The Zodiac Age: Best Uhlan Second Job Combos in FF12

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The Uhlan primarily uses spears and dabbles a bit in black magic to support them.

This is a job that is reliable in damage and usability, but also doesn’t really shine in any one area.

But don’t let that diminish the job, though! It gets a lot of strength bonuses and item boosts, such as being able to use remedies to their fullest potential.

Any accompanying license board should be chosen to further enhance the Uhlan’s dependability, and focus on filling in the gaps. While most jobs in FFXII would comfortably do this, there are a few that fit better than others.

So let me share a few good job combos and help you understand why they make the Uhlan that much better.

What I won’t do is tell you what the word ‘Uhlan’ actually means. Leave a bit of mystery, right?


3. Uhlan + Archer

The Uhlan’s spears can already attack flying enemies. So being able to use bows is redundant.

But the Archer job also provides a big boost to speed, as well a bit of white magic and a handful of technics, including the ever-useful Libra, First Aid, and Shades of Black.

You also get Steal with this job combo.

And when you’re looking to get the rare stuff, the more people you have that can steal, the easier it’ll be.

By giving the Uhlan more speed, you not only raise their rate of attack, but also how fast items are used. And with the Archer at its side, your Uhlan’s item abilities are made just a bit better, including stronger remedies, potions, and phoenix downs.

The Uhlan/Archer combo excels in being a reliable damage dealer, and somebody who can quickly use items in a pinch.


2. Uhlan + Black Mage

This sure sounds weird, but hear me out:

Uhlan has a solid magical foundation to begin with. So building on top of that just makes sense!

Adding a Black Mage secondary makes your Uhlan a much more well-rounded damage dealer. And remember that both magic and spears can attack flying enemies, which helps when they decide to resist either physical or magical damage.

Black Mages can also wear mystical armor, including the coveted White Robes which enhances holy elemental damage, thus powering up the already powerful Holy Spear.

With a White Robed, Holy Lanced Uhlan, you’ll be doing buckets of damage – especially to undead.

Adding a Black Mage also powers up Ethers, adding another great tool to the Uhlan’s utility kit.

There’s also a smattering of Green Magic available here, which admittedly may not be used too often. But having somebody who can Bubble is always welcome, just in case.


1. Uhlan + Machinist

What does any good Uhlan want?

Spears? Items? No.


Alright, honestly using guns regularly over spears isn’t ideal. But the rest of what Machinist brings should be more than enough to make this combo a worthwhile choice.

I said that guns aren’t too great for the Uhlan, and in any typical shoot-for-damage situation that’s true. But they have a hidden strength – and that lies within the ammunition.

The beauty of an Uhlan using guns is that between all the different ammunitions and their variety of spears, the Uhlan Machinist has access to every element.

This is super helpful for not only exploiting weaknesses, but also for doing so against beefy guys who take reduced damage otherwise.

The Machinist also can cast Hastega, which is probably the best time magic spell there is. And they can also use measures, which are protractor-looking doohickies that bestow various buffs on whoever they hit.

So if you fancy smacking your friends to cast good magic on them, this is a great job combo to look into.

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