The Best Tank Gambits For FFXII: The Zodiac Age

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Setting up a tank in Final Fantasy XII involves a lot of things.

It requires a good job setup, good armor and weapons, as well as a good team that can both support the tank as well as (of course) attack the enemy.

The other big part of creating a good tank are the gambits (which are a big part of the game in general).

There are a lot of gambits in The Zodiac Age, but not all of them are copacetic towards tanking.

So let’s find out which ones are the best for creating a meat shield.


6. Self

Targeting Self Gambit in FF12

If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you manage to take care of others?

An important part of tanking is making sure that you’re always able to do the job.

The Self gambit allows the tank to always be at the ready to treat whatever ailments may befall them.

Pairing Self with any number of items, from specific ailment cures to the catch-all remedies, makes it so that whenever the tank comes down with something, he/she won’t be down with it for very long.


5. Self: HP < 50%

Self Less Than 50% HP Gambit in FF12

Sticking with the theme of self-care, Self: HP < 50% is a key component to keeping the tank alive.

Of course, a healer will probably always be present.

But in the situations when that healer is either occupied or KO’d, then it’s all up to the tank to care for itself.

This gambit makes sure that when hit points dip into the danger zone, your tank can automatically apply whatever healing they prefer – be it a Curaga or an Elixir.

Stay alive!


4. Self: 3+ Foes Present

Self with 3+ Foes Present in FF12

Getting ready for a big fight consists of many things, from making sure you’re healthy to putting up the buffs.

This gambit can automate this process for the tank.

When three or more bad dudes show up to scrap, this gambit makes sure the tank gets ready for it.

Whether that’s a Knight/White Mage casting protect and Bravery, or a Knight/Foebreaker hitting a few enemies with Addle and Wither.

Think of it like revving a chainsaw. Or making sure a bullet is in the chamber.

Being prepared means you’re prepared to win.


3. Foe: Highest HP

Foe with Highest HP Target / FF12 Tank Gambit

You might think that it would be better to target enemies with lower HP to get them out of the way first, but that’s not the tank’s job.

Let the rest of the party deal with the middling riff-raff, and let the tank handle the beefier set.

They can take the hits and lower the stronger guys down to a point where the rest of the party can handle them.

It’s all about constant crowd control – and this gambit is important is maintaining that.


2. Ally: lowest HP

Tank Gambit / Any Ally with Lowest HP in FF12

This is the closest you’ll get to the Cover ability.

Get the tank to go pay attention to the party member most in danger and save their life, be it through items, magic, or even just interfering with the enemy.

This gambit works best with a Knight/White Mage or Knight/Foebreaker setup, though it can easily be applied to any of your favorite tank job setups in FFXII.


1. Foe: Targeting Ally

Foe targeting ally gambit in FF12

When the bad guys decide that the tank isn’t interesting anymore, there’s only one other option for them: your party.

This can be super inconvenient, and sometimes even harrowing, depending on what and where you’re fighting.

But fear not!

With the Foe: Targeting Ally gambit, you can make it so when the enemies diverge away from the tank, you can get right back to them without any messiness.

It makes sure that you’re always on top of the enemies and protecting your friends.

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