Best Early Weapons in Final Fantasy 13 (For All Characters)

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Final Fantasy 13 is a gorgeous game with amazing visuals, quality voice acting, and a brilliant music score.

An age-old tale of a humble group fighting against tyrannical Overlords bent on destroying all life.

While some have criticized the linear feel of the gameplay, others praised its in-depth tactical systems. And if you’re picking it up now for the first time, you’ll find yourself immersed in the combat formation system, and playing around with different weapon+item combos to unlock the ideal abilities for your party.

To help you out during the early parts of FF13, I’ve listed the best early weapons and accessory choices that unlock passive abilities, and further add to your character properties.


Lightning – Gladius

Gladius Gunblade in FF13

“A versatile sword that’s easy to carry. It’s a super-sized version of a much smaller dagger.”

This tidy little gun-blade can be found in a treasure orb during chapter two.

Pairing its high attack power with 2 power wristbands will ramp up our leading lady’s strength stat, and unlock the physical wall 10 ability; absorbing 10 damage from each physical attack!

This is a perfect early game choice for Lighting in the role of commando; giving her the ability to tank damage and keep up an unrelenting assault on any enemies that are unwise enough to cross your path!


Sazh – Deneb Duellers

Deneb Duellers Guns in FF13

“Depsite their lack of special functions, these weapons are favoured by many for their simple and sturdy design.”

Obtained very early in the game, this pair of pistols makes a great early choice for our resident synergist.

Sazh’s weapons tend to emphasize either physical or magical attack, at the detriment to the other. And these puppies lean towards magic, making them perfect for the Ravager Role!

Since Sazh is such a min-maxer (no judgment) why not go with the flow and give him a magician’s mark or two? This can further boost up magical attack, and give him magic wall to boot! Which is similar to physical wall, so this ability will soak up some damage from magical attacks aimed at him.


Hope – Ninurta

Ninurta Weapon in FF13

“Designed with balanced performance in mind, this boomerang deliberately avoids the extreme characteristics of competitor models.”

Honestly, early game with Hope is a bit lonely on the weapons front.

You have his starting weapon Airwing until chapter 4! Once you get the Ninurta, though, the game changes for Hope.

It’s got good magic offense, and combining this with a silver bangle or two is going to aid his low HP and grant him physical wall.

Hope is easily the best mage in the group, and usually ends up as a preferred party member endgame.

But early game takes a bit of learning before you figure him out. Especially when trying to keep from hitting 0 HP right at the start of combat.

So give him those silver bangles and physical wall and you’ll see him performing to the max!


Snow – Power Circle

Power Circle in FF13

“Using the latest in military-grade AMP technology, this emblem boosts the physical power of the wearer.”

Snow. Snow, Snow, Snow. The stereotypical, loud, kind-hearted heroic wannabe!

Functioning as a kind of counter point to Hope, Snow is all about the HP and physical strength. And his weapon Power Circle emphasizes that!

You get this bad boy right at the beginning of the game. And it can actually see you through right to the end!

For accessories to compliment it, I’d go with either two iron bangles, or two power wristbands.

The iron bangles further boost his monstrous HP and give him high HP power surge (when his HP is above 90%, boosting his physical and magical attack).

The Power wristbands turn his fists from slabs of concrete, into slabs of granite!


Fang – Bladed Lance

Bladed Lance in FF13

“This weapon is used for hunting as well as traditional martial arts.”

A simple description for a simple weapon. Sometimes the direct approach is the best.

Fang is the last member to join the party, and her bladed Lance does its job for her perfectly.

Higher attack power and the physical wall ability can be unlocked by adding a couple of power wristbands – further boosting Fang’s lovely physical attack stat!

Fang is great as a Commando or Sentinel. But if you go for Sentinel over Commando, I would perhaps switch the wristbands for two blackbelts, which will give her physical resistance plus physical wall.

Those swords and bullets will just be bouncing off her!


Vanille – Binding Rod

Binding Rod in FF13

“By casting high-tensile wires, this unusual weapon can be used to attack opponents from a moderate distance.”

Everyone’s favorite high energy lady! In a sometimes-overwhelmingly bleak story, Vanille provides a bright spark of light that chases away the shadows.

Her starting weapon will easily see you through until the later parts of the game.

The stats may seem skewed towards the physical (when she clearly is clearly geared to be a caster). But let’s remember that her main role will always be a Saboteur.

Setting her up with a pair of silver bangles early on will keep the worst of the damage off of her, thanks to physical wall.

The boost to HP from those bangles will also keep her safe while she’s casting debilitating spells on your opponents, as Vanille steps back and leans on her staff while her minions – wait I mean friends! – do all the dirty work for her.

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