Best White Mage Second Job Combos in FF12: The Zodiac Age

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As one of the most well-known jobs in the world of Final Fantasy, the White Mage is an esteemed healer and an excellent support role.

And the white mage in FF12 acts much the same, with the addition of a few unique Ivalice-only spells, as well as being able to use a select few weapons unusual to the job – such as daggers and greatswords.

You’re sure to have a White Mage somewhere in your party.

I mean, as far as adventuring groups go, they’re standard kit.

But in Ivalice, you can add another job onto White Mage in the form of a second license board, and make it even better. Let’s talk about which secondaries are a solid fit for such an iconic job.


3. White Mage + Foebreaker

Yes, it sounds odd. But if you think about it, this makes sense.

White Mages are naturally a soft and squishy job. They can restore hit points and revive friends like no one else, but they don’t have much defense (or HP) for themselves.

Foebreaker fixes this.

Foebreakers can equip heavy armor, which alone is enough to harden any White Mage to tank levels. But this secondary job also adds a lot of extra hit points, and of course, more strength.

This turns your white mage into what amounts to a suit of armor that can heal very well.

You can even use hammers, which seems like the most non-traditional white mage weapon there is.

Foebreaker also has access to Shades of Black, which gives your White Mage access to (random) Black Magic. It’s not much, but it’s great when you have nothing else to do in battle, and want to put your magic prowess to good use.


2. White Mage + Time Battlemage

The White Mage already comes with a very respectable stock of spells, and will prove invaluable because of it.

But honestly…we can do better.

The Time Battlemage job can help us do better.

Of course, the most appealing aspect of using Time Battlemage as your second is the time magic. Float, Vanish, Stop, and the always amazing Haste spells are all very useful additions to your backpack of beneficial bestowments.

And to make it even better, Time Battlemage has augments on their license board that make remedies and ethers even more powerful.

I should also mention that a Time Battlemage can wear heavy armor as well, and as we’ve already discussed, the additional defense and HP that heavy armor adds makes your White Mage a very beefy boy (or girl).

In addition, the Time Battlemage can use crossbows. These weapons are great for taking out flying enemies, but they also allow your White Mage to do everything it needs to do (heal, buff, and attack) from the edge of battle – which is a much safer place for them.

But what would we call this wonderful mix? A Pink Battlemage?


1. White Mage + Machinist

Close your eyes and imagine a traditional White Mage.

Now imagine that White Mage drawing an awesome Ivalican gun from their robes. Isn’t that the coolest thing!?

And as it happens, becoming a White Mage/Machinist combo is equally as awesome in FFXII.

Because in this game, Machinists bring a lot to the table.

They have a bunch of extra swiftness panels, which is super cool for White Mages who often need to act fast to save lives.

Further, Machinists have access to a handful of time magic spells (the best ones), including Vanishga and Hastega.

Machinists also have augments that make potions and remedies more powerful, and that kind of supplemental healing potency is amazingly useful for any White Mage.

But most of all: don’t forget about the guns!

Firearms in Final Fantasy XII are unique in that they don’t rely on any external statistic. Their power is based on the attack power of the weapon itself (as well as the ammo you load into it). This is wonderful for White Mages who don’t have a lot of excess strength.

And need I remind you that using guns means you’ll be staying away from enemies.

Doing that is usually a very good way to keep your White Mage safe.

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