Final Fantasy 13: Best Armor & Accessories To Equip

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Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most challenging titles in the franchise’s recent history. You’ll need more than luck to beat FF13, let alone tackle the optional content.

If you’ve set your sights on mastering the game, you’ll have to learn about accessories and build your characters so that you can take advantage of their abilities efficiently.

As you crank up the difficulty and progress further in, you’ll have to start hunting down some of the better accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones worth wearing (and how to get them).


15. Magus’s Bracelet

Magus’s Bracelet Final Fantasy 13

Devastating magic attacks are a common cause of death for our fate-defying heroes, so anything that can give you some magic resistance is a must-have.

The Magus’s Bracelet is the highest-ranking magic-resistant bracelet in the game, helping you resist 20-30% of the damage caused by magical attacks.

It’s also part of the Magic Defense synth group, which protects you from magic attacks.

How to get: This item is obtained by upgrading a Witch’s Bracelet to max level and then using an Adamantite as a catalyst.


14. Champion’s Belt

Champion’s Belt from FFXIII

Just as the Magus’s Bracelet protects you from magic, so does the Champion’s Belt shield you from physical blows.

It’s the Black Belt’s final form, and it provides anywhere from 20% to 30% physical damage resistance.

You can become even more physically resistant if you match it with other Physical Defense synth group items like the Morale Talisman.

How to get: The best way to get the Champion’s Belt is to upgrade a General’s Belt, then use an Adamantite as a catalyst.


13. Hermes Sandals

Hermes Sandals from FF13

Being impervious to damage isn’t all there is to great l’Cie warriors.

Speed is also vital – and by “speed”, I mean the rate at which your ATB gauge fills-up.

The Hermes Sandals can help you by casting Haste on the wearer whenever their health gets low. This gives the character a small window to recover in situations where they’d otherwise be doomed.

This item belongs to the Boost synth group, which provides up to 30% faster ATB charge rate.

How to get: These sandals can be obtained as a reward for defeating Zenobia, The Butcher – one of The Undying – during Cie’th Mission 34. You can begin the quest at the Way of the Ancients, and Zenobia can be found on the Haerii Archaeopolis.


12. Magistral Crest

Magistral Crest Final Fantasy 13

No amount of speed and defense will help if your characters can’t deal enough damage.

The Magical Crest can help magic-users like Vanille and Lightning a lot in that regard, by providing a massive 200-300 point boost to their Magic stat.

Equip four of these and a special weapon to activate the Ultimate Magic synth group’s ability – Magic Damper.

It will make your characters impervious to magic damage, at the cost of not healing through spells.

Keep in mind only Snow and Fang have the required weapons available, so only these two characters will benefit from Magic Damper.

How to get: The Magistral Crest is the final form of any magic-boosting items, such as the Sorcerer’s Mark or the Weirding Glyph. To upgrade the Weirding Glyph, you’ll need a Dark Matter catalyst, a rare drop from Shao Long.


11. Kaiser Knuckle

Kaiser Knuckle FFXIII

As you might expect, there’s an equivalent item for melee fighters.

The Kaiser Knuckle will increase your character’s Strength stat by up to 300 points.

Four of these and specific weapons belonging to Hope and Fang are required to activate the Ultimate Physic synth group, making the equipped character impervious to all physical damage.

How to get: The Kaiser Knuckle is the highest Rank among the Strength-boosting items. You can obtain it by upgrading a Power Glove through the use of Dark Matter as a Catalyst.


10. Nimbletoe Boots

Nimbletoe Boots from FF13

Any competent Sentinel knows to keep their Nimbletoe Boots nearby.

These nifty boots have the Improved Evasion ability, increasing the Sentinel’s Evade success chance by 10%. Can’t touch this!

It also belongs to the Boost synth group. If you wear it with others of its kind, it’ll increase the recharge rate of your ATB gauge.

How to get: These boots are a rare drop from Edimmu and Penanggalan Cie’th enemies. They can also be bought from Moogleworks by Chapter 11. Alternatively, upgrade an Aurora Scarf with a Cobaltite catalyst.


9. Sprint Shoes

Sprint Shoes Final Fantasy 13

Late into the game, a faster ATB gauge recharge is a must. The Sprint Shoes can help a lot by casting Haste automatically at the beginning of the battle, speeding ATB gauge recharge by 50%.

It’s essential for scoring five-star rankings in battles, increasing your TP gain and rare loot chances.

Like our previous entry, the Sprint Shoes belong to the Boost synth group, which can increase your ATB recharge rate further.

How to get: You can get these shoes by either dismantling an upgraded Tetradic Crown or Tiara, or by upgrading Hermes Sandals with a Perovskite as a catalyst.


8. Blessed Talisman

Blessed Talisman FFXIII screenshot

Another accessory that’ll cast a spell on you upon starting a battle is the Blessed Talisman. The spell in question is Faith, which boosts all dealt magical damage by 40%.

While its effect focuses on offense, it’s part of the Magic Defense synth group. It’s synth ability, Magical Wall, will make your characters considerably more resistant to magical damage as well.

How to get: This item will drop from the Kalavinka Striker on the Palamecia the second time you defeat it.


7. Morale Talisman

Morale Talisman Final Fantasy 13

I’d recommend the Morale Talisman for characters who spend more time whacking monsters over the head with sticks rather than casting magic.

This mystic accessory will cast Bravery on your character, increasing their melee attack power by 40%.

In addition to making most fights go by quicker, the Morale Talisman can be equipped with other pieces of the Physical Defense group to activate Physical Wall.

It’ll make your characters more of a tank by reducing the melee damage they’d take.

How to get: The Morale Talisman is the upgraded version of the Hero’s Amulet, obtained by using a Perovskite as a catalyst.


6. Connoisseur’s Catalog

Connoisseur’s Catalog from from FF13

Not all items are meant to make you better in combat. Some are there to help you line your pockets.

The Connoisseur’s Catalog provides the Item Collector bonus, a must-have for those hunting rare catalysts like Trapezohedrons and Dark Matter.

Item Collector makes rare drops 10% more common. Be careful not to mistake it with Item Scavenger, which makes common drops 50% more likely.

How to get: Rather than finding it or buying it, you’ll have to make your own Connoisseur’s Catalog from a Collector’s Catalogue by upgrading it, then using a Mnar Stone to ascend it.


5. Whistlewind Scarf

Whistlewind Scarf Final Fantasy 13

The Whistlewind Scarf will give your party a head-start by giving you a full ATB gauge segment at the start of the fight.

It’s also part of the Boost synth group, which can increase your ATB recharge rate.

This scarf will become more important the further you progress into the game, as will the Boost synth group’s benefits.

How to get: There are many ways to get the Whistlewind Scarf. You can buy it at the Starboards Weather Deck on the Palamecia or the Paddraean Achaeopolis on the Yaschas Massif. You can also get it from Moogleworks starting Ch. 10, or as a drop from Edimmu or Penanggalan.


4. Growth Egg

Growth Egg from FF13

Before you’re micro-managing your accessories, you’re going to focus on leveling-up, and nothing will help you more than a Growth Egg.

Called an EXP Egg on other Final Fantasy titles, this item will double the amount of CP your entire party gains per fight, halving the time it takes to level up.

How to get: Get it as a reward for defeating a Neochu in Aggra’s Pasture to complete Cie’th Mission 55 during Chapter 11. You’ll find the stone to start the mission around the Deserted Schoolhouse in Oerba.


3. Speed Sash

Speed Sash FFXIII screenshot

The Speed Sash is equally valuable for its primary ability and the synth group it belongs to.

Not only does it recharge your ATB gauge whenever you down an enemy, but the Gestalt synth group will provide a chance of Random: Instant Chain.

You’ll stagger your opponents at random from time to time as long as you equip this and at least two other Gestalt items.

How to get: You can buy it at Eastern Tors on the Archylte Steppe, or from Moogleworks starting Ch. 11. Alternatively, you’ll get one as a reward for Cie’th Mission 21, 43, and 58.


2. Aurora Scarf

Aurora Scarf from Final Fantasy 13

The Aurora Scarf will give you a full ATB gauge at the start of battle, letting you take control of the situation fast and decisively.

It’s also part of the Boost synth group, which’ll keep you on a brisk pace toward victory by recharging your ATB gauge faster.

How to get: The Aurora Scarf can only be obtained by upgrading a Whistlewind Scarf and using a Rhodocrosite as a transformation catalyst.


1. Genji Glove

Genji Glove FFXIII screenshot

Most damage in FF13 is capped at 99,999 for balance reasons.

But there’s an item that’ll let you rebel against this arbitrary damage cap.

The Genji Glove has been a thing since the original Final Fantasy. And in FFXIII, it’ll let the equipped character soar over the damage cap with ease.

It’s a must for post-game content. And it’ll help you get the Break Damage Limit achievement/trophy.

How to get: This fantastic item is given out as a reward for completing Cie’th Mission 51, 62, and 63.

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