The Best Machinery Weapons in Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV borrows a lot from previous games in the series. And this is pretty evident when looking at the line-up of machines.

Most of them are cribbed from Edgar Figaro’s arsenal from Final Fantasy VI, and most are just as useful.

In XV, Prompto is the machinery boy, using them to great effect with his abilities. But Noctis can wield them just as well – and there are a lot of monsters weak to their attacks.

There are a bunch of machines to choose from, though. So let’s take a look at the best ones so you know what to put into your hands.


5. Flamebreath Cannon

Flamebreath Cannon Machinery Weapon / Final Fantasy XV

While there’s a lot of machine weapons that specialize in attacking a wide area, none are as cool looking (or satisfying) as the Flamebreath Cannon.

What you expect from the name is pretty much what you get:

A large cannon that spews a stream of fire that lasts as long as your MP.

Hold down that button and anything in the way is going to get burned.

And of course, it’s elemental too. Meaning that anything weak to magic (or fire) will get 100% annihilated by the constant damage put up it.

The Flamebreath Cannon is great against things like Flans or Iron Giants who heavily resist physical attacks.

It’s also perfect for clearing a room of low-level fodder, or getting rid of those pesky add enemies that join boss fights.

How to Obtain: Very late game, you can find this weapon in the Kingsglaive Base Camp.


4. Circular Saw

Circular Saw Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

The Circular Saw is a more close-range weapon.

Its meager AOE attack does go very far, and when swinging it around the distance is usually only a few feet away from Noctis.

This doesn’t diminish its power, though!

The Circular Saw is great for keeping enemies at bay and establishing a safe space around whomever’s using it.

Prompto can use the saw to excellent effect, especially with a few of his abilities.

Noctis can use it to do excellent single-target damage – and in both cases the saw works best against big enemies, such as imperial mechs or behemoths.

And even better, the Circular Saw can be upgraded to just about triple its attack power.

How to Obtain: Guaranteed drop from the MA-X Cuirass boss at the end of Chapter 2.


3. Auto Crossbow

Auto Crossbow Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

If you keep getting bothered by low-level packs of Sabertusks, goblins, or scorpions, then the Auto Crossbow is for you.

As a designated area-of-effect weapon, the Crossbow makes quick work of groups of enemies and can easily eliminate the small fry.

This is super handy when exploring the fields of Eos, as it keeps the rhythm of travel going without too much interruption.

The Auto Crossbow is great for dungeons for the same reason.

In their tight quarters, a spray of arrows is sure to not only hit, but do significant damage.

And when you take the time to upgrade the Crossbow?

You’ll have a weapon that’ll be useful forever.

How to Obtain: Found in the Keycatrich Trench.


2. Bioblaster

Bioblaster Machinery / Final Fantasy XV

While out on hunts (or against tougher bosses) you might come across a pack of monsters that can’t quite be dispatched easily.

Stuff like the Auto Crossbow and Flamebreath Cannon are helpful in these situations, but really the Bioblaster stands out more.

This bit of machinery sprays a cloud of poison across the room, poisoning enemies that get caught in it.

The best use of the Bioblaster is to apply the toxin as early in the battle as possible.

Applying a poison means a steady source of damage that you don’t have to worry about. It’s free damage!

And it’s easy to re-apply, just a quick tap away.

It’s also fairly easy to upgrade, more than doubling its output.

How to Obtain: Found outside of the Keycatrich Trench, just south of the entrance.


1. Drillbreaker

Drillbreaker Machinery Weapon / Final Fantasy XV

Getting up close and dealing lots of damage isn’t a unique feature to anything in Final Fantasy XV.

But the Drillbreaker is probably the best example of it.

Using this machine, you can sneak in next to an enemy and deal lots of damage as you pierce their hide with your rotating bit.

This is a great way to even the odds, as well as one of the easier ways to break enemies.

It’s also useful for breaking parts off of ground-based monsters.

The upgraded Drillbreaker is the strongest machine weapon in the game!

It’s a great opener in battle, and a true nightmare for enemies weak to machines – or really any enemy, now that I think about it.

How to Obtain: Infiltrate the option Formouth Garrison in Chapter 8 and find the weapon there.

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