5 Best Daggers in Final Fantasy XV (And How To Get Them)

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Of the seven different basic weapon types in Final Fantasy XV, daggers are the weakest in terms of attack power, but more than make up for it with their speed and style.

There are a lot of different dagger weapons around the world of Eos to pick from.

And all of them are useful in one way or another. But as it usually is, some stand out as spectacular.


5. Delta Daggers

Delta Daggers / Final Fantasy XV

One of a dagger’s best features is how fast it can attack.

Pressing forward while attacking causes Noctis to strike in a never-ending chain without a finisher, meaning you have an incredible number of chances to inflict the weapon’s status effect onto the enemy.

The Delta Daggers have a 10% chance to inflict the Compromised status on an enemy, which reduces their defense.

This means that the whole party benefits and the fight ends quicker.

You can inflict the effect super-fast due to the dagger’s speed, too. Make enemies suffer!

How to Obtain: Find near the Rock of Ravatogh or purchase in Altissia.


4. Mage Mashers

Mage Mashers / Final Fantasy XV

These daggers, taken from Final Fantasy IX, don’t have too much attack power… but they more than make up for it with their boost to magic.

And since you get them so early in the game, they’ll be super useful for that stretch when you’re just getting your feet wet.

The best part about them, though, is even after they’ve outlived their usefulness as weapons, they can still live on as a defensive tool.

Because they provide a wonderful 30% damage reduction to fire, ice, and lightning damage.

How to Obtain: Originally a pre-order bonus, but now standard inclusion with the Royal and PC versions of the game.


3. Vigilantes

Vigilantes Daggers / Final Fantasy XV

Like the Delta Daggers, the Vigilantes have a chance to inflict a status effect on hit, this time being Stop.

It’s only a 5% chance, but with the dagger’s innate high rate of attack, achieving that success is all but a promise.

What makes the Vigilantes just that much better is their respectable attack power.

They have enough of a bite to be used to deal good damage, instead of just swinging around in hopes of causing the effect so you can move on to another more powerful weapon.

How to Obtain: Find them in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto in Chapter 15.


2. Zwill Crossblades

Zwill Crossblades / Final Fantasy XV

The old adage “the best defense is a good offense” is never truer than with the Zwill Crossblades.

They have a very good attack power, as well as a small boost to magic and max MP.

Their true strength, however, lies in their innate ability:

When the user is at max HP, the weapons provide a whopping 80% damage boost.

This has huge implications in terms of battle.

If you find yourself in a fight that you know forwards and backwards against a foe with a lot of HP, the Zwill Crossblades will help tremendously to cut down that battle time.

They’re effective against most everything, especially a specific gigantic turtle superboss.

How to Obtain: Finish all of Randolph’s quests in Lestallum.


1. Plumes of the Vortex

Plumes of the Vortex Dagger / Final Fantasy XV

The Plumes of the Vortex are a crossover weapon from Final Fantasy XIV, and easily the strongest daggers in Final Fantasy XV.

Not only do they have a crazy high amount of attack power (320, which for daggers is insane) but they also give a boost to every other stat.

It’s like getting a great weapon and armor all at once!

Not only that, but the Plumes even increase the damage of mid-air attacks and greatly reduce MP costs while airborne.

These truly are the best daggers in the game – and well worth the trouble of grinding to get them.

How to Obtain: Purchase from the Y’jhimei’s trading post in Perpetouss Keep using various items earned from the Final Fantasy XIV crossover quest.

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