Final Fantasy XV: The Best Attire, Ranked

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Fashion is a much bigger part of Final Fantasy XV than it ever was in prior games.

There are a lot of different outfits that the Royal Crew can wear, with each providing different benefits to stats and specials.

And they all look so snappy!

You might have trouble deciding which outfit to wear, why, and when, so let’s look at each member’s best clothes to help you pick out their wardrobe.




3. Magitek Exosuit

Magitek Exosuit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

It’s pretty obvious, but if Noctis gets KO’d then it’s game over.

And the game can sometimes go out of its way to make sure that you see that unfortunate fate, using super high-level enemies or instant death attacks.

These instances of cheap defeat can be easily nullified by using the Magitek Exosuit.

It only has enough charge to be used for one battle every 20 real-life hours – but during that battle you’ll be invincible. Damage, status effects, none of it will affect you.

It’s a very cool way to cheat the system.

But the strict time limit and recharge rate drastically affect how useful it can really be.


2. Prince’s Fatigues (No Jacket)

Prince’s Fatigues (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

It’s a safe bet that most players will remove Noctis’ jacket. And that’s because doing so gives the prince a substantial +20% boost to his strength.

Boosts to hit points are much easier, and much more unnecessary, than those to primary stats.

Noctis’ casual T-shirt look offers him a great edge in battle, and not just early on.

For most of the story it will benefit you to keep the Lucian lord without his jacket.

The strength boost is just that useful.


1. Royal Raiment (No Jacket)

Royal Raiment (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

The Royal Raiment is Noctis’ fanciest “dinner party” outfit, and it gets even better once you take off the jacket.

This business casual style provides not only the suave demeanor that any royal diplomat requires, but also gives a large +30% boost to magic, and provides an infinite amount of stamina.

This means that after the canapes and wine sifters, you can dash as much as you’d like after that Cactuar or behemoth.

It’s not too often that you get to look this good with attached benefits that are just as striking.

Play for a while with innate infinite stamina and you’ll find it hard to go back to having to worry about it.

And you’ll find it even harder to go back to looking like anything less than a true prince.




3. Crownsguard Fatigues

Crownsguard Fatigues Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Gladio is a tank, and he knows it.

That’s why his initial outfit, the one he chose to take the adventure in, provides him with a sturdy +20% HP boost.

This buff to hit points is a perfect fit for this buff boi, and for his role in the party.

Never mind that the whole “no shirt and jacket” thing is super intimidating (for all the right reasons).

Gladio already has a lot of hit points. But adding even more means he can weather attacks which others wouldn’t be able to.

Tie this in with abilities like his Royal Guard and you’ll have a bro that can take more than a bullet for you.


2. Kingsglaive Garb

Kingsglaive Garb Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Dressing Gladio in his own formal Kingsglaive outfit is the perfect continuation of the idea that he’s the party’s tank.

This royal outfit, meant primarily for special occasions and endgame tussles, can be worn anytime – and it gives our large bro a +30% boost to both vitality and spirit.

This combination makes the already hearty Gladio even heartier.

The difference between a casual Gladio and a formal one is absolutely noticeable, and can mean the difference between life and death.

Again, this outfit pairs wonderfully with his defensive abilities.

Plus… come on. Look how good he looks!


1. Rugged Attire

Rugged Attire in Final Fantasy XV

There’s a certain sect of players (and you know who you are) who wants to just take off as much of Gladio’s clothes as possible.

For a while after launch, the closest you could get was just a tank top. But now all those dreams have come true!

The Rugged Attire, earned through Gladio’s DLC, puts our main man in the buff – and with a large boost to strength to boot.

This gruff and rough attire makes Gladio a true beast in battle.

Even better, going shirt pro bono increases item drop and discovery rate by almost double!

Don’t ask how that works, just enjoy the benefits.

Tons of extra strength and tons of extra items makes Gladio’s Rugged Attire his best bet.




3. Crownsguard Fatigues

Crownsguard Fatigues Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Out of the whole crew, Prompto has the lowest innate stats.

This doesn’t mean he can’t be useful, because he certainly is.

But as far as needing an extra boost? He’s at the front of the line.

The Crownsguard Fatigues do just that, and give our lovable shutterbug a +20% boost to his HP. This pump is exactly what he needs, too.

It takes him more than a few levels to be able to level out his HP with the rest of the party’s average.

Yes, it’s true that Prompto stays on the fringe of battle most of the time. But this doesn’t mean he’s immune to damage.

Any help he can get in surviving the endless battles is appreciated.


2. Casual Outfit (No Jacket)

Casual Outfit (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Removing the jacket seems to be a running theme – but that’s acceptable when doing so provides so much benefit.

Prompto is all about striking quick and hard, using firearms to deliver precision strikes and rapid-fire techniques.

His casual outfit sans jacket gives him a +20% boost to critical hits – meaning all his attacks will deliver that much more damage.

When facing a group of flying enemies, foes that have breakable parts, or even giants that require lots of effort to topple, casual Prompto can deal lots of damage in short order – and really help the battle come to a close much quicker.


1. Hyur Outfit

Hyur Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

After the team meets (and subsequently helps) the mysterious Eorzean adventurer, they get rewarded with a set of unique outfits.

Prompto’s gift is the Hyur gear: a simple recreation of another world’s fashion that provides a much-needed boost to both vitality and spirit.

Prompto isn’t naturally as strong as his contemporaries, as we’ve discussed. So getting a +30% boost to the primary defense stats means the world to the boy.

And it looks cool!

Keeping Prompto in his defenses is fantastic, but that combo of leather and cloth really fits well with his boyish demeanor.

The stat boosts for spirit and vitality are just too good.

Well worth the time you’ll spend doing the side quest required.




3. Elezen Outfit

Elezen Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

From the same quest that provides Prompto’s Hyur Outfit comes Ignis’ Elezen version.

And for the same reasons that it’s wonderful for Prompto, the Elezen Outfit is perfect for Ignis.

The boosts to defense and magic defense are excellent, and maybe even more so here, considering Ignis is the group’s de facto healer.

Keeping Ignis alive and able to stand through tough attacks is key – that way he can help regroup and keep the team’s hit points topped off.

Or maybe he can focus the team to deal significant damage… look, there are lots of ways Ignis can help. And keeping his defenses high is important in making sure he can.

The Elezen Outfit is great for that.


2. Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

As Ignis can truly help keep the party alive and focused, anything that keeps him alive and focused is worth getting.

The Casual Outfit is not only a snazzy everyday affair (love those suspenders), but it also makes Ignis immune to common stat-reducing effects, such as strength down, magic down, burns, and movement-impairing freezing effect.

Casual Ignis is just too smooth to have anything really affect him.

He’ll stroll on through battle with no mind to what your enemies are trying to do to him – and in turn, he’ll help the party do the same.


1. Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket)

Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Let’s take the jacket off one more time.

Now we can dress up Ignis in his default Crownsguard gear and strip the jacket to give our spectacled friend a boost to both strength and magic.

This +20% is enough to make a huge difference as you fight through wood and wastes.

Especially for Ignis, who specializes in using magic to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Ultimately, he just looks too good to fail.

That silk shirt does all kinds of good for him, from looking as sharp as his daggers, to making him that much stronger.

When they say “looks can kill” I think this is what they’re referring to.

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