’d expect, time magic.

From Disable to Hastega, it’s all very useful.

Your Monk also benefits from the Time Battlemage’s boost to magic and speed, as well as reduced MP costs. And don’t forget about the technics!

Both Shear and Addle, which reduce physical and magical defense respectively, are perfect complements to the status-inflicting powers you get with this job combo.

When you mix everything together and take the Time Battlemage with the Monk’s large amount of HP and strength, you get a magic user that’s truly (and probably more than any other job) ready for battle.

Just don’t think too much about how strange it sounds for a job called “monk” to be using crossbows and heavy armor. It’s just cool, alright?


1. Monk + Knight

What pairs great with a large HP pool?

A large defense stat!

All alone, Monks can only wear light armor. Which is fine, all things considered.

But when you put this job together with Knight, you can slip on the heavy stuff, making your Monk into a walking tank.

Using shields isn’t too preferred, though, given the Monk’s fondness of polearms. But that’s a minor gripe.

Knight also rounds out the Monk’s white magic, adding Curaga and Regen, as well as the single-target Esuna (Monk alone only has the more expensive Esunaga).

There’s also the Knight technics, such as Souleater. And with the Monk’s naturally high HP this can be used frequently, to a powerful effect.

The most enticing part of this job combo is that Knight also lets you equip Genji equipment, meaning you can slip on the Genji gloves and go to town with your spears, getting plenty of multi-hit combos.

You’ll be really surprised at how great your damage output can be here.

Actually, you probably won’t be surprised, but definitely pleased.

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