The Best Polearms in Final Fantasy XV (Ranked)

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Out of all the weapon types in Final Fantasy XV, polearms provide a much longer reach and are generally more heavy-hitting, sitting second only to Greatswords in terms of raw damage.

Best when used in the air, but really great at any altitude, polearms are a solid choice of weapon against your everyday daemon.

There are more than a few spread around Eos, though.

So which are the best of the best?

Let’s rank the top polearms you can get in FFXV, along with how to get each one.


5. Gae Bolg

FFXV Gae Bolg screenshot

If you’re at all familiar with Final Fantasy XV’s MMO predecessor, then you more than likely already know about the Gae Bolg.

This legendary Dragoon’s lance makes a guest appearance in Eos, and is one of the best starting weapons you can get.

It has the excellent range you’d expect, as well as a +45% damage boost when warp striking.

It’s the perfect weapon to learn the ropes with – and a great head-start into Noctis’ adventure with the boys.

Best of all? It’s free!

How to Obtain: This weapon comes standard in new games of the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV.


4. Precision Lance

FFXV Precision Lance screenshot

When it comes down to it, the most important part of a weapon is how much damage it does.

The Precision Lance is all about that aspect.

It has a high attack power, and comes with a +10% boost to your critical hit rate, which means that you’ll score even more damage – especially in longer tussles.

Whoever named this thing was pretty accurate, too. As it’s a weapon all about being precise, right down to the bone.

How to Obtain: Find it at the bottom of the Daurell Caverns, or earn it as a prize in Altissia’s Totomonstro minigame.


3. Drain Lance III

FFXV Drain Lance III screenshot

Drain Lance III is the third iteration of Master Mechanic Cid’s lance series.

It has a fairly decent attack power, and can be your primary lance for quite a while. And if you like using a lot of magic, it’ll be in your hands for even longer.

Whenever you defeat an enemy with the DL3 you’ll absorb some of whatever element that beasty had on it.

It may not be a lot of energy, but with how many monsters you defeat in your travels, you’ll see it add up right quick. And it becomes a lot easier to keep those magic flasks full.

How to Obtain: Give the Drain Lance II and some Coeurl Whiskers to Cid at the Hammerhead Garage.


2. Rapier Lance

FFXV Rapier Lance screenshot

Item hunting is a big part of Final Fantasy XV’s adventure.

And some of the most important are monster parts.

Horns, wings, scales – whatever bits monsters can drop are used for weapon creation, quest completion, and elemancy brewing.

Getting these monster parts usually involves finding the correct beasty and breaking them off yourself, which can be a daunting task.

The Rapier Lance can help!

Lances are naturally good for striking specific parts, and the Rapier Lance has an additional +80% chance to break parts off.

Go forth and gather, and leave scores of monsters without horns and wings!

How to Obtain: Purchase at the Taelpar Rest Area or in Lestallum.


1. Flayer

FFXV Flayer screenshot

If the daemons of Eos weren’t afraid of Noctis and Co. before, they sure will be now.

The Flayer is the most powerful lance in the game, stocked with a whopping 337 attack power, and a stupidly high +80% bonus to your finisher attack damage.

You could easily chain together large strings of 9999 hits, clearing through small fry like nothing – and slaughtering bigger guys like they were small fry.

The daemons will be a-flayed of you! Sorry.

How to Obtain: Found at the bottom of the Steyliff Grove dungeon in Chapter 15.

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