Final Fantasy XV: The Best Hunts Worth Doing

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Hunts in Final Fantasy XV are no different than any other hunt system:

You find a post requesting a monster be eliminated, and then you go and eliminate it. Simple!

However, there are a lot of hunts to be done. Well over 40.

And while you might eventually do them all, there are a few that stand out as extra special and more worth your attention.


10. Howling Wind of Hunger – Sabertusks

Howling Wind of Hunger - Sabertusks FF15 Screenshot

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, right?

And this is where your journey of hunts will begin!

This is an important hunt to take not because of the prize or the experience points, but because it’s the first hunt.

You’ll learn how the system works and get a grip on Final Fantasy XV’s battle system.

The hunt itself is seven or so Sabertusks just a hundred feet from Hammerhead – no big deal.

But what you learn from only finishing it and completing a hunt properly is super valuable, and a great way to start the game.


9. Things from Our Past – Necromancers

Things from Our Past / Necromancer Hunt in FFXV

Well after the sun has set and the world has become dark, three Necromancers start kicking around near the Fallgrove.

They’re causing trouble, so take the hunt from Cauthess Rest Area and get to work!

These Necromancers can, understandably, cause instant death. But there are plenty of accessories and meal effects to combat that – and once you’re immune to it, they become a cakewalk.

Getting (and clearing) this hunt early is a definite boon, as it rewards you with a pair of Rune Earrings, which give a remarkable +100 to your magic!

It’s the perfect fit for the caster in your group, or even the folk who like using elemental weapons.


8. A Wall in Our Way – Daemonwall

A Wall in Our Way / Daemonwall FFXV Hunt battle

A common theme with hunts is that their monsters usually lurk inside dungeons that the party would be visiting anyway. So it’s always a good idea to double-check – and the Daemonwall is a perfect example of this.

This Final Fantasy classic is sleeping inside the Steyliff Grove, the home of one of Noctis’ Royal Arms.

Steyliff Grove is a pain in the butt to complete fully, and nobody wants to have to come back through it. So accepting this hunt before dungeon-diving will make sure you clear it all in one go.

And you get rewarded with a strength-boosting Emerald Bracelet!


7. Dead General Strikes Down the King – Ayakashi

Dead General Strikes Down the King / Ayakashi Hunt in FFXV

Cool name, right?

And this hunt only keeps getting cooler after that!

Once you accept it from Lestallum you can head on out and fight none other than an awesome daemon samurai – who will in all likelihood destroy your party a few times before you defeat him.

The Ayakashi samurai has big swings and lots of instant death attacks. It’s fast and powerful enough to be considered a superboss (though he ranks low on that list).

Defeating him will take a considerable amount of effort, but your reward is a Ribbon.

As usual, the Ribbon in FFXV prevents all status ailments.

And there’s only three in the game – so it’s totally worth all the effort you put in to earn it.


6. A Most Behemoth Undertaking – Behemoth Tyrant

A Most Behemoth Undertaking / Behemoth Tyrant FF15 Screenshot

Something you’ll notice about the world of Eos is that it has kind of a behemoth problem.

There always seems to be one of the beasts causing trouble somewhere. The hunt boards often reflect this, with one such example being the Behemoth Tyrant.

Given to you at the Wiz Chocobo Post, this hunt will have you chase down (another) behemoth to give the animals some peace.

And you fight the Tyrant at the same location you fought another behemoth (which we’ll discuss later).

The Tyrant isn’t an easy mark to take down, though the environment helps a lot.

Using explosive barrels and tight corridors to your advantage, you can easily fell the beast and get a Gold Bangle as a reward, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you helped the natural world.


5. Malmalam Mirage – Bandersnatch

Malmalam Mirage / Bandersnatch in Final Fantasy XV

Before heading into the Malmalam Thicket to search down another of the Royal Arms, it’s best to accept this hunt.

The boss at the end of the dungeon is usually a level 38 Bandersnatch, fairly easy fodder for the party.

But taking the Malmalam Mirage hunt evolves it into a level 47 Bandersnatch, which is a fair bit trickier but also has much better rewards in terms of experience and drops.

It’s also another hunt of convenience, as once you clear the dungeon and the hunt, you’ll never have to come back through the Thicket again – making your life that much easier.


4. Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens – Catoblepas

Marsh Madness! / Catoblepas FFXV Hunt battle

The last quest that Takka (the chef-owner of Hammerhead’s diner) gives you is one that tasks the group with finding a Catoblepas Steak.

This is way more involved that it seems, requiring you to be a level four hunter, as well as level 30 to be able to topple the required beast.

You can take the hunt for the Catoblepas from Coernix Station.

This is a great hunt because you’ll be getting two different rewards for it:

One for the hunt, and one for Takka’s quest.

The Catoblepas isn’t too bad a fight, either.

Just focus on its back legs and dodge your heart out.

You’ll come out of everything with a lot of gil, experience, ingredients, and a shiny new Blue Choker.


3. Feathered Giant of Firesmoke – Zu

Feathered Giant of Firesmoke / Zu Hunt in FFXV

If you travel up the Ravatogh volcano early, you’ll come across a giant nest with giant eggs – but no giant bird.

Later in the game, once you’re stronger, you can return after taking this hunt to finally meet the tremendous avian owner of the place.

The Zu bird is super intimidating.

It’s gigantic and loves AOE attacks, but it’s also stupidly weak to fire and heavy weapon attacks. So taking it down, even a few levels lower than it, shouldn’t be a problem.

The real appeal of this hunt isn’t the initial reward (a Champion’s Anklet), it’s the ability to farm the Zu for its tender meat – which Ignis can turn into skewers for one of the better foods in the game (+2000 HP and 80% crit rate).


2. Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe – Adamantoise

Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe / Adamantoise FFXV Hunt

As perhaps Final Fantasy XV’s most iconic hunt (and boss battle in general), the Adamantoise is a true spectacle to behold.

And it’s something that every adventurer in Eos should experience.

Fighting the giant turtle is a true test of skill, power, and courage – which is greatly rewarded with lots of experience, gil, and a really great accessory.

The fight itself isn’t too bad if you’re prepared.

A victory against the Adamantoise rewards you with more than just the Adamantite Bangle (+10000 HP), as it also gives you the fantastic experience of fighting the biggest & most imposing superboss in the game – a battle that will last no less than an hour.


1. A Behemoth Undertaking – Deadeye

A Behemoth Undertaking / Deadeye Hunt in FFXV

This may seem rather underwhelming when compared to the list of baddies before it.

But this hunt is actually very important for the quality of life in Eos.

Accepting the hunt from the Wiz Chocobo Post puts you on course to hunt down another behemoth.

This one is special though.

Not just because it has a cool name, but because it’s missing an eye and has a propensity to eat Chocobos.

Defeating the purple menace does more than get you monetary reward, too. It also unlocks the ability to ride Chocobos!

Having the power to summon a bird mount whenever you deem fit is something you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Sure, Deadeye might not have the spectacle or challenge as the other hunts on this list.

But the reward is something that will last you the entire game – and maybe even beyond.

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